A Balanced Body for a Balanced Mind

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					The mind is a very powerful thing. However, most of us never tap into the total power
that our minds have. Our minds even have control over our bodies. If we think that
something is wrong with our bodies, our minds are strong enough to make that
actually happen. It works the opposite way as well. We can use our minds to will
illnesses and pain away, if we have developed our mind to that strength.

As strong as the mind is, however, our bodies can also affect the strength of our minds.
For instance, when illness starts wearing our bodies down, our bodies start wearing
our brains down as well. Our attitude and outlook on life is altered, simply because
we are ill.

We have the ability to make ourselves sick, just as we have the ability to make
ourselves well - all with the power of our mind. Our bodies have the ability to give us
a positive outlook, or a negative outlook, simply based on how our bodies feel. The
mind and the body work together. When one is 憉 p' the other is 憉 p,' and when one
is 慸 own' the other is also 慸 own.'

Have you ever had a headache that kept you from concentrating on your work? That is
a perfect example of the body ruling the mind. Have you ever had the blues and found
that you have no energy? That is an example of the mind ruling the body. The mind
and the body often fight for control, but they both work best when they are balanced.

The key is to balance the body, so that the mind will be balanced as well. The first
step to balancing the body is to get rid of all of the toxins. The world we live in is
toxic. No matter how clean you are, no matter how clean your home is, or how health
conscious you are - you have toxins in your body, and those toxins need to be flushed
out on a regular basis.

Getting rid of toxins lays the foundation to develop a balanced body and mind. You
also need to cleanse your colon, and restore your pH levels to normal. This also aids
in getting rid of toxins, as well as rotting fecal matter that resides in the colon. If you
are overweight, you need to start reducing that weight immediately. Being overweight
keeps the mind and body out of balance.

Look for a formula that takes care of all aspects of mind and body balance and
includes vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids,
and enzymes.

A product in liquid form promotes elimination, improves absorption, and enhances
assimilation to cleanse the colon and restore pH levels. Look for something that
detoxifies, promotes healing, and nourishes the body, while fortifying the body with
the nutrients that are needed to fight disease and illness. It also needs to fight the ill
effects of stress, improves vitality, aids in digestion, reduces cravings, improves the
glandular system, promotes energy and stamina, slows the aging process, and
improves the memory.

An excellent source of antioxidants contains free radical scavengers that reduce the
risk of strokes, heart disease, and cancers. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to
reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis, sports injuries, and
inflammatory diseases.

Overall, Body Balancing gives you a sense of well-being because it does indeed
balance the body. That sense of well-being is a sign of a well balanced mind!