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An Autoresponder Will Give You More Than One Chance_


									If you have been looking into making money online for a while now I'm sure you
have heard about email marketing and autoresponders.

An autoresponder is that incredible software that builds your list for you and sends out
your sequential email messages.

Hasn't everybody in Internet marketing heard the line "The Money is in the list!"

What an autoresponder really does is give you a second chance...and a third chance,
and a fourth...

That's it, in a nutshell. Autoresponders can give you dozens of opportunities to sell the
same single customer that may or may NOT have purchased from you during their
first visit to your site.

Here are the four possible outcomes.

One. The visitor comes to your site and doesn't buy and subsequently leaves. You've
got nothing.

Two. Your visitor buys on the first visit, and you made money. But now they are gone.
Better than nothing.

Three. They didn't buy the first time but you have their name and email address! You
have a second chance to sell them something. Actually more than a "second chance".
This is big!

Fourth. The visitor to your page arrives, buys, AND leaves their name and email
address! That's the best of both worlds.

Many email marketers will tell you they'd rather have the name and email if they had
to choose between a purchase and an opt-in. An opt-in on your list has much more
potential than a visitor on your offer page.

The list of your customers, as it grows, is almost the same thing as money in the bank.
Your money and growing! You choose how to withdraw it.

I don't know if you have started an online based business yet but I can tell you that
there is no time like right now. Why?

Because there is no recession online...only growth. There's room for you. Opportunity

The only things holding you back are...
1. Deciding you want to do it! 燭 his isn't for everybody, but it might be perfect for

2. Once you've made that decision, you have to decide HOW you are going to go
about it.

You could go for Affiliate Sales, Blogging for cash, niche marketing or any of a
number of methods for conducting an online business or just making money online.

But, whatever you do, if you want an actual online business, you really HAVE to have
an autoresponder or you'll be leaving a LOT of money on the table. More, actually,
than you'll sell in first time sales on your site.

Here is how I manage my list. This is only a list of my rules.

Rule Number One - 燚 on't send very often. I use 4 day breaks, which works out to
slightly less than 2 per week. It's also less work for me! 營 can send better quality.

Rule Number Two - No sales pitches! Give folks information they can use to enhance
their efforts and improve their position. Include some links to products, people, and
programs that might also improve your subscribers efforts.

Some of those recommendations can be affiliate links (income for you)...but 燦
EVER include affiliate links just for the money. It's creepy and it will show. Bad

Rule Number Three - The Golden Rule. I won't send anything that is not helpful or
would bother me if I got it. It's simple.

Those are some of 爐 he details of email marketing. No one questions it's efficacy.燳
ou really have to have it or you are not an internet marketer.

It's just right for you as a marketer if you use it in a way that mirrors your modus

My advice? 燝 et it, use it, and be cool. An autoresponder will advance and enhance
your business.

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