7 Essential Tips for the Successful Entrepreneur by aihaozhe2


									As someone who runs an online business and does a great deal of travelling, I can
attest to the immeasurable value that a virtual assistant can provide. In addition to
having a virtual assistant to help during busy times, there are other resources that
travelling entrepreneurs should tap into before leaving the office.

The beauty of an online business is that you can access it from wherever you may be.
That flexibility provides a number of benefits to entrepreneurs. One valuable bonus is
the ability to hire a virtual assistant to cover for you. Equally beneficial is the
capability to conduct business while travelling with a virtual office at your fingertips.
In order to do so, here are 7 things that every travelling entrepreneur should consider:

1. A Virtual Phone Number.

A virtual number is typically a toll-free number that you can redirect to your land line
or mobile phone. This allows your online business to maintain consistency no matter
where you are. When travelling, a virtual phone number enables you to be accessible
to your customers at all times.

2. Call Answering.

When you consider that 70% of callers will not leave a message if you don't answer
the phone, a virtual assistant is invaluable phone coverage when you are not available.
You can seamlessly route your virtual phone number to whichever number you
choose. This is an ideal option when you are restricted from using your mobile phone
while travelling, taking a vacation, or in another time zone. A virtual assistant can
provide coverage for your online business when you can't.

3. Virtual Address.

An online business has many advantages, among them not having to rent office space.
With a virtual address, you can still have a postal mailing address by using a
registered office service that will handle your mail and have it forwarded to you. You
can streamline the process even further by having your virtual assistant sift through
the junk mail and either scan/email or fax the essential pieces to your current location.

4. Virtual Post.

Whenever you are unable to get to a post office during hours of operation, there are
several services where you can email documents and information to them and they'll
print and send it for you. The service will actually format your document and ensure
that it is mailed promptly.

5. Email Handling.
An online business can attract a great deal of emails, some worthwhile, others
unsolicited. When you're travelling, you want to be able to access the important
emails quickly and easily. One way to cut down on non-essential emails is to set up a
virtual email box for your newsletter subscriptions and other resources you might use.
This will limit the number of emails you receive to your direct online business
account. The other email accounts can be perused at your leisure, or a virtual assistant
can sort through the information and email you articles that are valuable to you.

6. Collaboration.

Find a virtual assistant who uses online collaboration software or a client project
space. Keep everything perfectly organized in just one place and subscribe for updates
using RSS feeds. This provides one simple stream of workflow that will keep you
constantly updated, even with your mobile devices.

7. Mobile Device.

Make sure you have a hand held computer to avoid carrying around a laptop or
briefcase. Always carry your virtual office in your pocket.

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