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Anti-Cellulite Exercises- Are Anti Cellulite Exercises Needed for Cellulite Reduction-


									Anti cellulite exercise can be effective with the proper diet and possibly a few minor
lifestyle changes. Self-proclaimed experts have a variety of different suggestions, but
in order to be effective cellulite reduction exercises should target the, buttocks, thighs,
abdomen and pelvic region, the areas where the deposits are most likely to occur.
Here's a look at what a complete plan would include.

Nutritional Factors

Reduce the amount of fat, simple carbohydrates (white bread, sugar, etc) and salt in
your diet. Increase the amount of dietary fiber that you consume. That would include
fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Remember that bread of any kind is not a
whole grain; oatmeal is. If it looks like a grain, then it's a whole grain.

If it looks like plain old bread, it's processed and bleached flour.

Anti cellulite exercise will be more effective if you incorporate it with a high protein,
low fat, low carb diet.

Clothing and Circulation

You should never wear underwear that fits tightly around your thighs when you are
doing cellulite reduction exercises or at any other time. It limits the blood flow and
encourages cellulite's formation. Wearing thongs, boy shorts and sleeping naked can
reduce the impact that underwear plays.

Supplements, Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals

Dietary supplements can be a beneficial addition to anti cellulite exercise. The goal of
these supplements is to improve circulation, the body's fat-burning ability and
increase energy levels. That way, you'll feel like working out.

Supplements that are beneficial include L-carnitine, ginkgo biloba, rutin, Indian
chestnut and caffeine, if you are not already drinking a number of caffeinated
beverages, every day.

Just as a side note, there is no evidence to indicate that topically applied lotions are

Cellulite Reduction Exercises

Technically speaking, any kind of physical activity will help prevent and reduce its
appearance, but one of the most effective cellulite reduction exercises is leg lifts
performed on your side, with your hips at a 90 degree angle. That works on the inner
and outer thighs. Crunches of all kinds work on the pelvic area. Lunges work on the
hips and butt.

If you are not accustomed to this type of activity, you need instruction. A DVD or an
e-book will show you the proper form. If you don't use the proper form, you can
injure your back. Since sitting and standing in one place increases cellulite's formation,
a back injury can add to your problem. So, learn how to do an anti cellulite exercise,
before you begin.

Here's an eye-opening realty check for you now...

The article you have been reading is mostly trash. Its a summary of a collection of
various articles I've read on various sites - while doing research to see what women
just like you and I are reading when it comes to finding out the truth about cellulite
and how to truly get rid of it.

Sadly enough - most of the search results for the topic of cellulite reduction are old,
poorly written, recycled articles which are sneakily biased to try to persuade you to
buy some expensive monthly skin care package - or a bogus anti-cellulite pill.

You are now smarter than 99% of 'lost crowd' who are still blindly searching for some
passive miracle cure for cellulite. The only proven way to get rid of cellulite is with
specifically targeted anti cellulite exercises that firm, smooth and tone the muscle
layers directly beneath the female cellulite problem areas. Its important to note that no
weights or exercise machines are needed for this type of specific routine.

You can do your entire anti cellulite exercise program in the privacy of your own

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