Myspace Marketing Versus Facebook Marketing by ninjaguy007


									Myspace Marketing
Versus Facebook
By: Nathan Johnson


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Marketing on Myspace and marketing on Facebook are very
interesting to me. It is something that I've really got
involved in recently. I had always followed it, but I've
recently really started doing it heavily.

The means for which a person markets on these two
websites is constantly changing and constantly evolving.
There are a few methods that have been around since the
beginning of the sites.

In this report I'm going to focus on what you can and can't
get away with. I'm also going to cover different strategies
that you can use.

Marketing with Myspace

With well over 200 million profiles, there are plenty of people
to market to. The ways for which people market on Myspace
have changed over the years, as Myspace has changed some
of their policies.

People used to be able to use friend adding software and
then spam these friends with affiliate links or market to them
in a number of other ways. Myspace has tried to put a
permanent end to this by limiting how many friend requests
someone can send in a day. They have also cracked down on
spam and the whole process for adding friends.

One of the strategies for making money from Myspace is to
network and connect with like minded individuals. That has
been around from the beginning of Myspace.

Myspace gets this reputation that just teenagers and college
aged people have profiles. Sure, lets say that the majority of
them are and are not interested in networking and business.
That still leaves millions of other people that are on Myspace
and want to network with like minded individuals and they
are in about every niche market that you could imagine.

If you want to get started with Myspace, just set up your
page and upload a picture or pictures of yourself. Go ahead
and fill out your profile and in your about me part you can

talk about a website or websites that you may have, free

Then go ahead and search for groups that are in the niche
that you're interested in. Join them and start adding friends.
I think the add limit is 400 friend requests a day, so you can
rack up a lot of friends, in no time.

Even if some people don't accept your friend request, they
might click on your profile and maybe your links. It is traffic
and it is free and all you had to do is send friend requests.

Another way that you can do it is to post bulletins on your
group. You can tell people in your group about your interest
and they should go ahead and add you as their friend. You
can also talk about your plans to network with like minded
individuals, that leads into what I'm going to talk about next

That is using Myspace to find joint venture partners and grow
your online business. One of the best ways to build your
online business is to find joint venture partners to work with.

There are plenty of different ways that different people can
help you.

Another thing that you can do is promote your online
business or a business, in general, is use friend bulletins.
You can post a bulletin and all of your friends will see it. You
can promote upcoming events or just websites that you
have. I have a friend that promotes her bar by posting
bulletins on myspace, it is free advertising!

Marketing with Facebook

Myspace and Facebook are similar, but they have their fair
share of differences. Myspace is much bigger than Facebook,
but Facebook is growing at a tremendous rate.

While Myspace is known more for teenages, Facebook is
known more for College aged individuals and individuals just
out of school. Facebook makes it easy to find and network
with people from your current and old schools. They have a
search option where you can locate these people through a
school search on Facebook.

A group of people that is gaining a lot of popularity on
Facebook is business professionals that want to network and
grow and advertise their offline or online business. That is a
really good thing if you're in the same position as them.

I currently have a little over 3,600 Facebook friends. I have
about 100 friends that I know personally and don't have
anything to do with my online business, but the rest of them
are people that are looking to network and connect and grow
their business. For a lot of them it is their online business.

I have an online business to promote and plenty of websites
to promote, so that is a great way for me to promote it. I'm
also always looking for new ideas and looking for new people
to work with.

Now, Facebook is pretty dang strict when comes to their
policies. I found that out the hard way when they disabled
my account for adding too many friends.

They don't tell you what the daily friend request limit is, but
I'm pretty sure that it is 50. There are two safe ways to do

One is to never add more people after you get a warning. A
red warning will show up saying that you're approaching your
friend request limit.

The first time that I say that, I just added a few more friends
because I thought that they would just stop me when I
reached my limit. It doesn't work that way. Make sure that
you don't ask for anymore friend requests if you get this
warning, for a good 24 hours, to be safe.

Another way to get friends is to advertise your profile. You
can have as many people add you as you want, as quickly as
you want, but you can't have over 5,000 friends.


Okay people I wasn't going to include this section, but this
just happened last night. I launched a Facebook Group in
the make money online niche, last night. I currently have
238 members.

Here is the group:

Be smart and sign up to the group. If you don't have a
Facebook account, get one and start networking!

Now, 238 doesn't sound like much, but you have to keep
some things in mind. It took me about an hour to set up the
group and to promote it to some of my Facebook friends.

You should also keep in mind that if you were going to tell an
Internet Marketer that has a list, especially in the highly
competitive make money online niche, that they could grow
their list by 238 people with just an hour or two of work.
They would jump all over the opportunity.

You should also consider that it was FREE! I didn't have to
spend time researching keywords, writing articles, putting
together a bio box, then submit them and wait days or even
weeks for them to get approved.

Yes weeks, it took ezine articles two full weeks to approve a
batch of three of my articles, one time. After that I said the
hell with articles. I'm not a patient person to begin with, but
to have to wait that long for any results was a little
ridiculous. I didn't even get very much traffic from them

Think about using pay-per click to build a list in the make
money online niche. I've tried it. On Google and Yahoo I
was spending between $1 and $1.50 per click! That wasn't
even on the top keywords and I wasn't even ranked number
one, all of the time.

Let me give you something to think about. Lets say that we
just paid $1 per click and believe me, that is the low end.
Lets also say that your squeeze page converts at 100%,

which is impossible, but lets just say that for the sake of

We would still have spent $238 on pay-per click advertising
to get that list. I got it all for free. These aren't just people
that sign up to get a free product or people that give you a
fake e-mail address. They are people that are serious about
making money online and people that are looking to network
and work with other people.

I don't have to worry about a spam blocker. Facebook
doesn't have those, like most e-mail providers do. I can
market to them in a more personable way. It isn't just this
cold e-mail. Every time that they come to the group, there is
a chance at a sale. I already got a sale on a membership
site that I got and I haven't even really marketed it to the
group. It is just a plain link on the site.

A group is a better venue for you to build trust, in my
opinion. They can see my profile and read all about me and
read my posts and that is so much more personable than e-
mail messages.

As I write this, I see that ten more people have joined the
group, so it keeps growing even though I haven't done
anything since last night. You should also keep in mind that
this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm going to keep promoting it to my Facebook friends. I'm
going to promote it to other groups that are similar. There
are plenty of different ways to promote it.

Also, think about this. I can start other groups and already
have the opportunity to message the members of my first
group to join this group and market that group differently
than I market the first one and so on. The possibilities are
really endless and you're really missing out if you aren't
using Facebook to promote your business.


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