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    All praise belongs to Allah who said: {Indeed, Allah defends those who have believed. Indeed, Allah does not like
    everyone treacherous and ungrateful. Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, be-
    cause they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory} [22: 38-39].

    And may peace and blessings be upon the seal of the prophets ‫ ﷺ‬who said: "Follow my way and the way of the rightly
    guided Caliphs. Hold on to it with your teeth and beware of innovations in religion because every innovation is misguid-

    After the repeated calls of ahl as-sunnah in Yemen to their mujahidin brothers to protect them; and after the failure of
    the apostate governments in Sana'a and Riyadh - with all the armies, resources and wealth they possess – in repelling
    the Houthi Rāfidha, and their leaving of the ahl as-sunnah to face their unknown fate; the mujahidin of the Arabian
    Peninsula decided to begin with this martyrdom operation against a motorcade of prominent Houthi Rāfidha in the
    state of al-Jawf at 8:40 am, Wednesday the 18th of Dhul Hijjah, 1431H. This operation was followed by a second opera-
    tion against a motorcade of Houthi's in Sadah on the morning of Friday the 20th of Dhul Hijjah, 1430H. These opera-
    tions were in defense of the honor of our Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬and his companions and in defense of our brothers from ahl
    as-sunnah when we saw them being killed, their honor violated, their homes destroyed, and being evicted from their
    homes and land with no one to protect them.

    We call the people of ahl as-sunnah to join the battalions of defense of the honor of the Prophet ‫ ,ﷺ‬and we warn
    them of the coming danger of the Shi'a and if they do not hasten then the Rāfidha Shi'a would do to them what they
    have done to the ahl as-sunnah in Iraq and Afghanistan; so wake up before it is too late and know that the Saudi and
    Yemeni armies do not represent ahl as-sunnah.

    With the blessings of Allah, we have established special teams to defend our brothers from ahl as-sunnah in our pro-
    gram to uproot this evil tree which was planted by the Iranian Shi'a in Sadah and its surroundings under the leader-
    ship of the Rafidha Houthis.

    Ahl as-Sunnah should know that the Houthi Rāfidha are a legitimate target for us and therefore we warn our brothers
    of ahl as-sunnah to avoid their meeting places, motorcades, checkpoints and we warn them from riding with them in
    their vehicles. We also call the ones who have been misled: leave the Houthi Rafidha before it is too late because we
    have for you men who will not rest until they purify the land from their impurity and crimes against ahl as-sunnah
    and until there is no more dissent and all religion belongs to Allah and the transgressors would know what an evil
    fate awaits them.

                                     Qaeda al-Jihad Organization in the Arabian Peninsula
                                                    Dhul Hujjah 20, 1431H

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            "With the current media under control of the Jews, it is a great
            change to have news that are from the ummah to the ummah"

     I am reading "Why did I choose al               self, to embrace Jannah and all that it has     have received your message, praise be to
     Qaeda?" (by Abu Mus'ab al-Awlaki) and           to offer. I seek nothing in this life except    Allah. I ask Allah to protect you and make
     I reached the reason no. 14 "Because            martyrdom.                                      you successful in continuing to deliver
     they follow the footsteps of researchers                          [Abu Hafs]                    the message.
     from the Scholars of Islam". What I real-                                                                         [Ahmed]
     ized from reading it is that I have a very      Alhamdulillah, a new magazine for Eng-
     similar situation with that Akh, and our        lish speaking Muslims, one as beautiful, if     Thank you for your work of "inspiration."
     evidences are the same; he mentioned            not more so, than Jihad Recollections!          My friends and I have been devouring
     46 and I have only 10 reasons... And                              [Rajiv]                       every word as if it were the last morsels
     Alhamdullilah who guided us in this cor-                                                        of food on a plate. You are truly the mu-
     rect way when most of the people do not                                                         jahidin of the future and we hope to help
     know it or some of them knew it but they        The Inspire magazine is a wonderfull            you in any way possible. Allahu Akbar!
     are still sleeping.                             work… Masha'Allah… Insha'Allah we will                         [Abu Hamza]
                      [Abu Dihya]                    wait for more and more…
                                                                                                     May Allah ('Azza wa Jall) reward you
     May Allah bless you, and reward you with        I would like to congratulate you on this        for showing guidance to the whole of
     goodness for the fantastic job you did in       fine production, Inspire Magazine, asking       mankind and spreading the message of
     publishing the so much needed Islamic           Allah Almighty for its continued success        tawhid revealed by our beloved Prophet
     magazine, to guide the English speaking         in the service of Islam and Jihad. I pray to    Muhammad ‫.ﷺ‬
     young Muslims around the world, and to          Allah to grant us victory against all the                        [bbadr]
     communicate with them.                          enemies of Islam and guide those who
                  [Badr al-Islam]                    are astray to the right path.                   May Allah bless your jihadi efforts and
                                                               [Abu Talha al-Muhajir]                protecting the weak and bringing honor
     The release of your majestic magazine                                                           to our Islamic ummah. I wanted to com-
     brought tears to my eyes, brothers. I can-                                                      ment on how great this magazine is and
     not convey how excited I am to see such         I am a follower of your efforts online and      how much of an inspiration it has be-
     wonderful words pour from the page              am impressed with all of the work you           come to me and many of the young men
     like the blood from a kafir. The words          do for the sake of Allah. Like many oth-        and women who read it. May Allah bless
     are blessed by Allah, and will give much        ers, I have been following the news and         you and the brothers everywhere.
     strength to the brothers here among the         learned it was initially difficult for you to                    [Fatima]
     Americans.                                      deliver the message. Alhamdulillah the
                       [Hamza]                       infidels were not able to stop us and the
                                                     magazine was published, and Insha'Allah         I pray to Allah to bless the efforts of the
                                                     they will not be able to stop us in the         mujahidin and to gather the Muslims
     I had lost much purpose in my life before       future so long as we continue to persist.       under one rule of al-Khilafah.
     reading Inspire. My family had recently         My noble brothers, you have proven                                 [Muhib]
     been killed in a horrible accident. My life     how determined you are to deliver the
     had turned towards Western deviance.            message and information that other              I would like to thank you all for providing
     My craving for all that was evil from the       brothers may find useful in conducting          us with one of the best media informa-
     kuffar consumed me. Upon reading In-            their operations. Not only that, I find your    tion the mujahidin could offer. With the
     spire, I felt the need to revert to my roots,   magazine to be a wealth of knowledge,           current media under control of the Jews,
     to Islam. I have thrown away all that was       however, it also serves as a motivational       it is a great change to have news that
     from my past and embraced Allah and             tool whereas it will make the brothers          are from the ummah to the ummah. May
     His Messenger, Muhammad ‫.ﷺ‬                      wait impatiently for the upcoming issues,       Allah bless your efforts and make the
                                                     Insha'Allah. Our beloved Inspire maga-          magazine a continuous program.
     Thank you, my dear brothers, for giving         zine has been making waves across the                           [Muhammad]
     me a new purpose. I wish to sacrifice my-       internet and brothers across the globe

            government & media responses

      "It was an unfortunately well-done magazine and a virtual
      how-to guide for becoming a terrorist."
During a lengthy presentation about      The media wing of Al Qaeda in the         Inspire includes references to David
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula for    Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Al Qa-          Letterman (on President George W
members of the security industry in      eda's affiliate in Yemen and Saudi        Bush), CNN reporting on the New
NYC, an Intelligence Research Spe-       Arabia, released the inaugural issue      York based RevolutionMuslim group
cialist with the NYPD's Counterter-      of Inspire via the internet on July 11,   in its documentary American al
rorism Division today called Anwar Al    2010. While Al Qaeda has previously       Qaeda, and French President Nicolas
Awlaki "the most dangerous man in        released English-language videos          Sarkozy on France's outlawing of the
the world."                              and statements, Inspire marks the         veil.
                                         first time the international terrorist
This assessment is based on Awlaki's     network has published a magazine in       Awlaki directs some of his fire at a
long-standing links to terrorism, his    English.                                  cartoonist called Molly Norris, who
"proven track record of radicalizing                                               started a Facebook campaign in re-
Muslims", his suspected involvement          [The Anti-Defamation League]          sponse to the furore over the depic-
in planning & encouraging attacks                                                  tion of Mohammed in an episode of
(links with 9/11 terrorists, the 7/7     "It was an unfortunately well-done        South Park earlier this year. Called
and 7/21 transatlantic plots, the Fort   magazine and a virtual how-to guide       "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", it
Hood shooter, the Times Square           for becoming a terrorist."                was a tongue-in-cheek initiative that
attempted bomber, the underwear                                                    she later disavowed. But Awlaki calls
bomber and more) and his ongoing           [Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), who     for Ms Norris' murder in unequivocal
propaganda campaign thru DVD's            serves on the House intelligence com-    tones.
(which he sells), web postings and                       mittee]
the online magazine "Inspire".                                                     "This snowball rolled out from be-
                                         It's not your typical magazine. The       tween her evil fingers. She should be
Officials say they're paying close       layout is conventional enough, the        taken as a prime target of assassina-
attention to the magazine which is       typeface bold; there is more than a       tion along with others who partici-
written in English (with the involve-    smattering of high quality photo-         pated in her campaign. This cam-
ment of two other Americans includ-      graphs; and the graphic designers         paign is not a practice of freedom
ing former Queens, New York resi-        at al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula      of speech, but is a nationwide mass
dent Samir Khan), promotes Al Qaeda      have been given free rein. But then in    movement of Americans joining
ideology, publishes lists of potential   the "table of contents" you're invited    their European counterparts in going
terror targets (including cartoonists)   to read "How to Make a Bomb in            out of their way to offend Muslims
and promotes tactics and strategies      the Kitchen of Your Mom" [note the        worldwide."
for attacks, including articles on how   American spelling.]
to build explosive devices ("Make a                                                The FBI says it is taking the threat
Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom")        This is the first edition of Inspire      to Ms Norris seriously. "We under-
and why Muslims in the U.S. should       – supposedly the online house             stand the absolute seriousness of
wage individual violent jihad against    magazine of al Qaeda in the Arabian       a threat from an Al Qaeda-inspired
Americans.                               Peninsula. And it's certainly topical.    magazine and are attempting to do
                                         It contains a long piece condemning       everything in our power to assist the
      [Rick Leventhal, FOX News]         western governments for moving to         individuals on that list to effectively
                                         ban the full-face veil in public – just   protect themselves and change their
In its latest effort to reach Western    as the French National assembly           behavior to make themselves less of
audiences, Al Qaeda has released its     passes such legislation.                  a target," David Gomez, FBI assistant
first-ever English-language magazine                                               special agent in charge of counterter-
that provides detailed bomb making       Its language also shows the media-        rorism in Seattle, told the New York
instructions and calls on followers to   savvy touch of the fugitive preacher      Daily News.
"destroy" America.                       Anwar al Awlaki, now thought to be
                                         holed up in a remote part of Yemen.                     []
     I remember those days when I would research works from Islamic
     scholars, thinkers, community activists and the likes, whom would
     give their two cents on why terrorism (i.e. jihad) is flawed. They would
     in unison touch on issues such as hijacking, kidnapping, 'suicide'
     bombings, killing of non-combatants and such in order to prove that
     al Qaeda's jihad against America is defective from a theologically
     based standpoint. Some would go as far as to say that al Qaeda are
     not even Muslims; and then lambast them as takfīri's! All of this both-
     ered me as a Muslim living in America. The Muslims were so caught up
     in defending their identity in front of non-Muslims on issues such as
     the aforementioned, that it became a normal routine from the pulpits
     of California to the pits of Ground Zero to speak in both condemna-
     tion and defense. What I felt was that the central issue - what actually
     makes a jihadi into what he is - was never brought into light whether
     it be in the mosque study circles or political discussions on live televi-
     sion. This central issue, as I like to call it, is the pivot of what makes a
     Muslim begin his journey as a jihadi. No, it is not the mass slaughter of
     the Palestinians by the Israeli's nor the atrocious actions of America to-
     wards the Muslim world. It is not the jihadi anāshīd nor the jihadi films.
     It is not what you think because the central issue's makeup is entirely
     theological and fiqh based. The central issue is that jihad is individu-
     ally obligatory (farđ 'ayn) on all Muslims from East to West until all of
     our lands are freed. The issue of jihad being farđ 'ayn is the fulcrum of
     the modern jihad. The world is witnessing the rise of jihadi's because
     of the very fact that Muslims are becoming more aware of the central
     issue, and thus their obligation towards God.

