Calorie Breakdown

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					Calorie Breakdown

This post will show you 3 simple steps to get you to a proper calorie consumption

A. Use the basal metabolic formula to determine the number
    of calories you burn per day.
One of the most crucial aspects of losing fat is knowing exactly how many calories you need to
maintain your current weight. And you will do this by using the following formula. You’ll need
your weight in pounds, your height in inches, and your age. Simply enter them into the formula.

Women’s Formula:
665+(4.36 x Weight)+(4.32 x Height)-(4.7 x Age)= Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Men’s Formula:
66+(6.22 x body weight)+(12.7 x Height)-(6.8 x Age)= Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Next you multiply the number from above by your activity factor:
1.3 = very light physical activity (sitting, driving, standing,lab work)
1.5 = light physical activity (tennis, walking 4mph, weeding)
1.7 = moderate physical activity (tennis walking 4mph, weeding)
2.0 = heavy physical activity (full court basketball, heavy digging, long distance running)

B. Consuming the appropriate calories.
In order to lose weight, you’ll need to consume fewer calories than you’re burning per day. A 10-
20% reduction is a good start.

C. Calculating The Calories per meal.
Next you need to know how many calories per meal. And more importantly, disperse the number of
calories over 4-6 meals total for the day. To do this, simply divide the total number of daily calories
by 4-6. You’ll consume these meals 3-3.5 hours apart beginning with breakfast.

Yours, Karen