Archangel Metatron Tells us The Meaning of Life_ Belief_ and our Relationship with God

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					What you are about to read is a conversation I had with Archangels, courtesy of my
wife, Jill, who is an Avatara; a person chosen by the Godhead, to receive and deliver
messages for the benefit of mankind. The Angelic Realm use telepathy to contact and
communicate with people.

We had just had a conversation with Joseph of Arimathea, and we asked him what our
purpose in life was, as human beings. Joseph told us that he wasn't in a position to tell
us, and that is when Archangel Metatron made his presence known.

Jill: Archangel Metatron's here...And Azrael... And ... They're all here (ss she waves
her hands in a dismissive way in front of her face). Go away!

Oh look! (Jill looked down to her hands where her right hand was patting the open
palm of her left hand. This is Archangel Azrael's physical sign to let me know it is

Glenn: (Laughing out loud.) Azrael! I love him. He's my Papa.

Jill: Yes he is, he says. Metatron says the reason mankind is on this planet is to further
the evolution of the universe. The Creator learns from the development of the
different species.

Glenn: Oh, so we're just a zoo then?

Jill: No, he says your place in the universe is part of the balance of the universal life
force. The path of mankind is bent on destruction, greed, avarice, jealousy and hatred.
These are all driven by negative thoughts. It is the negativity we must help you

As mankind develops; if people don't cross over into the after-life, it will upset the
balance of the universes.

Glenn: Metatron; is there more than one universe? It's difficult to comprehend, if
modern science has calculated there are now 146 billion galaxies in this universe.

Jill: Yes, he says there are many universes. You can't comprehend the vastness. There
are other human beings also on other planets, in different stages of evolution and in
different forms; some even below the surface of other planets, that may on the outside
appear dead.

Glenn: What's the purpose?

Metatron: As we have our experiences, it gives The Creator new experiences to create
Glenn: Metatron; what are your thoughts on the book title, 'Cashing in on God'?

Metatron: Did we not give this title to your wife? We acknowledge your request to
call her your wife, rather than Medium, so we will use the word wife.

Glenn: Gee thanks (sarcastically).

Jill: Oooooohhh...he didn't like that.

Glenn: Well come on; he was a bit patronising.

Jill: He says they're happy with the direction. He knows you find it difficult.

Glenn: It 'is' difficult. What's really difficult is the trust we have to place. All I have is
the words from Jill. I have no tangible evidence; not just for me, but for others that
want to test me. Still there's been no evidence such as a contract or a house sale.

Metatron: We are working on finding a buyer for your house; and as for the contract:
you continue to live in this fine house. You eat well and you don't do without do you?
Yet you complain, even though we've assured you that we will take care of you.

Glenn: Yes, but your interpretation of time is different to our time. You tell us 6
months to our move to California, but that may be a year, 18 months or 2 years to you.

Metatron: No; we are aware of your time frame, and if we say 6 months to you, we
mean in your time frame. What is it that you need from us? A miracle? If I was to
place a baseball in your hand right now; would that give you the belief?

Glenn: Well yes!

Metatron: What good would it do? All that you would have, is a baseball in your hand.
It changes nothing. Your belief has to come from the heart. From learning to contact
The Creator; through meditation and prayer.

This world was designed for mankind to have love and happiness for each other; not
for religious groups to fight with one another. Once all the religious groups realise
that their skin, religion and cultures are superficial; there is one Creator; God is within;
you are all God's children; you are all a part of God; then, you will find your true
belief and develop a better world.

You were chosen because of the pain you've endured and the achievement you've had
as a result of it. You've had your highs and you've had your lows. You're now a
motivational speaker and there is a uniqueness with your pairing with Jill.
She's an exceptional channeller. Together you can make a change. You're not going to
change the world. Religion is too steadfast to be changed quickly; but you will be the

People will eventually accept these thoughts and turn away from the power and
control of religion. You don't need religion. You need to learn that God is within, and
that you all have the ability to connect. You too will learn to channel soon.

Max, your Son, will follow you. He sees more than he lets you know.

Glenn: Is my destiny then to speak?

Metatron: Yes, of course. Did you not know that by now?

Glenn: Yes. What I meant was, do you want me to concentrate on the training or the
speaking, to create income for us to survive on?

Metatron: The speaking.

Glenn: Thank you Metatron.

At this point Metatron signed off.

You may have noticed that that the dialogue was partly penned in Jill's name, rather
than Metatron. This is because Jill has at least two levels of channelling (there maybe
more yet).

She is able to remain conscious and speak in her own voice, as spirit speaks to her. In
this state she can talk to me as Jill; and ask spirit questions herself. Spirit also hear my
questions directly and often answer them directly. So sometimes Jill will repeat what
they are saying, and other times she'll speak instantaneously 'for' them.

The second way she channels is when spirit completely takes over her body.

At that, Jill awoke. She'd only been gone about three minutes, but for her it seemed
much longer. We went to bed later that evening; wondering who Joseph of Arimathea
might be; and whether we might find something about him on the internet in the

We were blown away when we found out he was the Uncle and disciple of Jesus