     This central issue was revived by whom is referred to as 'the godfather
     of jihad', the Islamic Scholar Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, may Allah have
     mercy upon him. It was his revival of this issue that brought count-
     less of thousands of foreign fighters to Afghanistan to support their
     Afghan brethren against the Soviets. He really was the sole reason for
     the institution of what we now know as the global jihad. Others like
     Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri only came to further expand upon certain prin-
     ciples.1 His works are full of the jurisprudence on the central issue. The
     most famous of them, "Defense of the Muslim Lands: The first obligation
     1 Which we will discuss shortly.
after faith". It was a fatwa he presented in Saudi Arabia to a delegate of senior
Islamic jurists and scholars including Ibn Uthayameen and Bin Baz, and there
was unanimous agreement on the validity of his fatwa. His fatwa was inundat-
ed with innumerable classical scholars on the subject of defensive jihad (jihad
ad-daf'); that is, what is the Islamic response when a foreign enemy attacks a
Muslim country, even as much as a hand span. It cited these classical scholars
as saying that it first becomes individually obligatory on the people of that
locale. If they are unable to push back the enemy, then the obligation spreads
in a radius, to the neighboring Muslims. If they too are unable, this radius con-
tinues to grow until it becomes individually obligatory from East to West; any
Muslim who leaves the obligation when he is able to participate has sinned.
During Prophet Muhammad's ‫ ﷺ‬time, there was the battle of Tabook. It was
a jihad classified as defensive and individually obligatory upon the people of
Madina. Those who used feeble excuses to stay behind were known as the
hypocrites of the community; their loyalty to Islam was in question. The argu-
ment Dr. Azzam brought forth was that this obligation started as early as the
fall of Andalusia. Today, we have various lands that are occupied by foreign
powers. Thus, the obligation has grown significantly today.

Throughout the book, Dr. Azzam rebuts the various excuses that the mod-
ern man presents such as fighting amongst sinners, the issue of communal
obligation (farđ kifāyah), and fighting without the permission of the ruler.
Later, other scholars2 have widened that scope of refutation to include ex-
cuses such as the enemy is superior in strength and numbers, the issue of the
governments in the Muslim lands who have supposed ‘covenants’ with the
disbelievers, and the case of those who claim that we have to be students of
knowledge who have studied in Islamic madrassa’s for years and that we need
to do more purification of the soul, etc.

Then something of major significance happened.

The idea of defending the Muslim lands from the disbelieving occupation
forces had taken on a new meaning. It was an idea that paved the way for the
al Qaeda Organization.

2 Scholars such as Nasir bin Hamad al-Fahd, Anwar Sha’ban, Yusuf al-Uyayri, Abu Qa-
tadah al-Filistini, Abu Yahya al-Libi, Hamud bin Uqla ash-Shu’aybi just to name a few.
     Mujahidin jurists and thinkers from Egypt who had the lengthiest and
     toughest experience in working for the re-establishment of an Islamic state
     in Egypt, exported the idea that the so-called Muslim governments in the
     Islamic lands are in fact occupation forces. Unless and until they are removed
     physically, the Muslims would be living in the same state of sin similar to that
     of a foreign disbelieving army occupying a Muslim land.

     This idea was derived from the jurisprudence on how to deal with an apos-
     tate. Islamic law gives the death sentence to those who leave the religion.3 An
     apostate is determined by the action he had done publicly. For instance, if he
     were to become a Christian, or spy on the Muslims for the disbelievers, or join
     the ranks of the enemy to fight the Muslims and such, he would have com-
     mitted major disbelief (kufr akbar) as is recognized by our classical scholars
     in consent. Islamic scholars have given a little over ten major acts that would
     lead one to apostasy.4 One has to be careful to not take some one outside the
     fold of Islam (i.e. takfīr) on major sins such as drinking alcohol, committing
     adultery, stealing and such unless if it’s a ruler who clearly permits these sins
     under his rule (i.e., istiĥlāl). The khawārij had an extreme creed that included
     all sinners into the category of apostasy. Praise be to Allah, the mujahidin of
     today are nothing like this.

     The Egyptian mujahidin claimed that the rulers in the Muslim lands were
     apostates due to two main reasons. These included not ruling by shari'ah, and
     taking the disbelievers as helpers and guardians (awliyā') against the Muslims.
     The first reason implies the issue of istiĥlāl, that is, making forbidden what
     Allah has made permitted and vice versa. Additionally it signals that they are
     ruling by man-made laws that include elements of Democracy5, Jahiliyyah6,
     and other borrowed forms of laws7.

     The second reason implies spying on the Muslims for the sake of the dis-
     believers, giving the disbelievers military and spy bases in their respective
     countries to fight the Muslims, actively participating in the murdering of
     Muslims for the sake of disbelievers, torturing, mistreating and even raping
     Muslims for the sake of gaining confidence from the disbelievers, and launch-
     ing propaganda campaigns that include the justification of their methods and
     the distortion of Islamic teachings particularly on issues related to shari'ah,
     caliphate, jihad, `aqīdah and such.

     3 Strangely, this has become a source of bitter disagreement between Muslims the
     past few years. The side who claims that this isn’t true use Qur’anic verses totally
     unrelated to the topic of apostasy in Islam and fail to explain authentic aĥadīth on the
     subject such as “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” [al-Bukhari Vol. 9,
     Book 84, No. 57]. They also fail to explain the wars of apostasy fought by Abu Bakr ‫﷩‬
     and the Companions.
     4 See ‘Nullifications of Islam’ by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and all the
     different explanations available for that manual such as from Shaykh Abu Basir at-
     5 The question of Democracy is a separate subject and has caused much confusion
     and misconception in the Islamic world due to its stated objectives. A good rebuttal
     of this form of rule can be found in the books ‘Democracy: a Religion’ by Shaykh Abu
     Muhammad al-Maqdisi and at-Tibyan Publication’s works and translations on Democ-
     6 Pre-Islamic Ignorance.
     7 Refer to the works of Imam Ibn Kathir and Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah on the
     disbelief of ruling by al-Yāsiq and the ruling on judging the people by a combination
     of borrowed laws in general.
                                                                                                          the Saudi
                                                                                                          chy is the
                                                                                                          prime ex-
                                                                                                          ample of
All of this spells apostasy of a very high degree. The question then comes: within a modern               this ugly
government structure, just exactly who are the apostates? This ruling applies to all those
within the government sectors that carry out the acts of disbelief. In the verse, {They
took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah} [9:31], Shaykh Abu                     Their
Muhammad al-Maqdisi comments, “Although they did not prostrate, or bow down to their
priests, they followed them and agreed with them in the forbiddance of the licit and with                 monarchy
the permission of the illicit. Allah therefore considered that as making them lords and gods,             can be
                                                                                                          likened to
because obedience in legislation is a worship, and must not be for anyone except Allah,
since Allah is the only One who can enact legislation.”8

Today the Saudi monarchy is the prime example of this ugly apostasy. Their monarchy can                   dog dung
be likened to dog dung wrapped in gold silk. They claim shari’ah as their law and use the                 wrapped
                                                                                                          in gold
ĥaramain9 to their advantage of clinging onto power and validity in the ummah. Besides
pouring the ummah’s billions of dollars into their stomachs and pockets, they pour it into
reconstruction of mosque structures, specifically the ĥaramain, so that the Muslim visitors
would feel welcome and comfortable. It is a planned strategy to gain the support of the                   silk. They
worldwide ummah. Then sometimes they would make outrageous lies that al Qaeda has                         claim
intentions to attack the pilgrims in Makkah during hajj season and that therefore the Saudi
army would be there to protect the ummah.10

This is only the beginning. Then comes Saudi’s romantic relationship with America that in-                as their
cludes military aid to fight Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula and in return the Crusaders are             law and
                                                                                                          use the
given military bases to launch wars against the Muslims around the world that go beyond
the boundaries of their own laws in killing and weapon deployments; their protection of
Israel from the Muslims; their childish interfaith dialogues that shamelessly calls for a new
religion; the scholars they promote who justify anything that the government does11; their                ĥaramain
use of magic and communication with vile jinn’s to locate positions of the mujahidin12; and
finally their torture dungeons that don’t even spare the elderly scholars.
                                                                                                          to their
The irony in all this is that their political interests take precedence over the religion, and
                                                                                                          tage of
8 al-Maqdisi, A. M. Democracy: A Religion.
9 i.e., Masjid al-Haram in Makkah and Masjid an-Nabawi in Madinah.                                        cling-
10 Al Qaeda leaders and ordinary members here have told me that they all yearn for making pilgrim-
age to Makkah alongside the rest of the ummah. They always have a good laugh at the desperate
                                                                                                          ing onto
lies of the Saudi’s and constantly seek Allah’s refuge from them.                                         power
                                                                                                          and valid-
11 No matter how many times we in al Qaeda may respond to certain accusations that are made
against us such as takfīr, khawārij, killing Muslims and so on, these scholars for dollars keep echoing
the same rubbish repeatedly without ever giving a proper scholarly reply to our responses.
12 This may shock many, but many mujahidin who made hijrah from there have attested to it. The            ity in the
brothers make it a point to recite the daily adhkār especially in the morning and evenings for protec-
tion from these jinn’s that give away our positions.                                                      ummah"
 their scholars are able to justify it. For instance, in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan,
 the Saudi’s held the Soviets as enemies. The al-Saud regime would even help their citizens
 safely reach Pakistan to cross the border into Afghanistan to bring the fight to the Soviet

                                                                                                         "The cen-
 dogs. That was because there were no deals between the two states nor any greedy inter-
 ests involved. That was the jihad against the Soviets; the enemy whom nearly the entire
 world despised.
                                                                                                         tral issue is
 But when jihad turned against America for its crimes against the Muslim world, the Saudi’s
 chose to align themselves with the Crusader’s using flimsy excuses like ‘we have a covenant             that jihad
 with them’, ‘they are our strategic and political allies’, ‘they are helping us in this and this, and
                                                                                                         will remain
                                                                                                         farđ 'ayn
 Islam doesn’t allow us to be ingrates’ and the likes.

