Applying for a Job and Preparing for Interviews

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					Whether you are new to the Job market, looking for a new Job after redundancy or
returning to work after a break it is a daunting prospect.

Sometimes we wonder where to begin our search for employment. Do we go for the
option of looking through local and national newspapers or magazines or should we
register with high street recruitment agencies or go online to the Job boards and Job
sites and register our CV.

Firstly, be sure of what kind of position you are looking for and ensure you have a
well written CV/Resume that relates in some way to the positions you intend to apply
for. Point out your previous work history and education/qualifications. List your key
accomplishments, transferable skills and personal and professional strengths.

Internet Job Boards will give you the opportunity to apply for as many positions as
you want in all sectors of business and nationwide or even overseas. If you go to a
local recruitment agency, you will have to wait for them to suggest opportunities
although they are going to get a fee if they successfully place you, so will spend time
and effort looking for suitable vacancies.

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to go for an interview, ensure you are
prepared. Research the company and the Job on offer. Visit the premises if you are
able so you can assess the travelling time to ensure that you do not get lost or delayed
for your interview. Create a list of Job related questions but do not ask about benefits,
salary or holidays at this stage of the interview process. Make sure you are well
groomed and smart and dress conservatively.

When you meet the person interviewing you, give a firm handshake, make eye contact,
smile and introduce yourself.

Answer any questions confidently and prepare your own customised answers to any
difficult questions you may be asked. It is very off putting if you are put on the spot
and if there are long silences. Some common interview questions might be "Tell me
something about yourself", "What are your goals and where do you see yourself in
five years","What can you offer us","What are your salary requirements","What are
your strengths and weaknessess".

You will need to match features and benefits of the job and company with features
and benefits you have and can offer the company. Ask them if they have any
reservations about you and overcome the objection if you are able. Highlight the
positives and don't be afraid to ask for the Job if you really want it. It is also important
for the Job interviewer to sell you the position on offer. There is little point in taking
the process any further if it is not what you expected.

Lastly, don't be put off if you are unsuccessful. Todays job market is very competative
and you may have to go through the interview process several times in order to find
the perfect job.

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