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A Highly Successful Retail Manager Demonstrates-


									If you are already a manager these tips may bring more focus onto your daily routines.
Take each point at a time and list your current knowledge and level of participation.
You can then measure what you have already in place in your working environment
and where you will need to brush up. Interested in moving into management, perhaps
you are an experienced assistant or maybe at a supervisory level, again, read through
the list and compare your current understanding of what is required, you can then
decide where improvement could assist you. The list appears to be an endless
mountain to climb, remember to take these requirements in bite size pieces, group
them together into task grouping and put them into practice. You will soon be

1. Knowledge of their customer base and continually practices exemplary customer
service. The people experience is what seperates the successful from the not so
successful, the consumer should receive the very best experience possible.

2. Interviews potential employees, hires the right people for the business and trains for
the cause, irrespective of whether that is for the boss or as an Independant business
person. Point to remember, take your best employee as a role model for future

3. Leads by example always. You only get one chance to make a good impression on
everyone you come into contact with demonstate the right way.

4. Has discovered the motivation combination which works well when coaching staff,
which you do continuously.

5. Manages time well, think about this, it is not about how many tasks you can sign
off, but the quality and effeciency with which you manage them.

6. Communication - this is at the heart of any business success. So many times failure
in any endeavour is a failure to communicate effectively.

7. You must be honest and demonstrate integrity. Especially now when there is so
much blantent dishonesty around.

8. Be accessable (open door policy). Genuine interest in your people when required.

9. Manages performance, the good and the not so good equally.

10. Constantly and consistently mentors and develops people.

11. Praises and rewards in equal measure.

12. Demands operational excellence. You set the standard, they will follow.
13. Promotes growth and keeps up to date with the latest movements from
competitors and the market place.

14. Demonstrates energy, ambition and enthusiasm.

15. Develops a flair for visual merchandising.

16. Makes sure that all interaction is productive.

17. Strives for both quality and quantity.

18. Works hard for results.

19. Networks.

20. Takes action - nothing will happen otherwise.

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