 The jihad against the Soviets, in the eyes of the Saudi’s, was a jihad for the sake of Allah. The
 jihad against the Americans, in the eyes of the Saudi’s, is a jihad that is ‘corrupt’. We disbe-        until Amer-
 lieve in those who believe in jihad for the sake of America.
                                                                                                         ica and her
 The central issue is that jihad will remain farđ 'ayn until America and her apostate allies are
                                                                                                         allies are
 removed from the Muslim lands. Her allies not only include the disbelievers of origin, but
 also the apostate tawāghīt that make the rich richer and the poor poorer, that fight the Mus-
 lims who wish to see tawĥīd established, and who modify the laws of Allah to fit their life-
 styles. If the mujahidin were to leave the jihad altogether, then imagine what America would            removed
 have been able to accomplish in Afghanistan and Iraq! Fitnah of all shades would roll out
 into the Muslim communities, adding open approval of sinful activity, kufr, shirk, and fasād.           from the
 It would also undoubtedly give them supplementary power in the Islamic regions, making
 it possible for them to influence Muslims in religion, politics, and social life. All of this can
 already be seen in those areas that the mujahidin have not controlled. So why would any
 sane Muslim want to stand as an obstacle to the banner of tawĥīd – a banner which seeks
 the protection of the shari’ah’s sanctity? This is what central issue comes down to.
MY BROTHERS:1 I conclude my ad-               So come to the aid of your Islam and your
dress to you with two special mes-            brethren, and do your duty, and respond to
sages which I send to two groups              the call of your Lord, who says: {So let those
among you.                                    fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life
                                              of this world for the Hereafter. And he who
As for the first message, it is to my         fights in the cause of Allah and is killed or
Muslim brothers residing in the states        achieves victory – We will bestow upon him
of the Zio-Crusader coalition, wheth-         a great reward. And what is [the matter] with
er they are from the emigrant com-            you that you fight not in the cause of Allah
munities, like those which live on the        and [for] the oppressed among men, wom-
margins of society in the miserable           en, and children who say, "Our Lord, take
suburbs of Paris, London and Detroit,         us out of this city of oppressive people and
or are from those arriving in America         appoint for us from Yourself a protector and
and Europe to study in its universities       appoint for us from Yourself a helper"? Those
or seek their daily bread in the streets      who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and
of its cities.                                those who disbelieve fight in the cause of
                                              tāghūt. So fight against the allies of Satan.
My brothers: know that jihad is your          Indeed, the plot of Satan has ever been
duty as well, and that you have an            weak} [4:74-76].
opportunity to strike the leaders of
kufr and retaliate against them on            Indeed jihad is a lifelong devotion, like prayers
their own soil, as long as there is no        and fasting, and religion isn't a matter of taste,
covenant between you and them.                for us to leave part of it and perform another
Here you are in the battlefield, just         part. This is why I address, in my second mes-
like heroes before you like Muham-            sage, my brothers who preceded us in hijrah
mad Atta, and his fellow pilots,              and jihad, or participated with us in both once
Muhammad Siddique Khan and his                upon a time, but then abandoned these two
fellow fedayeen, Muhammad Boyeri,             great acts of worship out of laziness or ne-
Nidal Malik Hassan, Umar al-Farouk            glect, or because of a mistaken belief that the
Abdulmuttalab, Faisal Shahzad and             increased surveillance of the mujahidin and
hundreds of others.                           local and international pressures on them, or
                                              the deterioration of some of the commanders,
There is no inviolability for the realms      groups and organizations, or the fact that the
from which armies emerge to kill              goals of jihad were not achieved overnight,
Muslims and occupy their lands;               are justifications for staying behind and re-
there is no inviolability for those who       turning to the life of humiliation and shackles.
put the weak and oppressed to the
sword; and there is no inviolability for      No! Jihad is still obligatory on you as long as
those who make war on the chastity            you are capable, and the fields of competi-
of the Muslimah and her hijab in their        tion continue to be in need of your expertise
countries and the countries of the            and efforts; and although we - the sons of the
Muslims, by passing laws and sup-             second and new generation - are indebted to
porting and encouraging those who             you, for your inviting us to this great bounty
don't fear Allah, Lord of the worlds.         and for your paving the way for us and bear-
                                              ing difficulties before us, that doesn't prevent
So, my brothers, you must get ready           us from advising and reminding you for the
to perform your vital role in the glob-       sake of Allah.
al jihad against the leaders of kufr;
and refer - if you wish - to my speech        So, my beloved brothers: remember your re-
in the English language entitled "A           sponsibility before Allah and what it is He has
Call to Arms."                                purchased, and respond once again to the call,
                                              and return to your stations, and finish what
1 Taken from As-Sahab Media's release,        you started, and aid your religion and ummah,
"The Arabs and Muslims: Between the Con-      and be with your brothers the mujahidin, until
ferences of desertion... and the individual   victory while strengthened or martyrdom
duty of jihad."                               while on the advance.
                  e fight because we are
                  free men who don't
                  sleep under oppres-
                  sion.1 We want to restore
     freedom to our nation. Just as you lay
     waste to our nation, so shall we lay
     waste to yours.

     No one except a dumb thief plays
     with the security of others and then
     makes himself believe he will be
     secure. Whereas thinking people,
     when disaster strikes, make it their
     priority to look for its causes, in order
     to prevent it happening again.

     So I shall talk to you about the story
     behind those events and shall tell           terrorized and displaced.
     you truthfully about the moments in
     which the decision was taken, for you        I couldn't forget those moving scenes, blood and severed limbs, women and
     to consider.                                 children sprawled everywhere. Houses destroyed along with their occupants
                                                  and high rises demolished over their residents, rockets raining down on our
     I say to you, Allah knows that it had        home without mercy.
     never occurred to us to strike the
     towers. But after it became unbear-          The situation was like a crocodile meeting a helpless child, powerless except
     able and we witnessed the oppres-            for his screams. Does the crocodile understand a conversation that doesn't
     sion and tyranny of the American/            include a weapon? And the whole world saw and heard but it didn't respond.
     Israeli coalition against our people in
     Palestine and Lebanon, it came to my         In those difficult moments many hard-to-describe ideas bubbled in my soul,
     mind.                                        but in the end they produced an intense feeling of rejection of tyranny, and
                                                  gave birth to a strong resolve to punish the oppressors.
     The events that affected my soul in
     a direct way started in 1982 when            And as I looked at those demolished towers in Lebanon, it entered my mind
     America permitted the Israelis to            that we should punish the oppressor in kind and that we should destroy tow-
     invade Lebanon and the American              ers in America in order that they taste some of what we tasted and so that
     Sixth Fleet helped them in that. This        they be deterred from killing our women and children.
     bombardment began and many were
     killed and injured and others were           And that day, it was confirmed to me that oppression and the intentional kill-
     1 Ladin, Usama bin. (2004). Address to the   ing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy. Destruc-
     American people.                             tion is freedom and democracy, while resistance is terrorism and intolerance.
This means the oppressing and em-                                                     Among the most important of what I
bargoing to death of millions as Bush                                                 read in them was some prose in their
Sr. did in Iraq in the greatest mass                                                  gestures before the collapse, where
slaughter of children mankind has                                                     they say, "How mistaken we were
ever known, and it means the throw-                                                   to have allowed the White House
ing of millions of pounds of bombs                                                    to implement its aggressive foreign
and explosives at millions of children                                                policies against the weak without su-
– also in Iraq – as Bush Jr. did, in order                                            pervision." It is as if they were telling
to remove an old agent and replace                                                    you, the people of America, "Hold to
him with a new puppet to assist in                                                    account those who have caused us to
the pilfering of Iraq's oil and other                                                 be killed, and happy is he who learns
outrages.                                                                             from others' mistakes," And among
                                                                                      that which I read in their gestures is
So with these images and their like as                                                a verse of poetry, "Injustice chases its
their background, the events of Sep-                                                  people, and how unhealthy the bed
tember 11th came as a reply to those                                                  of tyranny."
great wrongs, for should a man be
blamed for defending his sanctuary?                                                   Your security is in your own hands.
                                                                                      And every state that doesn't play
And it all shows that the real loser                                                  with our security has automatically
is… you. It is the American people                                                    guaranteed its own security.
and their economy. And for the re-

                                             cord, we had agreed with the Com-
                                             mander-General Muhammad Ataa,
                                             Allah have mercy on him, that all the
                                             operations should be carried out
                                             within twenty minutes, before Bush
                                             and his administration notice.

                                             It never occurred to us that the
                                             commander-in-chief of the American
                                             armed forces would abandon 50, 000
                                             of his citizens in the twin towers to
                                             face those great horrors alone, the
                                             time when they most needed him.

                                             But because it seemed to him that
                                             occupying himself by talking to
                                             the little girl about the goat and its
                                             butting was more important than
                                             occupying himself with the planes
                                             and their butting of the skyscrapers,
                                             we were given three times the period
                                             required to execute the operations –
                                             All Praise is due to Allah.

                                             Finally, it behooves you to reflect on
                                             the last wills and testaments of the
                                             thousands who left you on the 11th
                                             as they gestured in despair. They are
                                             important testaments, which should
                                             be studied and researched.

     Question 1: What is the ruling on         the bases for killing the disbelievers       Allah ‫ ﷺ‬to the one he would ap-
     targeting those who are referred to       is their disbelief. However there are        point over an army: "Fight in the path
     as “civilians” in the West?               times when there exists a tempo-             of Allah, fight those who disbelieve in
                                               rary reason for making an exception          Allah."
     Before answering this question, we        to this rule. Such a reason is when
     say that classifying the people into      there is a truce or a covenant with          The Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬sent his
     civilians and military is not the way     the disbelievers and when there is a         companions to assassinate Ibn Abi al-
     our jurists divided people and is not     covenant the blood of the disbeliever        Haqiq without any warning. Ibn Hajar
     derived from the Book of Allah and        becomes protected. The evidence              mentions some benefits of this story.
     sunnah. Instead it is a new classifica-   for this is the ĥadīth: "Whoever kills a     Among them: “the permissibility of
     tion and unfortunately many of those      person with a covenant will not smell        assassinating the disbeliever who
     who speak in the name of religion         paradise and the smell of paradise can       has heard the message of Islam but
     started using this false classification   be found from a distance of a forty          refused to follow it.” So he considered
     and used it to base on it rulings. If     years."                                      that if the message of Islam reaches
     this proves something it proves how                                                    a person and he refuses to accept it,
     far the intellectual occupation has       Allah says: {And fight against the           that is a sufficient reason to allow his
     reached into the minds of those who       disbelievers collectively as they            killing. He also said: “Armies can be
     are the people of religion and fatwa.     fight against you collectively} [9:          sent to the lands of the disbelievers
                                               36].                                         and take captive whoever they find
     Regarding the question, then we                                                        therein and then these armies are
     say that in our Islamic shari'ah the      And Allah says: {O you who have              given the choice of either executing
     disbelievers divide into two groups.      believed, fight those adjacent to            the captives or keeping them alive."
     The first, people of war who fight        you of the disbelievers and let
     Muslims and for these their blood         them find in you harshness} [9:              Ibn Qudama, may Allah have mercy
     is not protected. The second, disbe-      123]. This verse and the one before          upon him, stated: "The blood of the
     lievers who are not in a state of war     are evidence that the disbeliever is         disbeliever who is from a people of
     with Muslims and do not fight them.       fought because he is a disbeliever.
                                               The Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬says in the ĥadīth
                                                                                            war is allowed and there is no safety
     Based on that, the disbeliever who                                                     provided for him."
     is in a state of war with the Muslims     narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim
     is killed because of his disbelief. The   from Abu Hurairah: "I was instructed         But the disbeliever who is not in a
     evidence for that is in the Book of       to fight the people until they say: 'There   state of war with the Muslims, his
     Allah such as the verse: {And when        is no one worthy of worship but Allah.'      blood and wealth are protected.
     the sacred months have passed,            Whoever says 'There is no one worthy         These non-combatants are either
     then kill the polytheists wherever        of worship but Allah', has protected his     people of dhimma, people granted
     you find them…} [9: 5].                   life and wealth from me except with its      security or people of covenant. The
                                               right and to Allah is his accountability."   person of dhimma is the one who
     In this verse, Allah based the order of                                                resides in Muslim land and fulfills the
     killing them on their associating oth-    Also proof is in the ĥadīth of Buraidah
                                               ‫ ﷩‬in the advice of the Messenger of
                                                                                            conditions of paying the jizyah, not
     er gods with Allah. This proves that                                                   harming the Muslims, not entering
      "They are the striking arm of the oppressive rulers of this country. They are the baton which is used to beat its
      own population for no reason except that they wish to live free with no servitude to anyone but their Creator"

