Acne Breakouts Caused By Milk (DOC) by aihaozhe2


									The milk industry has realized lately the milk is not always good for the body and has
quit advertising so much in that vein. It is really bad if you happen to have acne.

This article will cover some studies proving the link between acne and milk. We shall
get straight to the point to cover this information for you. Due to the fact that the cows
these days are given injections of hormones like the bovine IGF and several sex
hormones, we wind up ingesting these hormones into our system by drinking milk or
consuming other milk products.

As per the opinion of Patrick Massey MD, PhD, milk has not only progesterone and
estrogen but also testosterone and the androgen precursors such as androstendione and
a few other hormones. Many of the hormones have been proven to cause acne.

It has been suggested that teens that consume milk could be at a higher risk of having
acne, at according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. This
study had over 47 thousand women filled out thorough health surveys about their
lifestyles and health. One subject that was asked about was about their milk
consumption habits as teens, and if they had ever been diagnosed on having a severe
case of acne.

These results reported that the ones who consumed milk had a higher risk of
developing teenage acne. The more these people drank milk the higher the risk
became. And this was not just with the women either.

A May 2008 research study that was in the Journal of the American Academy of
Dermatology reported a definite link between acne and drinking skim milk. The skim
milk was found to have hormones in high enough quantities to biologically effect the
people that consume skim milk. Also have certain factors that can influence
endogenous hormones.

Then you have the study done through the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard
School of Public Health that reported that "positive association with acne for intake of
total milk and skim milk," and acne's particular "association with milk may be
because of the presence of hormones and bioactive molecules."

Do you want more proof?

More than 2,000 people participated in the study that was published in the Southern
Medical Journal in 1949 also linked milk consumption with acne. The American
Dermatological Association studied over 1,000 people for more than a decade and
discovered that milk was a powerful promoter of acne.

To have cleared up skin, I would definitely quit drinking and eating all milk products,
wouldn't you? After learning about what these studies discovered on milk it makes me
realize that diet hugely determines how much and what kind of acne we will have.

In spite of what some medical professionals have told you before, diet and most of all
milk can be a determining factor in your acne breakouts. It is not necessarily the
grease and oil as you were once told that causes acne. You may feel more in control
now especially if you thought it was always genetics that caused acne. Consume a
good healthy diet, leave off the milk, and take a supplement designed to help acne and
you will guard your skin against future breakouts. You will be surprised by the results.

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