A Copywriting Career

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					Are you a writer, marketer, entrepreneur or a person looking for something more
lucrative than your current job? Or have you just quit your day job and are running
low on cash? Why not try your hand at copywriting?

Copywriting is also known as promotional and business writing. Copywriting projects
include ads, sales letters, commercials and sales website contents. With the rise of
informed entrepreneur-ism, most businessmen are making sure that they put
commercials and other persuasion methods into good use in order to generate clients
and in turn, profit - as a result there has been a rise in the demand of copywriters.

Need more persuation? Here are some more reasons why you should try out

Copywriting Pays Well

Depending on how good you are, copywriting can pay very, very well. There are
plenty of copywriters whose salaries even reach up to six figures. New copywriters
usually start charging $25 - $30 for each hour that they work, and depending on their
performance, they can move up to higher rates. Some top copywriters charge up to as
much as $10,000 - or even more - for just one sales letter.

Of course as you begin your copywriting career, you won't be starting with $100 an
hour immediately. You can start with the minimum hourly rate and move on to bigger
rates once you get better.

Copywriting Can Fit Your Schedule

Suppose you haven't quit your job yet but need more cash. You can try squeezing in
some reasonably -paying copywriting projects in your schedule without
compromising your day job. Copywriting is also great for people who cannot stand
the usual nine to five work day, and those who want to work at their own pace and

Copywriting Improves Your Writing

As a copywriter, you are of course expected to deliver good, crisp, clean and
powerfully written material. For your copy to be effective, it should clearly deliver the
message. Each item that you create should be well organized and well written, so
aside from being able to write, you should also be able to edit your own work.

Copywriting involves the usual rules for writing, but packs more than that. With
copywriting, you should be able to produce material that is strong and powerful.

Copywriting Teaches You About Business And Marketing
Copywriting merges two different things - writing and business. And with this, you
expose yourself not only to one but to both of them. As you continue writing, you also
continue to hone your skills in writing as well as in marketing.

Copywriting Helps You Learn About New Things

When you write ad copy and sales letters, you are required to read and learn about the
product, as well as learn more things about different businesses, niches and industries.
Doing so increases your knowledge on plenty of things that you wouldn't regularly
know if you didn't take up copywriting.

Not an expert copywriter? That shouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of online
courses and guides that will teach you the basics of copywriting, and important things
that you should take note of.

But exercise caution when choosing a copywriting coach - only go with someone with
proven credentials and who can document his successes.