the Arabian Peninsula based on the         should be a priority. If they cannot be    legitimate Churches.
ĥadīth: “Drive the polytheist out of the   targeted except with some of those
Arabian Peninsula”, not publicly dis-      whom it is illegal for us to target,       They guard some cultural centers
playing what is haram in Islam, and        then in situations of necessity they       that commit blasphemy and they
other conditions that the jurists have     could be targeted because the jurists      guard places of vice such as clubs
mentioned in their books. The person       of the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, and Han-   and bars. These soldiers protect the
of security is he who entered Mus-         bali schools allowed that and that         places of those who are waging war
lim land with a security grant from        is stated in their discussions on the      against the Muslims in Afghanistan,
the Imam of the Muslims. This is a         issue of the “shield.”                     Chechnya, Iraq and others. You would
person who enters Muslim land for a                                                   find these soldiers in front of the
temporary period for a purpose such        Q2: Why do you target the soldiers in      American embassy and the embas-
as being an envoy or to learn about        Yemen?                                     sies of countries such as Britain, Ger-
Islam. The person of covenant is the                                                  many, France, Russia and the apos-
one who belongs to a nation that has       Every free man with honor would not        tate governments and they protect
a treaty of peace with the Muslims.        accept oppression on himself and his       the leaders of disbelief.
                                           people and would not accept humili-
So now when we look at the state of        ation and transgression against his        These soldiers are guilty of bomb-
the Americans and Europeans, we see        honor or the honor of any Muslim.          ing the houses of Muslims like what
that they are in a state of war with       This is why we target the soldiers of      they have done in Marib and they did
us because of their participation in       evil. We target them because they          that for no reason but to please their
elections that choose governments          oppress the people and humiliate           American lords. They chase after the
that wage war against Muslims. They        them. They are the striking arm of         mujahidin and hand them over to the
are in a state of war with us because      the oppressive rulers of this country.     Pharaoh of today.
their governments kill our brothers        They are the baton which is used to
in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq.       beat its own population for no reason      We target the soldiers because they
These governments fight those who          except that they wish to live free         are the ones who are protecting the
want to establish shari'ah law. Thus       with no servitude to anyone but their      deviant sect of Ismaili’s who worship
we target them because they are            Creator; the provider, giver of life and   a god other than Allah and partici-
disbelievers and because of their war      the One who takes it. We target them       pate in rituals of disbelief. We target
against us. They are in a state of war     because their eyes are awake guard-        them because they are standing with
with us and they are not in a state of     ing the rule that is the reason behind     the crusaders in their occupation of
covenant since their governments           the violation of the rights of Allah       Muslim land. They are standing with
have not seized their aggression           and the rights of the creation. They       the NATO in Afghanistan and with
against Muslims. We cannot call them       are the eyes that guard the laws that      the American and British forces in
ahl adh-dhimma because they do             compete with the laws of Allah and         Iraq and with the African forces in
not fulfill the requirements of the        go against the rule of Qur'an. They        Somalia and are implementing the
dhimma status. Based on what is            are the ones who are guarding the          plans of the Americans in the Arabian
mentioned above, it is legitimate to       Americans in our country. They guard       Peninsula. We target them because
target the people of the West and we       their officers and they guard the FBI      they are the ones standing against
have no doubts about its legitimacy.       and CIA which have a presence in           the establishment of khilāfah.
                                           Sana’a and Aden. They are the ones
Regarding the means of targeting           guarding the places of disbelief such      Q3: What are the shari'ah evidences
them, then it is based on ability.         as the parliament, places of worship       that you have for the legitimacy of
The military and economic targets          of the Ismaili’s, banks of ribā and il-    targeting the soldiers in Yemen?

   The ruling on the soldiers is based        the British. These armies are fighting     the rule of Allah on land, the armies
   on understanding the reality of            for tyranny and Allah says: {Those         of tyrants fought against them in
   their situation and the situation of       who believe fight in the cause of          the name of the war on terror which
   the rulers in the Arabian Peninsula.       Allah, and those who disbelieve            is in reality a war on Islam. So can
   We mentioned before that these             fight in the cause of tāghūt. So fight     one say that these armies cannot be
   soldiers are defending the tyrants         against the allies of Satan. Indeed,       targeted? These armies are protect-
   who have committed apostasy and            the plot of Satan has ever been            ing the enemies of Islam in the sea
   committed deeds of disbelief that          weak} [4: 76].                             through their coast guards and are
   no one disagrees about them being                                                     fighting the mujahidin on land while
   deeds of disbelief except a person of      If someone says that the armies of         the American planes bomb from the
   innovation or disbelief such as the        the Arab states were established with      air. It is these armies who spy on the
   military and commercial courts, and        the objective of fighting Israel, then     Muslims and hand over the intel-
   the acceptance of the rulings of the       that is a lie and the one who says         ligence to the Americans. They are
   disbelievers such as accepting rulings     that is a liar. It is the mujahidin who    the ones who distribute the chips
   of the United Nations. All this exists     are fighting America which is sup-         that guide the American missiles
   in the rulers of the Arabian Peninsula.    porting Israel and are fighting their      to their targets. What is happening
   They are ruling with laws other than       way to get through to Israel, and the      today in fighting the army in Lawdar
   shari'ah and accepting the laws of the     ones that are standing in the way          and Hawtah is to repel the aggres-
   disbelievers and changing the laws         of the mujahidin and fighting Israel       sors who attack the Muslims in their
   of Allah and therefore they should         is the Arab states. Allah has blessed      homes. In Lawdar, the army fired
   be fought against along with their         the mujahidin from ahl as-sunnah           indiscriminately against the people
   soldiers who are defending them and        to strike rockets at variant times at      in the main market of the city and
   fighting for them. The Messenger of        Israel under the instruction of Shaykh     in al-Hawtah the army bombed the
   Allah ‫ ﷺ‬says: "Whoever changes his         Usama. We conclude that these              houses of the people with artillery
   religion should be killed."1 No one can    armies are fighting for tyranny while      fire.
                                              the mujahidin are fighting for the
                                              sake of Allah: {Those who believe
   doubt that the rulers of today are
   allies of the Crusaders and Zionists                                                  In one incident the army killed two
   and are fighting in their ranks. An        fight in the cause of Allah, and those     innocent men in a car who were
                                              who disbelieve fight in the cause of
   example of that is the participation of                                               accompanying their mother and left
                                              tāghūt} [4: 76].
   soldiers from the UAE in the fighting                                                 them to bleed to death.
   in Afghanistan, the fighting of the
                                              If you ask any wise person about
   Yemeni army alongside the American                                                    Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said
                                              what he should do about aggressors
   fighter jets in al Majala, Marib, Lawdar                                              in response to a question about
                                              who attack the house of a person in
   and al Hawda, the fighting of the                                                     fighting the Moguls: "Any group that
                                              order to kidnap one of his daugh-
   soldiers of Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar                                                abstains from following the rules of
                                              ters and take over his house, the
   alongside the Americans, and the                                                      Islam from these people (the Moguls)
                                              answer would be he should defend
   fighting of the Omani army alongside                                                  or others, it becomes mandatory to
                                              his house. So this person wanted to
                                                                                         fight them until they follow the rules
   1 Narrated by Bukhari.                     fight the aggressors but his neighbor
                                                                                         of Islam. That is even if they profess
                                              interfered and prevented him from
                                                                                         that there is no god but Allah and
                                                    doing so because he was an ally
                                                                                         Muhammad is His messenger and
  "The Jews and the Christians                      of the aggressors. If you would
                                                                                         even if they follow some of the rules
  have attacked the Muslim nation                   ask any wise people what
                                                                                         of Islam. They should be fought just
                                                    should the owner of the house
  in order to suppress their iden-                  do, the answer would be that
                                                                                         as Abu Bakr and the companions
  tity, uproot them, violate their                  he should start with fighting his
                                                                                         fought against the ones who did not
                                                                                         pay the zakah and this is the agree-
  honor and steal their wealth.                     neighbor first. This is an analogy
                                                                                         ment of the jurists after them."2
  When the Muslims stood up to                      of what is happening today. The
  defend themselves, to protect                     Jews and the Christians have
                                                    attacked the Muslim nation in
                                                                                         So the scholars agree that the one
  their holy places, and to estab-                  order to suppress their identity,
                                                                                         who refuses to pay the zakah should
  lish the rule of Allah on land, the               uproot them, violate their hon-
                                                                                         be fought, so what about the ones
                                                                                         who are fighting for the sake of Jews
  armies of tyrants fought against                  or and steal their wealth. When
                                                                                         and Christians?
  them in the name of the war on                    the Muslims stood up to defend
                                                    themselves, to protect their
  terror which is in reality a war on               holy places, and to establish
                                                                                         Q4: Some may argue that these sol-
  Islam. So can one say that these                                                       2 Majmū' al-Fatāwā: 28/502.
22armies cannot be targeted?"
diers say “there is no one worthy of         is no one worthy of worship but            with no followers. So the popularity
worship but Allah” and profess to be         Allah,” and so are the Shi'a who pray      of a person does not mean that they
Muslims, so how can you kill them?           and fast but are to be fought because      are right.
                                             they stand alongside the occupiers
The answer is we target them be-             of Muslim land. From the previously        Second: Many scholars know that
cause they did not fulfill the re-           mentioned evidence, it is clear that       al Qaeda are on the straight path,
quirements of being a Muslim. The            whoever says “there is no one worthy       the path of the prophets and the
Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬said: “I have           of worship but Allah” but commits an       path that the Messenger of Allah ‫ﷺ‬
been instructed to fight the people          act that defies that statement should      followed, but the price of following
until they say there is no one worthy        be fought.                                 the path of jihad is high. Allah says:
of worship but Allah and Muhammad                                                       {What is [the matter] with you that,
is the Messenger of Allah, establish         Q5: What are the objectives that al        when you are told to go forth in the
Salah and pay zakah. If they do that         Qaeda seeks to fulfill?                    cause of Allah, you adhere heavily
then they have protected their lives and                                                to the earth?} [9: 38].
wealth except through its right and          The objectives of al Qaeda are the
their accountability is to Allah.” 3 So if   establishment of the rule of Islamic       So many of them did not follow the
they only say: “there is no one worthy       shari'ah and driving the occupiers         path of jihad because of the fear of
of worship but Allah” but they did           out of our land. Al Qaeda is fighting      America and its stooges.
not establish şalāh and zakah, they          the Jews and Christians and their
should be fought.                            stooges and defends the Muslims            Third: On the other hand, there are
                                             and the Muslim holy places. They           many true scholars who are with the
So whoever follows Islam but legal-          do this in response to: {Go forth,         mujahidin whether in the lands of ji-
izes interest (ribā) should be fought        whether light or heavy, and strive         had, martyred or imprisoned such as
according to the verses: {O you who          with your wealth and your lives in         Shaykh Usama, Abu Yahya al-Libi, and
have believed, fear Allah and give           the cause of Allah. That is better for     the scholars of Afghanistan, Somalia
up what remains [due to you] of              you, if you only knew} [9: 41]. And        and others.
interest, if you should be believers.        Allah says: {And what is [the mat-
And if you do not, then be informed          ter] with you that you fight not in        Q7: What is your advice to the Mus-
of a war [against you] from Allah            the cause of Allah and [for] the op-       lims in the West?
and His Messenger. But if you re-            pressed among men, women, and
pent, you may have your principal –          children who say, "Our Lord, take us       My advice to the Muslims in the West
[thus] you do no wrong, nor are you          out of this city of oppressive people      is to establish tawĥīd and to spread
wronged} [2: 278-279].                       and appoint for us from Yourself a
                                                                                        it on earth, and to fight shirk and its
                                             protector and appoint for us from
                                                                                        followers and to warn from it. This
Islamic law requires the execution of        Yourself a helper"?} [4: 75].
                                                                                        is the call of the messengers. Allah
the one who commits adultery, and it                                                    says: {And We certainly sent into
requires fighting brigands who com-          Al Qaeda tries with all its strength
                                                                                        every nation a messenger, [saying],
mit armed robberies even though              to defeat the systems of jahiliyyah,
                                                                                        "Worship Allah and avoid tāghūt"}
they might say: “there is no one             disbelief, secularism, socialism, shi'a
                                                                                        [16: 36].
worthy of worship but Allah.” So this        and others who have taken democ-
statement only protects the one who          racy as a religion. Al Qaeda strives to
                                                                                        In your land, shirk is represented in
fulfills its conditions.                     bring back the Islamic khilāfah and to
                                                                                        the Western governments and the
                                             rule according to shari'ah so that all
                                                                                        religions and ideologies of the West
That is why the companions fought            religion would belong to Allah. Al Qa-
                                                                                        such as democracy, Judaism, Chris-
against the ones who refused to pay          eda follows the path of the Prophet
                                             ‫ ﷺ‬and those who followed him. Its
                                                                                        tianity and other false religions and
the zakah even though they said:                                                        ideas.
“there is no one worthy of worship           actions and words are in accordance
but Allah,” and they prayed, fasted          to the Book of Allah and Sunnah.
                                                                                        I also advice you to support the muja-
and made pilgrimage. They followed                                                      hidin in any front of jihad with your
all the pillars of Islam except zakah.       Q6: Some may ask why don’t the
                                                                                        wealth and selves, everyone accord-
                                             famous scholars support al Qaeda?
                                                                                        ing to his capacity until Allah makes a
It is much more of a crime to prevent                                                   way out for you to make hijrah when
the establishment of the rule of Allah       First: If a famous person stands with
                                                                                        the Islamic khilāfah is established.
than not to pay zakah. The soldier, by       the truth or doesn’t, it is not evidence
doing that, is not believing in: “there      for the truth. On the Day of Judg-
                                                                                        May Allah reward you all.
                                             ment some prophets would come
3 Narrated by Bukhari.
            OSHONARA CHOUDHRY,                  and we ask Allah to accept it. She had       accept him as a shahīd, has fulfilled
            may Allah free her, rushed to       not done merely a good deed; rather,         his individual duty towards Allah
            her obligation of jihad and         she has fulfilled a deed that is farđ        in an operation that was long
            answered the call of Allah:         ‘ayn (individually obligatory) on the        overdue to remind Sweden that its
     {March forth whether you are light         Muslims from East to West ever since         blasphemy against the Messenger
     or heavy…} [9: 41].                        the fall of Andalus. Only a few brave        of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬and its participation
                                                people get to fulfill that special deed.     in the occupation of Afghanistan
     How could Roshonara remain                 A woman has shown to the ummah’s             will not go unpunished. It is about
     indolent when she resides in the           men the path of jihad! A woman               time that the Swedish government
     nation that picked apart the last          my brothers! Shame on all the men            rethinks its position towards Islam
     remains of the khilāfah, and mounted       for sitting on their hands while one         and Muslims before the mujahidin
     its Crusader flag and agenda across        of our women has taken up the                strike again. Sweden was a nation
     the Muslim world? How could she            individual jihad! She felt the need to       that Shaykh Usama mentioned as a
     remain silent when encountering            do it simply because our men gave all        country that the mujahidin do not
     the very people that permit their          too many excuses to refrain from it.         intend to strike. But it seems that the
     government to wage its war against                                                      Swedish are too bent on showing
     Allah and His Messenger ‫?ﷺ‬                 She said in reference to her reason for      their animosity towards Muslims
     Through her actions, she proved to         attacking Stephen Timms:                     and are eager to join the league of
     the world the power of a borderless                                                     nations that are antagonistic towards
     loyalty: Islam. The ummah, and             “He just voted strongly for everything, as   Islam and Muslims. This operation
     specifically its mujahidin, are waiting    though he had no mercy. As though he         may serve as a reminder for the
     to see more people of her caliber.         felt no doubts that what he was doing        Swedish government and people to
     No it is not the highly technical skills   was right, even though it was such an        reconsider their position before their
                                                arrogant thing to do and I just felt like
     that we are referring to; but it is the                                                 list of crimes against us becomes too
                                                if he could treat the Iraqi people so
     will power to kill the disbelievers        mercilessly, then why should I show him      long and it becomes too late.
     the same way it took Muhammad
     bin Maslamah ‫ ﷩‬to assassinate the
                                                any mercy?”
                                                                                             We say to the kuffār: The borderless
     enemy of Allah.                            To the men of the ummah: Take the            loyalty is a religious sentiment of the
                                                example of this woman and you will           people in your midst. As long as the
     She did not throw away her life for        find success in the afterlife.               Muslims remain in your focus, you
     nothing as the enemies of Allah have                                                    will remain in ours. No matter the
     suggested. Rather, she has helped          In Sweden, the hero Taimour                  security precautions you may take,
     the religion of Allah with her deed,       Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, may Allah              you cannot kill a borderless idea.

