An Honest Coastal Vacations Club Online Business Review by aihaozhe2


									Coastal Vacations was founded by a successful businessman and entrepreneur by the
name of Fred Combs. Mr. Combs saw an incredible opportunity in the quickly
growing industry of Travel and Leisure and moved on a lifelong dream to seize a vast
amount of the arising market. Vacation and Travel has become the third largest retail
industry in America (alongside Europe, Asia & Latin America), and is expected to
continue it's rapid growth as the wealthy Baby Boomers retire and continue to take
more vacations.

Coastal Vacations offers unbeatable values on incredible vacation packages at
wholesale prices. For more than 10 years, Coastal Vacations has been offering
comprehensive travel packages & providing their club members with amazing
benefits and services that are unmatched in the travel industry.

Based in Kissimmee, Florida, Coastal Vacations offers a home business opportunity
by marketing their vacation packages through the direct selling industry. The Coastal
Vacations product line consists of three (3) different levels which offer many different
vacation packages that offer travel to select destinations around the world. Level one
(1) has a starting cost of $1,295.00.

The Coastal Vacations business opportunity uses the 2-Up compensation plan. At the
Level 1 Club Membership, the earnings for a Coastal Vacations Club qualified
affiliate is $1000 for every $1295 sale made. There is a requirement of two sales
(hence 2-Up) before a personal commission can be earned. So, to get started with
Coastal, a new person must first pay $1295 to join to become a representative. Then
they must pass along $2,000 ($1000 x 2) from their first two qualifying sales to their
qualified sponsor. In essence, they must give up $3,295 before they can earn any
money with Coastal Vacations. The 2-Up program is well-liked by many, however, if
you join Coastal Vacations and bring in someone who makes a sale or two per day,
keep in mind that you will only only get their first 2 sales and then you will no longer
get paid on their efforts. After your newly trained affiliate passes you their first two
sales, they will then breakaway from you (their sponsor) and actually end up
becoming your competition. This doesn't give the qualified Coastal sponsor very
much motivation to help the new associate since they will ultimately become their
forever competition.

On a more positive note, Coastal Vacations does offer an optional call center (at an
additional fee) that will take calls for the busy vacation business owner. The sales reps
are well trained & work hard to close sales for the Coastal Vacation Club Business
owners. This method is more professional when a marketing lead calls in, and it gives
the home based business marketer time to focus on advertising to send leads to the
call center.

As a fair review, Coastal Vacations offers a nice variety & selection of vacation
destinations. However, the compensation plan doesn't make room for team synergy
and you can't leverage the affiliates you bring in. Many people struggle with a 2-Up
program while waiting to make that third & fourth sale just to break even. If you are a
seasoned Internet marketer and you don't mind spending $1,295 and then passing up
your first two $1,000 qualifying sales, then the Coastal Vacations Club business might
be an okay fit for you. Besides Coastal Vacations, there are many other online
business programs that do not require you to give up two sales before making money.
Remember, the best way to make money online is to learn how to drive massive
traffic to your website and then offer the best program and training available. A
program that makes complete sense & entices the majority of people searching for an
online business to join with you.

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