Advantages of Hybrid Cars and Hybrid Car History

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					Hybrid Car History

Would you believe that the history of the hybrid car reaches all the back to the 18th
century when France had a steam powered motor carriage that only went 6mph. Then
in the 19th century an Englishman made a car with an electric motor and a blacksmith
from Vermont made an electric motor powdered carriage.

The 1800s ended with the production of hundreds of electric cars and a German by
the name of Porsche manufactured a front wheel drive electric car and then later a
hybrid that used internal combustion engine pared with an electric motor. This is
probably the first hybrid car on record. This was the trend until Henry Ford created
the first assembly line to manufacturer gas powered vehicles.

Surprisingly the US Congress began launching bills in the 1960s that stated that
electric vehicles would help curb air pollution and this revamped the interest in the
electric car. The tinkering back and forth over gas prices and issues with the early
electric cars lead the industry through many ups and downs, but in 1997 Toyota put
out the very first mass produced hybrid in Japan. It was the Toyota Prius, which didn't
make it here to the US until 2000. And the rest is as they say history.

Benefits of the Hybrid Cars

Today we can not ignore the fact that emissions from our automobiles are in effect
killing our planet. With even better hybrid cars available today it is a wonder as to
why many people still struggle with the back and forth trying to out weigh the pros
from the cons. In an attempt to help with the here are a few, just a few, of the
advantages of having a hybrid car.

1. Hybrid car economy "" plan and simple, it saves you money. The hybrid car can
save you 30 miles a gallon because of the combination of the cleaner electric motor
working with the long range gasoline engine. The gasoline engine shuts off
automatically whenever the car stops, which helps in cutting gasoline consumptions.
Then as soon as you step on the accelerator the gas engine kicks on again.

2. The environment "" hybrids emit lower toxic emissions as compared to your
conventional car. This makes the car more environmentally friendly. I know that there
are some people out there that still think that global warming is a scam and not
something that we humans created. Well, it is real, and though most of us adults will
not be around long enough to really see the damage that we have done, our children
will. Help save the the planet so that there is an earth for them to enjoy. The Toyota
Prius reduces tailpipe emissions by 50% compared to a conventional car.

3. Tax Incentive "" President Bush signed a bill in 2005 that gave those with a hybrid
car a huge tax break. The tax break varies depending on two factors, how fuel
efficient the hybrid car is compared to a conventional 2002 car of the same weight
class and how much gas the hybrid car can save in its lifetime compared to an
equivalent conventional car.