               n anşārī and a muhājir1 sat          brother but Allah says: {O you             The anşārī said: My brother, Allah
               down discussing the book             who have believed, shall I guide           had created Adam  and had him
               of Allah and the verses of ji-       you to a transaction that will save        come down to this earth instructing
               had. They sat down encour-           you from a painful punishment?             him to build it. Adam and his prog-
     aging each other to carry on jihad             [It is that] you believe in Allah and      eny lived for ten centuries following
     in the path of Allah. They recited the         His Messenger and do jihad in the          the religion of Allah and then things
     verse: {Say, "Do you await for us              cause of Allah with your wealth            changed and people disbelieved.
     except one of the two best things              and your lives. That is best for you,      Allah sent messengers and the first
     [i.e., martyrdom or victory] while we          if you should know. He will forgive        of them was Noah . Allah ordered
     await for you that Allah will afflict          for you your sins and admit you to         him to teach people the oneness
     you with punishment from Himself               gardens beneath which rivers flow          of Allah. Noah  remained among
     or at our hands? So wait; indeed we,           and pleasant dwellings in gardens          them for hundreds of years but only a
     along with you, are waiting"} [9:              of perpetual residence. That is the        few believed. When he saw that there
     52].                                           great attainment. And [you will ob-        was no good in his people, he prayed
                                                    tain] another [favor] that you love –      to Allah to destroy them and Allah
     The muhājir stopped at {…the two               victory from Allah and an imminent         sent the flood that drowned all the
     best things} so the anşārī told him:           conquest; and give good tidings to         disbelievers while the believers were
     it is either victory or martyrdom.             the believers} [61: 10-13].                saved. With every messenger, Allah
                                                                                               would give him and his followers
     The muhājir asked: Victory or martyr-          So after Allah showed the pleasures        victory while the disbelievers were
     dom?                                           He has prepared for the believers and      destroyed. Allah says: {And Our
                                                    called that the “great victory,” He said   word [i.e., decree] has already pre-
     The anşārī said: Yes, victory or martyr-       "and another:” {victory from Allah         ceded for Our servants, the messen-
     dom.                                           and an imminent conquest}. So Al-          gers, [that] indeed, they would be
                                                    lah called it “another.”                   those given victory} [37: 171-172].
     The muhājir asked: Which is better for                                                    Allah punished the people of 'Aād,
     the mujahid, victory or martyrdom?             The anşārī said: My brother, victory       Thamūd, the people of the Aykah,
     The anşārī said: My brother, didn’t            means defeating the enemies of             the people of Lot, and then Pharaoh
     you hear the verse: {[And they are]            religion and then ruling according to      was destroyed and Allah gave vic-
     those who, if We give them author-             shari'ah.                                  tory to Moses  and the Children
     ity in the land, establish prayer and                                                     of Israel. Allah did not destroy the
     give zakah and enjoin what is right            The muhājir said: Isn't martyrdom a        disbelievers after Pharaoh but made
     and forbid what is wrong. And to               victory for principles?                    their punishment by the hands of the
     Allah belongs the outcome of [all]                                                        believers whom he instructed to fight
     matters} [22: 41]? Being established           The anşārī said: Let’s go back to the      jihad as Allah says: {Fight them; Al-
     in the land only occurs after victory          Book of Allah and find an answer to        lah will punish them by your hands
     against the enemies of religion.               this question.                             and will disgrace them and give you
                                                                                               victory over them and satisfy the
     The muhājir said: That is true my              The muhājir said: Yes, lets go back. Al-   breasts [i.e., desires] of a believing
     1 A muhājir is one who emigrates for the       lah says: {And if you disagree over        people} [9: 14].
     sake of Allah for his religion. An anşārī is   anything, refer it to Allah and the
     the one who helps the muhājir settle in        Messenger, if you should believe in        The muhājir said: This does not nec-
     that land.                                     Allah and the Last Day} [4: 59].           essarily mean that victory is better
                          than martyrdom for the mujahid. It        was victorious because his call to the
                          is such a high status for a human be-     people won and the masses became
                          ing to give his life, which is the most   believers. Therefore the mujahid
                          valuable thing to him, for the sake of    should have the intention of wanting
                          Allah. Allah has purchased their souls    to become a martyr. He should desire
                          and wealth in exchange for paradise.      martyrdom whether he is a leader or
                          Allah says: {Indeed, Allah has pur-       a follower, regardless of his position,
                          chased from the believers their lives     and should not concern himself with
                          and their properties [in exchange]        victory because victory is from Allah
                          for that they will have Paradise} [9:     and He gives it to His servants when
                          111].                                     He wishes.

                          And we shouldn’t forget the ĥadīth        The anşārī said: Then what is the
                          of the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬when          benefit of preparing for the enemy if
                          he said: "Nations have been presented     all what one should desire is to die in
                          to me and I have seen a prophet with a    the path of Allah?
                          small band of followers, a prophet with
                          one or two followers, and a prophet       The muhājir replied: I do not mean
                          with no followers at all.”2               that we should leave preparation
                                                                    aside, because preparation is, in
                          There were prophets who were killed       fact, a duty and an obligation on the
                          by their people, so can a Muslim say      mujahidin. Allah says: {And prepare
                          they have not achieved victory? They      against them whatever you are able
                          did achieve victory because their         of power and of steeds of war by
                          principles and what they stood for        which you may terrify the enemy of
                          achieved victory. If all the mujahidin    Allah and your enemy} [8: 60].
                          are killed to the last man in the path
                          of Allah, that would not be consid-       But the mujahid should be taught
                          ered a defeat because they have           these meanings like the Messenger
                          done their part and Allah would, with     of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬taught his companions.
When the Messenger
of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬saw the
                          no doubt, give victory to His religion,
                          and the blood of the martyrs would        The anşārī said: Please show me
                          revive the ones after them.               some examples from the Messenger
angels before the                                                   of Allah ‫.ﷺ‬
                          Imam Muslim, al-Tirmithi and others
battle, he told his       narrated the story of the people of       The muhājir said: I will. First: When
companions: “Move         the trench. In that story there is the    the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬took the
                          young man who was studying from           pledge from the anşār, they asked
forward towards para-     the sorcerer and priest and ended up      ‘what should we pledge?’ He said:
dise whose width is       following the priest. When the king
                          wanted to kill the young man, the
                                                                    "You pledge to listen and obey whether
                                                                    you are in a state of activeness or
like the heavens and      young man said to the king: you will      otherwise, and to spend from your
earth.” He did not say:   not be able to kill me until you say
                          when you strike me: "In the name of
                                                                    wealth whether you are wealthy or
                                                                    poor, and to enjoin good and forbid
Move forward towards      Allah, the Lord of the boy." When the     evil, and to speak out for Allah, and not
victory even though       king did so, the boy was killed but
                          the people who witnessed his death
                                                                    fear the blame of the blamers, and to
                                                                    give me support if I come to you and to
Allah has promised        became believers and said: "We be-        protect me like you protect your selves
them with victory.        lieve in the Lord of the boy."            and your wives and your children. In
                                                                    exchange you will receive paradise."
                          Allah made the death of the boy
                          a reason behind the belief of the         The Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬in ex-
                          people. So can we say that the boy        change to what he asked from the
                          did not achieve victory? Not at all. He   anşār did not promise them anything
                          2 Narrated by Muslim.
                     So who among us would want any-
                 mankind ‫ ﷺ‬desired for himself three
                 thing different to what the greatest of
                 times, even though he is the owner of
                 the highest status in paradise?

     of this world. He only promised them paradise and paradise only comes after
     death. So would you want to die a natural death or die as a martyr?
                                                                                           The anşārī said: In the name of Allah
     Second: Allah had promised His Messenger ‫ ﷺ‬in the battle of Badr victory              I did not know the big difference
     against either the caravan or the army. Allah says: {[Remember, O believers],         between the two goods mentioned
     when Allah promised you one of the two groups – that it would be yours}               in the verse and I just realized that
     [8: 7].                                                                               martyrdom is greater than victory, in
                                                                                           fact, it is victory in itself.
     When the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬saw the angels before the battle, he told his
     companions: “Move forward towards paradise whose width is like the heavens            The muhājir said: Our role model
     and earth.” He did not say: Move forward towards victory even though Allah            Muhammad ‫ ﷺ‬desired the sta-
     has promised them with victory.                                                       tion of martyrdom for himself even
                                                                                           though he is the greatest of mankind.
     So the mujahid should be trained to love martyrdom, paradise and the plea-            He said: "In the name of the One whom
     sure of Allah but victory is something from Allah. He gives it to whomever            my soul is in His hands, I wish to fight in
     He wills. The companions of the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬understood these                 the path of Allah and be killed and then
     meanings and were brought up on them. When Abu Bakr ‫ ﷩‬was sending the                 fight and be killed and then fight and
     armies he would say: "Seek death for life would be given to you."                     be killed."3

