7 Superior Alternatives Over Crunches And Sit-Ups For Six Pack Abs

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					If you have ever wanted to get that ripped, sexy body you've seen on TV-shop and
other commercials you might have been motivated to do crunches or sit-ups, but they
are actually the LEAST EFFECTIVE ab workout, and without this secret they will
never show anyway.

Don't try to get sick pack abs by doing crunches or sit-ups. They are actually one of
the least effective ab workouts you can do. Far superior alternatives are resistance
training for your abs.

Superior alternatives for six pack abs include exercises such as:

* Vertical Leg Crunch - This exercise effectively burns stomach fat quicker than

* Hip Lift - The motion of lifting your hips toward the air has more resistance and is
more effective to burn stomach fat.

* Long Arm Crunch - This is another great exercise that is effective.

* Plank - This exercise involves static ab exercises, which are extremely effective to
get that deep burn and an overall upper-body workout.

* Ball Roll - Rolling your legs toward you on a stability ball is another effective way
to work the lower body and abdominal muscles.

* Scissor Kicks - This stomach exercise also requires lying on the floor. Position your
hands under your butt, keeping your back pressed against the floor. Slowly raise one
leg to a height of about ten inches, then slowly lower it back to the floor. As your
lower one leg, raise the other. Repeat this motion for an entire set.

* Seated Torso Twist - Sitting ab exercise that will burn the fat on your obliques. This
is highly effective and can yield fast results :)

These are some simple exercises that you should super set with lower-body exercises,
such as squats and lunges.

Please take notice, that without a good healthy diet, you will not see your abs anytime
soon. The secret ingredient for getting six pack abs is to burn more calories than you
eat... Simple theory, but harder to do.

So besides doing these exercises 2-3 times per week, say, Monday, Wednesday and
Friday... You will also need to do 20-45 min of cardio every day. But on top of that,
you also need to eat well. Skip fried food and fatty foods. Instead, replace it with
25-30g of protein per meal. Try eating 5 smaller meals during the day, instead of
eating 3 big meals.

Each meal should be around 300-400 calories in size and have little or no fat and
carbs, but be high in protein and fibers.

These are some of the simple rules to follow when you want to build a nice, sexy six
pack for the summer. Go get it... Keep sweatin' and you know you are doing
something right.

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