Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

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					Average people around the world are making money in the affiliate marketing
industry, and, with a bit of insider knowledge, you can too.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid to make sales and because people are becoming
more accustomed to buying items on the Internet it opens up a number of tremendous
opportunities to promote products online.

In case you are not sure what affiliate marketing is, it's defined as a revenue-sharing
program between an affiliate, who gets paid for making a sale, and a merchant who
provides the products and services.

The first affiliate marketing tip I always give to beginners is to take time and choose
the right product to represent. If you can find products to sell that pay a high
commission in an industry that you have an interest in or passion for then you can get
off to a quick start.

The biggest mistake that people make in this industry is that they jump around from
product to product without ever allowing any of them to become profitable first.
Therefore it's important that you develop a strategy for building your business that
will allow you to make money on one website or product before you even consider
promoting another one.

Successful affiliate marketers will create their own website which they use to pre-sell
with before passing their potential customer to the affiliate merchant site.

This pre-selling is probably the most important part of the sales process because it
warms up a customer to the product before they actually get hit with any sort of sales
pitch and once they have been successfully pre-sold they will then visit the sales page
already interested in the affiliate product.

If you can master the art of pre-selling you will be more successful than the majority
of people in affiliate marketing today. Either out of laziness or ignorance most of them
won't take the time to develop a pre-selling optimized website and are therefore
leaving a ton of money on the table which you can easily come in and scoop up into
your own bank account.

Another good affiliate marketing tip is to buy your own domain name rather than use
the affiliate marketing link given to you. Most affiliate links are bulky and long and
do not look professional. If you can go and purchase a domain name for less than $10
a year then it's well worth the money.

It allows you to choose a name that closely represents the product you are trying to
market and this will increase the odds of you getting more traffic to your website.
Once you have that domain name you can either direct it to your own website, to a
landing page, to a blog page, or even to your affiliate sales page.

There are four different ways to make money selling products as an affiliate. You can
get paid by the click such as Google adsense, you get paid for selling leads, you can
sell products known as pay per sale, and you can get paid to play ads. As a general
rule, the easier you make it for your customer the more sales you will make. The more
difficult it is for them to buy the less you will earn so you must make up for that in

The one exception to this would be in the pay per sale arena. Often it is just as easy to
sell a more expensive product as it is to sell a less expensive one. The main difference
is the commission structure but, hey, would you rather earn a 20% commission on
$1000 sale or a 50% commission on the $20 sale?

I think you can see the advantage of selling more expensive products!

Mastering traffic generation techniques will be essential to your success and lthough
this article is not about advertising and promotion, you must become a student of not
only affiliate marketing, but also of traffic generation as your recommendations will
be of no use at all if people aren't directed to your site.

Hopefully these affiliate marketing tips will give you some ideas as you look to start
your own business.