     And Khalid ibn al-Waleed ‫ ﷩‬would send letters to the leaders of the Persians          So who among us would want any-
     and threaten them by saying: "From Khalid ibn al-Waleed to the leaders of             thing different to what the greatest
     the Persians, peace be upon those who follow the guidance. Praise be to Al-           of mankind ‫ ﷺ‬desired for himself
     lah who has stripped you of your kingdom, weakened you, divided you, and              three times, even though he is the
     taken away from you the service that was given to you. Accept my terms and            owner of the highest status in para-
     pay the jizyah, otherwise, in the name of Allah whom there is no one worthy           dise?
     of worship other than Him, I will attack you with men who love death just like
     you love life."                                                                       O Allah grant us martyrdom and take
                                                                                           from our blood, wealth and time until
     That is how the companions of the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬were. They loved               You are pleased.
     death in the path of Allah so Allah gave them victory in this world. Therefore
     the love of martyrdom in the path of Allah, even though it is a great achieve-        The anşārī said: Āmīn.
     ment in itself, is also a gate towards victory in this life, because who can face a
     people who love death like others who love life?
                                                                                           3 Narrated by al-Bukhari.
   was in the North when we heard         the director of security in Mudiah.        ing al-Baham. Immediately after,
   that the army of the murtadīn          The speeches that this murtad would        people from his tribe and the tribe
   wanted to attack the places that       make were unlike the rest of the           of the Governor of Abyan, Ali May-
the brothers in the South were con-       murtadīn. He used to talk about mu-        sari, went to the house of one of
trolling.                                 jahidin in horrible ways. I remember       the brothers and told him to come
                                          one time he said, “I will arrest all the   out and give himself up. We sent a
The Amir decided for me to go to          al Qaeda guys and put them in a plas-      message to the brother to never give
the South so that I could participate     tic bag and send them to Sana'a.” He       up and sent a group of brothers in
in defending the blessed state of         also started to recruit the tribe's men    his defense. When they reached the
Abyan. We started our journey from        to be as spies towards the Muslims         scene, they couldn’t find a way to
the North all the way to the South,       for the sake of the Americans and the      enter the neighborhood because of
and after a long exhaustive journey,      hypocrite Government of Ali Abdul-         the surrounding tribes who wanted
we finally reached safely. The broth-     lah Saleh.                                 to kill him were in every street corner.
ers there welcomed us nicely and                                                     Then the brothers decided to sac-
took us to the guest house. They          With that said, the Southern Seces-        rifice themselves for their brother’s
slaughtered for us goats and we had       sionist Movement held a demonstra-         sake. The brothers started shooting
a good lunch with the brothers.           tion against the government of Ali         bullets in the air as a warning to the
                                          Abdullah Saleh near Mudiah. When           tribes. None of them resisted and
On the next day, the leaders of Abyan     they heard that al-Baham was in the        proceeded to comply with the mu-
came to us informing us of the situa-     town of Mudiah, a group of them            jahidin’s demand. Most of the tribal
tion there and also to plan how we're     came out but by that time, al-Baham        members left the neighborhood and
going to face the coming murtadīn         was on one of the main streets of          the mujahidun were able to take the
army. We started to plan our guerilla     Mudiah to stop their demonstrations.       brother out.
war. We divided the brothers into         Four of our brothers were dispatched
groups such as gathering informa-         to assassinate him amidst the crowd.       Then Ali Maysari left Zinjibar with
tion, reconnaissance, ambushes,           When they saw his face, they started       a somewhat sizeable motorcade of
assassinations, reinforcement and         to shout him down even though he           about 10 military vehicles. When
so on. When everything was ready,         had his own soldiers and staff with        we heard that, we started to set an
we heard that the enemy wanted to         him. Our strategy was to take away         ambush on the road that enters Mu-
enter Mudiah where at that time the       the attention from the actual assas-       diah. When they entered our place
mujahidun were controlling.               sin of the group. Alĥamdullilāh, the       of ambush, the mujahidin clamped
                                          first bullets hit his head and he went     down on them. They hardly resisted
{But they plan, and Allah plans.          down. Afterwards, all of his soldiers      and fled back to the place they came
And Allah is the best of planners}        fled and our four brothers safely left     from. We were able to capture a lot of
[8: 30]. We attacked them before they     the vicinity.                              money, two military pick-ups, three
arrived. The Battalion of Assassina-                                                 dashika’s and lots of ammunition. We
tions started to target their important   Within a few minutes, the news             burned three military vehicles. On
leaders and our brothers succeeded        reached everyone in the town that          our side we didn’t have any shuhada’
in killing Colonel al-Baham, who was      the mujahidun succeeded in kill-           nor any injuries, but these enemies of
     Allah had huge losses.                    any injuries nor shuhada' except the        was and he replied, “The house got
                                               brother who did the martyrdom               destroyed! The house got destroyed!”
     The murtadīn didn’t come out the fol-     operation.                                  He didn’t hear my question since all
     lowing Friday because they thought                                                    what was on his mind was the house.
     we wouldn’t be there. But when            We went to one of the brothers'             That would have been our ticket to
     they received news of our strength,       homes where we wanted to relax              martyrdom had we stayed the night
     they tried to enter again on Saturday     that night. Then one of the brothers        in the house, but Allah wanted us
     while the mujahidin waited for them       advised us not sleep in that house          to carry on the fight to defend haqq
     in the same places that they gave les-    because, “as we know, the enemy of          against bāţil.
     sons to them before.                      Allah had huge losses and they might
                                               take revenge by bombing the mu-             Alĥamdullilāh, I was able to find the
     This time they came out in huge           jahidin homes." We agreed and left          dashika after some time. I wanted to
     numbers with tanks, hummers and           the house that night and slept a few        shoot the plane when it got close,
     jets. But we placed our trust in Allah    kilometers from it out in the open.         but one of the brothers told me not
     and didn't fear their numbers as we                                                   to since shooting it would give away
     knew that Allah would give victory        The night was cold and there were           our position. I agreed and waited. We
     to the mujahidin. Our numbers were        a lot of mosquitoes in the area. We         watched as it targeted other areas,
     less than twenty. After a few hours,      didn't have any sleeping bags or            firing seven missiles and then finally
     they entered the place of ambush          mats and slept on the hard ground.          leaving. Then the American spy plane
     and the battle started. We targeted       We prayed fajr and afterwards some          hovered the skies. We noticed – and
     the hummers and non-bullet proof          of the brothers stayed awake and            they probably noticed as well – that
     cars. The brothers were shooting          some slept. I was sleeping under a          they missed all of the targets and
     RPG’s at the tanks, but they kept         tree until I was awoken by the sound        instead ended up killing an old man
     bringing forward more tanks. Si-          of a jet flying over us and firing a mis-   and injuring two sisters who were
     multaneously, the jets above were         sile in the distance. I quickly scanned     inside a house close by.
     bombarding us at every opportunity.       the area around me and I noticed
     However, alĥamdullilāh, the jets          that there were no mujahidin. I             In the afternoon, a jet arrived to de-
     above actually ended up bombard-          thought I was left alone in that place.     stroy one of the mujahidin’s houses
     ing their own army since they were        I stood up and heard a voice from           and fired ten missiles at it. Yet, by the
     close to us. After a while of fighting,   one of the brothers telling me to lie       qadr of Allah, it didn't hit the target!
     we retreated. Then one of the mujahi-     down. I asked him if I could shoot the
     din from the Battalion of Istishādiyīn    plane, as it was my responsibility to       Overall, what I’ve learned from these
     was sent forward to blow them up.         use the dashika. He approved, and           battles is that the Yemeni soldier,
     Mashā’Allāh it was a very power-          I went looking for it. Unfortunately,       whom I used to think they knew how
     ful explosion that had devastating        I had forgotten the place of the            to fight well, are actually chickens
     results for the apostates.                dashika vehicle since we had came           and the only thing they know how to
                                               to the place at night. On my way for        do well is run from the mujahidin and
     As a result of the long battle, they      the search of the dashika vehicle,          tell lies to the Americans that they
     had huge losses in men and wealth         one of the anşār appeared in front of       captured so-and-so or killed so-and-
     while the mujahidin didn't have           me. I asked him where the dashikha          so. I ask Allah to grant us victory.

 That would have been our ticket to martyrdom had
 we stayed the night in the house, but Allah wanted
 us to carry on the fight to defend ĥaqq against bāţil.

The miliTary Theory of The Global           the strategic goal for the Resistance     command in the region, such as what
islamic resisTance call                     project.                                  happened when the Yemeni Army
                                                                                      raided the positions and military
The military theory of the Resistance       This is a summary of the military         bases of the mujahidin in the Hatat
Call is based upon applying two             theory which I already developed          mountains and other [places] there…
forms of jihad:                             into its final forms and recorded in a    And what happened during the Paki-
                                            lecture series in the summer of 2000.     stani Army's siege of and repeated
1. The Individual Terrorism Jihad           However, the front confrontations         storming of the areas of some of the
(jihād al-irhāb al-farđī) and secret op-    happened after that, between us and       Arab mujahidin and those who sup-
erational activity of small units totally   the American forces in the battles of     ported them in the tribal areas in the
separated from each other.                  the downfall of the Emirate all over      Sarhad province in North-Western
                                            Afghanistan in December 2001, espe-       Pakistan…
2. Participation in jihad at the Open       cially in the battles in North Afghani-
Fronts wherever the necessary pre-          stan and of Qalal-Jangi in Mazar-e-       And likewise, what happened when
conditions exists.                          Sharif, and the battles of Tora Bora      the Americans destroyed the posi-
                                            and Qandahar… etc. In addition to         tions of some of the mujahidin in
We turn our attention to these facts:       some other battles after that, like the   Iraqi Kurdistan in Khormal, by using
The jihad of individual or cell terror-     battle of Shah-i-Kot, which has the       the strategy of intense air and mis-
ism, using the methods of urban or          American name 'Operation Anacon-          sile bombardment, followed by the
rural guerilla warfare, is fundamental      da', where hundreds were killed, as       advancement of agent forces, sup-
for exhausting the enemy and caus-          well as other confrontations…             ported by American Special Forces,
ing him to collapse and withdraw,           And the high strategic price we paid      towards mujahidin positions…
Allah willing.                              in these confrontations, in spite of      And what happened lately in the
                                            how the American forces and their         persistent battles of Fallujah, let Al-
The Open Front Jihad is fundamental         allies suffered…                          lah enlighten the faces of the city's
for seizing control over land in order                                                mujahidin sons and the faces of the
to liberate it, and establish Islamic       And then, through my continuous           mujahidin everywhere…
law, with the help of Allah.                following and studying of the devel-
                                            opment of the method of military          All of this has confirmed that con-
The Individual Terrorism Jihad and          confrontation and the American per-       fronting the campaigns of American
guerilla warfare conducted by small         formance during the invasion of Iraq      and allied forces in an overt way, ac-
cells, paves the way for the other kind     in March and April 2003. And also         cording to the methods of the Open
(Open Front Jihad), aids and supports       [my studying] of some of the battles      Fronts, and through defending per-
it. Without confrontation in the field      initiated by some of the armies work-     manent positions, is still in its wrong
and seizure of land, however, a state       ing as agents for the administration      time – time will come, Allah willing.
will not emerge for us. And this is         of the American military and security     At present, this is caused by the un-
     imaginable technological superiority        dar in 1998, and second, in Nabatiyya     jihad, which minimizes the effects
     of the hostile forces, especially in the    in Lebanon in 2000, etc. We find that     of American control in areas which
     air, and in their control over space,       all these experiences confirm what        fulfills the requirements of the Open
     and the enormous abilities of taking        we have studied and taught about          Fronts, which I will present, will again
     satellite photos and directing air and      'the principles of guerilla warfare',     make the issue of open confrontation
     missile strikes. And also, the excel-       and that 'defense from permanent          for the purpose of liberating land,
     lent and incomparable abilities of the      positions' at the wrong time is one of    settling on it, and establishing the
     hostile forces for air-borne strikes,       the guerillas' most vulnerable spots.     starting points or seeds for a legal
     reaching so far as to being able to         This is also elaborated upon in the       and political entity for the Islamic
     bring down motorized and artillery          books of the greatest theoreticians       power, a goal that one must pursue
     units and command forces in terms           in military art, for example Mao Tse-     whenever the opportunities arise.
     of strategic numbers anywhere they          Tung, Guevara, Giap and Castro…           Now, let us examine the details of the
     want, and at record speeds.                 and others.                               military theory of the Global Islamic
                                                                                           Resistance Call in the field of [Open]
     If we accompany these important             The conclusion which we have ar-          Fronts, and in the field of guerilla
     and current lessons with the lessons        rived at now, is:                         warfare of individual terrorism. I start
     from our many tragic jihadi expe-                                                     with the Fronts, because it has few
     riences where we used the gue-              That the basic axis of the Resistance's   details, and because we do not need
     rilla warfare method 'defense from          military activity against America and     it so much now. I will only elaborate
     permanent positions', such as what          her allies now, must lie within the       upon the basic method in the current
     happened to us during the jihad             framework of 'light guerilla warfare',    situation, which I think will continue
     in Syria in the 'Battles of Hama—           'civilian terror' and secret methods,     for a long time, unless Allah's mercy
     February 1982', and the battles of          especially on the level of individual     falls upon us so that the balance of
     Tripoli against the forces of the Syrian    operations and small Resistance Units     power is altered.
     government, and during the defense          completely and totally separated
     of Tall al-Za'tar in Beirut, Lebanon,       from each other.                          firsT: open fronT Jihad
     against the Syrian and Lebanese
     agent forces on the ground and              However, along with this I say: Any       While it is possible to perform indi-
     Israeli forces at sea and in the air! And   alteration of the balance of power        vidual jihad anywhere in the Arab
     in Yemen, in the experience of al-Mih-      in favor of the Resistance and the        and Islamic world, even all over the

