Affiliate Marketing On Twitter by aihaozhe2


									Since Twitter is a social network there is much debate on the Internet over whether or
not it is appropriate to conduct Affiliate Marketing On Twitter. Some people feel that
you should not engage in any marketing beyond promoting your website by offering
high quality information that is useful to your followers. Others feel there is nothing
wrong with affiliate marketing on Twitter as long as your affiliate site offers high
quality content that is relevant to your tweets.

If you feel that is appropriate to recommend affiliate products on Twitter, there are a
few rules of etiquette that should be considered to ensure you do not alienate your
followers for good.

Be Yourself

Be your genuine self and offer information that is useful to your followers that has no
strings attached. Once you establish yourself then make a casual referral to your
affiliate product. For this step to be successful, you will have to make sure that your
affiliate site is high quality and offers a product that is relevant to your area of
expertise. Do not make reference to a product if you are just getting started with
Affiliate Marketing On Twitter. Your followers will immediately see there is an
ulterior motive to what appears to be free information and you will alienate them for

Short URLs

Since a large portion of Twitter employs short URLs, it is easy to disguise an affiliate
link by using short URL services. If you are going to use any type of affiliate links
with this service make sure you are providing notification to your follower that the
link is indeed a recommendation for your product.

Link Affiliate Products Indirectly

Create a lot of high quality content on your blog and website with your affiliate link
attached to it. Then use Twitter to offer additional information and provide tweets that
reference your blog and your website. This will demonstrate to your follower that you
care about offering useful information instead of simply marketing your business on

Make Recommendations in Moderation

In addition to making genuine recommendations for products that are useful and high
quality, remember to do so in moderation. If you recommend affiliate products too
often, your followers will eventually ignore what you have to say because you are
hitting them with excessive promotions.
Be a Good Listener

Make it a habit of listening to what your followers are thinking so you know the
appropriate way to respond. This includes listening to your follower 抯 thinking with
regard to comments about their life. The more you know about them, the easier it will
be to respond appropriately. In addition to listening to your followers, listen to what
they are saying about you by following their comments.

Since there is a lot of debate about using social networking sites for promoting
affiliate products, it is best to follow the indirect methods we have described here if
you are going to be successful with Affiliate Marketing On Twitter.

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