world, because this is not dependent on certain conditions where it takes place, the Open
Front Jihad is dependent on strategic preconditions that are necessary in order to succeed,
after success has been granted by Allah the Almighty and Supreme.


Geographical preconditions:
These are the preconditions of the territory. It has to be:
1. Spacious in terms of area.
2. Varied, and with long borders.
3. Difficult to siege.
4. Contain partially rough mountainous terrain, forests or similar, which helps in concentrating
enemy troops, and in confronting the forces advancing on the ground. It is best to have tree-
covered mountains.
5. It is also a requirement of the territory that its food and water sources are sufficient in case
of a siege.

Population factors:

They include the presence of a large number of inhabitants whose movements are not pos-
sible to register, especially if they are spread out in populated rural areas, and densely popu-
lated cities. In addition, the youth of this area should be known for its military stubbornness,
fighting ability and persistence, and the fact that sources of weapons are available to them in
that area.

Political factors:

These factors include the presence of a cause in which the local inhabitants can believe, in a
way that is sufficient for making them fight a jihad for its sake. Also, that cause must be able
to mobilize the Islamic Nation behind it, so that the nation will help this people succeed, and
fight a jihad with them, with their spirit and money… and other kinds of support. The most
suitable cause among the causes that instigate resistance is foreign aggression, and an abun-
dance of religious, political, economic and social reasons for revolution and jihad. This is called
'revolutionary climate' in books about guerilla warfare, and in our literature we will term it
'jihadi climate'.

According to these requirements, we may benefit from a study of these factors in the three
main examples of Open Front Jihad that took place in the past:

In Afghanistan, in Chechnya, and in Bosnia. This is outlined in the following simple table:

     So, if we examine the countries of the     Islamic world's regions for confron-       dance of weapons and necessary
     Islamic world and its regions accord-      tation on Open Fronts: The most            resources. It is difficult to besiege be-
     ing to their political divisions, from     suitable, according to the abundance       cause of its many and varied borders.
     the angle of these strategic precon-       of factors, if we treat them as regions,   The Arab and Berber inhabitants are
     ditions, we will find that the regions     and not political entities, are:           historically known for their strength,
     and countries in which these pre-                                                     courage and fighting skills. There are
     conditions are present, especially the     a. Afghanistan: Its factors have al-       large sources of arms in the region,
     geographical and population ones,          ready been pointed out.                    provided from Central and Western
     are mostly weak, and are created arti-                                                Africa, and its sea connection to Eu-
     ficially in the most cunning way.          b. The Countries in Central Asia and       rope provides the region with many
                                                vicinities that lie behind the river: It   favorable preconditions. Say nothing
     Regarding the cause, if it does not        is a large area, close to 5 million km2,   of that, in North Africa, and especially
     provide a feeling of commitment to         and it contains close to 50 million        in Morocco, the situation means
     the Islamic Nation as a whole, the         Muslims. All the factors required for      that most of the pre-conditions for
     cause is weak. Regarding the revolu-       Open Fronts are present, especially        a jihadi—revolutionary climate are
     tionary climate caused by religious,       with the continued Soviet occupa-          present. Furthermore, the presence
     social, or economic motives for mak-       tion in some of the [area], and the        of economic occupation and Western
     ing revolution against the evilness of     semi-overt infiltration of American        and Jewish control provides a golden
     the rulers and their collaborators, this   occupation in the remaining area, in       key for releasing the spark of jihad.
     revolutionary fire was extinguished        form of a modern colonization the
     by the sultans' clerics and the lead-      American way. I have already written       e. The Levant and Iraq: They com-
     ers' propagandists. Everywhere, they       a study with the title, 'The Muslims       prise a whole, continuous region with
     inoculated the Islamic Nation's mind       in Central Asia', which dealt with this    a total area of more than 700,000
     that 'the one who does not govern          matter in detail.                          km2. It has all the preconditions
     by what Allah sent down… those                                                        for the Open Fronts, especially the
     are the devoted ones!'1 And that 'the      c. Yemen and the Arabian Penin-            mountainous regions in Northern
     one who befriends the enemies, he is       sula: It is a vast area, which in total    and Western Iraq, Northern and West-
     one of us, our ruler, and crown of our     exceeds 2.5 million km2… The total         ern Syria, and in most of Lebanon,
     head'!!                                    number of people is about 45 mil-          and also in the mountains East and
                                                lion. Its essential stronghold suitable    North of the Jordan River… The total
     Therefore, we must search for the          for open confrontation is Yemen: It        number of people in the region also
     keys to revolution, resistance, and        contains the religious and economic        exceeds 60 million.
     jihad under the slogan that fighting       strategic factors, and the location is
     today's American-Zionist invasion          well known… I have previously also         The now emerging American occupa-
     is for the entire Islamic Nation. One      written a study on jihad in the Arab       tion has declared its determination
     must take into consideration the           Peninsula, and its fundamental pillar      to remain on a long-term basis. They
     fact that the sultans' clerics and the     is Yemen. It is not necessary to speak     also prepare to extend their aggres-
     media will only fall in line with their    at length about this here.2                sion to Syria in order to control the
     rulers and their master, America, and                                                 whole Levant. After the Jews occu-
     oppose this call. This is what is hap-     d. Morocco and North Africa: It is         pied Syria, the Christians took control
     pening today.                              also a huge area, with open land bor-      over Lebanon, and America seized
                                                ders, long coasts, many mountains          control over Jordan in all of its affairs.
     Regarding the suitability of the           and natural fortresses, and an abun-       There is an abundance of weapons
                                                                                           and equipment in the region, and it
     1 In reference to the verse, {And who-     2 See the letter, 'The Responsibility of   also has varied borders, coasts, and
     soever does not judge by what Allah        the people of Yemen towards the Holy
                                                                                           passes. Israel creates a motive for a
     has revealed, such are the disbeliev-      Places of Muslims and their wealth' by
     ers} [5: 44]                               the author.
                                                                                           global Islamic cause, and the Ameri-

can occupation adds a revolutionary       In most Arab and Islamic countries,           Islam and the nationality of Islam.
dimension, which is an excellent key      with their current political divisions        This requires a long time, only Allah
to jihad…                                 and entities, the preconditions for           knows.
                                          Open Fronts are not present. In most
There are other similar regions as        cases, they are arenas suitable for In-       This was a short and general descrip-
well, in which there are many suitable    dividual Terrorism Jihad, small units,        tion of Open Front Jihad. I will speak
preconditions for open confronta-         and secret guerilla warfare, as a result      and instruct more about this later…
tions, such as Turkey. It is one of the   of the dense presence of different            Indeed, it is very important for those
most suitable countries for jihadi        American and allied interests, and            who refuse to carry the banner of
guerilla warfare, because all the fac-    of Western and Zionist hegemonic              jihad, that they understand their
tors are present. Likewise, and even      projects.                                     reality, the Muslims' reality, and the
more so, with Pakistan,3 and some                                                       preconditions of the current Ameri-
regions on the African continent and      Those mujahidin who want to con-              can era, before Allah removes their
other similar [regions]… However,         tribute in open confrontations, must          country and disperses them…
the great majority of Islamic states      head for wherever the Fronts open
and entities, which compromise            up whenever they open. They must              There is American tyranny and des-
more than 55 states, are not at all       operate under the field leadership's          potism in every field; the economic,
suitable for open confrontation, due      command, as long as it fulfills the           military, human and political. It is
to the absence of all or some of the      minimum criteria of being a legiti-           impossible and of no use to ignore
suitable conditions.                      mate banner and legitimate jihad              this… Since the September 11th
                                          under the slogan of universal Islam           events, we have examples that give
Here, one must pay attention to the       and as long as it is in accordance with       clear instructions… All of them point
political cause, which will be the        the principles of the Resistance, its         to the fact that one must consider
cause of struggle and mobilization        ideology and jihadi doctrine.                 the matter thoroughly before even
for the confrontation. As explained,                                                    thinking about confronting this
this cause should be driving the          When the jihad on one of those                tyrannical power on an Open Front.
American occupation out of the re-        fronts leads to victory for the Mus-          As long as the preconditions remain
gion, fighting the Jews, removing the     lims, that [front] will be the center         as they are, the most suitable method
idolaters from the Arab Peninsula, oil    of an Islamic Emirate, which should           for the time being is to operate
and resources, the American hege-         be ruled by Allah's shari’ah. It will be      through secret resistance according
mony, and the injustices and afflic-      a center and a destination for those          to the principles of urban or rural
tion caused by the occupation and its     around it emigrating to fight jihad           guerilla warfare, suitable for the cur-
allies in the region.                     in the cause of Allah. The leadership         rent conditions. This implies that one
                                          and the Emirate will be for all people        has to rely on Individual Terrorism
How to participate in the Resistance      of that country. There will be certain        Jihad and activity by small units. This
in Open Front Jihad:                      inherited social traditions there,            is what we will explain in the remain-
                                          and it is of no use violating them or         ing part of this section, Allah will-
3 See 'Musharraf's Pakistan – The Prob-   pretending to forget the traces of            ing, which comprises the following
lem, the Solution and the Necessary       the past, until the Muslim society            paragraphs.
Obligation', by the author.               emerges which is built upon the of

                                              In the next edition of The Jihadi Experiences, Abu Mus'ab al-Suri begins an in-
                                              depth study on individual jihad, the crux of his military theory. He starts it off by
                                              looking at the word 'terrorism'. He writes, "In the CIA, there is a special depart-
                                              ment for that (i.e. assassinations)! So I do not know why they forbid us from do-
                                              ing this? Then, the riffraff and hypocrites among our clerics, may Allah kill them,
                                              agree with them on this falsehood?!"

             HICHEVER land of jihad you decide to
             travel to today, the AK will be the standard
             weapon of choice amongst the mujahidin.
             Thus it is imperative to know how to use the
weapon. In this series, we will prepare you on the basics
of the AK, the weapons capabilities, how to open the
weapon and clean it, shooting positions, the types of
bullets and the add-ons.
                                                                              FIGURE 1.0:
For those who are unfamiliar with the weapon, may                             This chart will
think that it is one type; that is not true. You will find                    help you find
more than 20 different brands. The Kalashnikov is
                                                                              the maker
made in different countries; this gives the weapon a
few variations. Some of the countries that manufacture                        of your gun
the weapon are Russia, former East Germany, Romania,                          and help
China, Poland, Bulgaria, Iran and Egypt. The Russian                          you further
version is considered to be the most durable of the                           determine the
different brands and the East German one would be                             best choice
after that.

Let’s say you are at the arms dealer and see all these
different types of Kalashnikov’s. You pick up one of
them to see where it originates from but don’t see the
countries name etched anywhere on the rifle. Eventually
you realize that none of them have their country names
etched on the Kalashnikov. So how do you tell which
one is which?

If you look at the side of the rifle carefully, usually in the
middle, you will find some sort of logo. That logo will tell
you where that gun is coming from. Figure 1.0 will help
you identify the rifle’s origin and Figure 1.1 will show
you where to look.

We won’t be going into the details of each rifle as that         FIGURE 1.0
would prolong the series, so we will leave that up to the
individual to do research on.

                                    FIGURE 1.1
42                    FIGURE 1.1: The writing above is
                      where you will find the information
Now, we would like to talk about the gun itself, and study a few diagrams of the weapon.
Figure 1.2 points out the following:

                     FIGURE 1.2                                                              FIGURE 1.3

1 Barrel – the bullet is shot through here.
2 Muzzle – from where the bullet exits; a variety of add-ons are available to attach here that would either suppress
  the flash from the bullet or silence the sound of the bullet.
3 Front Sight Post – Adjustable for Front Sights.
4 Rear Sight – Contains a scale for elevation from 1 to 8 on most of the rifles and 1 to 10 on some others. 1 stands for
100 meters.
5 Cartridge Magazine – Supplies ammunition to weapon.
6 Magazine Catch Button – Releases Cartridge Magazine when pushed.
7 Trigger – Controls the firing of the weapon.
8 Base – Lifting this will reveal the inside of the weapon.
9 Lower Receiver – Opens Base when pushed.
10 Rod – a thin rod that can be used for a variety of purposes such as cleaning the barrel, and releasing hatches.
11 Lower Guard – Section of rifle to grip when firing.
12 Hand Guard Hatch – Keeps Upper and Lower Guards in place.

Figure 1.3 shows additional parts to look at:

13   Safety Lever – There are 3 levels to choose from in this order (top to bottom): safety, automatic, and single shot.
14   Shoulder Gun Stock Assembly
15   Sling Ring – This is where the shoulder carrying sling is hooked.
16   Charging Handling Assembly – Cocks the weapon when preparing to fire.

                                            In the next edition of Training with the AK, we will take a look at
                                            how to open the weapon for cleaning and put it back together.

                                     E GET A LOT of e-mail's from Muslims all around the world asking: 'how can I
                                     help you guys? What can I do to help the cause of Allah?' Due to that, we have
                                     decided to dedicate an article to this subject so that one's ajr (reward) for help-
                            ing the mujahidin is multiplied swiftly, In Shā' Allāh.

                            The intention of the believer must be correct. It is to gain the pleasure of Allah and not to
                            seek any praise from the people. The believer should intend that with his actions it will
                            help - whether large or small - in fighting the enemies of Allah: {O Prophet, fight against
 COPY YOUR PUBLIC KEY       the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell,
                            and wretched is the destination} [9: 73].
 We have found out
 that for many people,
                            As a point of notice, don't ask us for permission to send something. Just send it. Due to
 sending their public
 key as an e-mail at-       security reasons, we do not log on to the net frequently. The point is to say whatever you
 tachment most of the       want to say in a single e-mail.
 time doesn't end up
 importing into the Asrar   Before we get into the specific work that can be done to help us, it's important to high-
 al-Mujahideen program.     light a few preferences that we have:
 We strongly recom-
 mend everyone to copy      - Send attachments in the e-mail whether the file format is PDF, JPEG, and DOC etc.
 and paste their public     - Or paste the item in the context of the e-mail.
 key to us in the actual
                            - Be wary of sending large files. If the size is large, try breaking up that file into different
 content of the e-mail.
                            parts or compressing it with any available program.

                            Let's now look at some of the things one can help the mujahidin in within the confines of
                            the media sector.

                            1. Archiving

                            One of the best ways to communicate large amounts of data to us is to archive that into
                            a PDF or DOC file. We are typically looking for archives on events related to international
                            jihad, events here in Yemen, and jihadi’s in the West that make the news. So for example,
                            collect reports and analysis on a topic, let's say Taimour Abdaly, gather all the HTML or
                            MHT files together or compile it into a PDF or DOC file.

                            Here is a small list of categories that you can archive:

                            - News events
                            - Political and Economic Analysis
- Anything useful from Wikileaks
- Discussions or articles on jihadi forums (or any forum as a matter of fact)
- Useful books whether it be in the field of Islam, Politics, Economics, Military, Technol-
ogy, Medicine, Engineering, Sciences and so on

2. Hear the world

As you know, our Hear the world section is dedicated to interesting quotes that were
made in recent. We are looking for quotes specifically related to major political events
that are related to the mujahidin or anything in general that fall under political. Humor     WHY QUOTES?
is a plus. Make sure to include an image of the person associated with the quote.
                                                                                              Appropriate quotes
                                                                                              help expand the under-
3. Your articles                                                                              standing of people on
                                                                                              various issues related to
This magazine is for the ummah. We want the ummah to participate in this and share            the jihad and mujahi-
the great ajr that is involved. We are always open to article submissions.                    din from perspectives
                                                                                              they never thought of
We keep a few rules when it comes to writing articles:                                        before.
a) Professionalism. Sentence structure, grammar use, spelling and so on should be pol-
b) Relevancy. The topic should be relevant to our times.
c) Usefulness. No matter what the topic, there should be something within it that con-
veys something helpful, constructive or thought-provoking to the Muslims and general
readership. In other words, avoid bland topics and writing.

To see what type of articles we are interested in, see the Archiving section aforemen-
tioned. In addition to that, advice to the Muslims in the West is always productive.

4. News Flash

The News Flash is another regular section we devote to the magazine. These are events
that are of major significance of recent. Include a good quality image of the event as
                                well as a short comment that summarizes the event, and your remarks on it.

                                5. Graphics

                                We are always open to images related to modern and historical occurrences. The image
                                should be of good quality.

                                As for those of you who are skilled in making graphics using special programs, please
                                send us a few examples of your work so that we can decide how you might be helpful.
                                One thing you can immediately get to work on is creating advertisements for the maga-
     Take some time out to      zine. The purpose is to create an ad that is relevant to the theme. For example, in our
     think how to create an     magazine we have ads related to the theme of 'Come to Jihad'. These types of ads use
     ad that is eye catching    special graphics to convey the importance of partaking in jihad. Another type we have
     and deep in meaning.
                                is called 'A Cold Diss'. These are clean and convey a straightforward meaning with little
                                words to discredit the enemies of Allah with a touch of humor.

                                You can either create an ad for one of these themes or create your own theme. The theme
                                should be compelling through the use of words and the types of graphics displayed. If
                                you decide to go this route, make sure that you will be able to contribute to this type of ad
                                in every magazine issue.

                                6. Translations

                                If you are able to translate from Arabic to English, please send us a sample of one of your
                                translated works. Include the Arabic along with the translation. From there we will decide
                                on what you can translate for us.
                                Finally, take care of your security and cover all of your tracks when staying in touch with
     When creating your ad,     us.
     keep in mind that we
     use 8.5 x 11 inches with                                   {So flee to Allah!} [51: 50].
     a resolution of 300 and
     if you wish, save the
     file in a compressed TIF

     1. Because they followed the path of jihad

     I chose al Qaeda because they are on the manhaj of jihad and jihad is a means
     provided for the elevation of humiliation and returning the Islamic nation’s honor.
     As you know, the Islamic nation is in a stage of weakness, and there are differences
     amongst the Islamic movements in the manner of arriving to a recovery of the khilāfah.
     So from them are:
     •	 From them are those who see that they should work through an Islamic party.
         They practice da’wah within the boundaries of the law, and they refuse the idea of
     •	 From them are those who see the rulers of today as legitimate rulers in everything
         – even though they are against the path of truth and are disbelievers – and they
         believe that they should listen and obey them.
     •	 From them are those who focus on tarbiyah.
     •	 From them are those who see that they should work through institutions of da’wah
         and the likes.

     As for the movement of al Qaeda, they see the way out (of our plight) as jihad in the
     path of Allah. This is the legitimate path which the texts support as the Messenger
     of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬said: “If you take part in transactions,1 and follow the tails of cows, and are
     satisfied with farming, and leave jihad, Allah will place a humiliation upon you which will
     not be uplifted until you return back to your religion.”2 Thus, jihad is a medicine just as
     Allah, the Exalted, says: {Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will
     disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts [i.e., desires]
     of a believing people. And remove the fury in their [i.e., the believers’] hearts. And
     Allah turns in forgiveness to whom He wills; and Allah is Knowing and Wise} [9: 14-
     15]. And Allah, Glorified and Exalted, says: {And fight them until there is no fitnah
     and [until] the religion [i.e., worship], all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease – then
     indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do} [8: 39].

     For them (al Qaeda), jihad includes fighting the apostates who are within us. The
     Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬said: “And do not quarrel with the leaders of your people, unless if
     you see clear disbelief (kufr bawāĥ) in them with the proof of Allah.”3

     1 The word here is 'aynah. It is a type of transaction that includes ribā (interest).
     2 Narrated by Abu Dawud; the chain is ĥassan.
48   3 Narrated by Bukhari & Muslim.
Therefore we do not need interpretation and theorizations to find ourselves
a remedy, and all what we need to do is to follow the path of jihad and the
humiliation is elevated from the Islamic nation.

Just as you know – may Allah have mercy upon you – that man made laws
are disbelief. Allah, Glorified and Exalted, says: {And fight them until there
is no fitnah and [until] the religion [i.e., worship], all of it, is for Allah} [8:
39]. Today, the religion is not all for Allah. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:
“So if there (in the law of the land) was some from the religion of Allah and
some from other than Allah’s religion, it becomes necessary to fight until the
religion is all for Allah.”4

So O brother of Islam: do you love those that show up on top of the
American tanks in Afghanistan amongst the Islamic people? Or do you love
those that permit the call to the Iraqi’s to leave jihad for the voting booth?

We cannot equate those who do not rule with the rule of Allah in its entirety
with the one who misses the rule of Allah in a specific situation, and thus we
cannot equate the ruler of today who replaced shari’ah law and have their
loyalty to the Jews and Christians and waged war against Islam with the
rulers of Bani Umayyah. And wasn’t it Bani Abbas who ruled with shari’ah,
and mobilized their armies to jihad in the path of Allah even though they
transgressed against the rule of Allah in some cases?

So al Qaeda conducts itself within the manhaj of jihad. From this conducting
of the manhaj of jihad, they are not harmed by the renouncers nor from
those that contradict them. If you are in any doubts then leave these doubts
and stand by this verse, contemplate its meaning, follow it and honor it.
Leave aside the opinions of men even if they adorn their words. Allah, the
Glorified and Exalted, says: {So fight, [O Muhammad], in the cause of
Allah; you are not held responsible except for yourself. And encourage the
believers [to join you] that perhaps Allah will restrain the [military] might
of those who disbelieve. And Allah is greater in might and stronger in
[exemplary] punishment} [4: 84].

If there are those who say: We will fight if the fighting is useful for us and it
refrains the might of the disbelievers. But if it doesn’t halt the might of the
disbelievers, then we will not fight.

We say: Who is it that will determine that fighting today will stop the might
of those who disbelieve?

The answer: They are the mujahidun since they are the ones who are
informed about the reality of the battle. This stands in contrary to those who
estimate the strength of the enemy but they have not entered the battle
themselves and rather, might be deceived by the strength of the enemy that
is projected through the media. Upon the ‘ulema is consultation with the
mujahidin in this injunction because they are the people of concern here.
Whenever the ‘ulema speak on issues pertaining to medicine for example,
they consult with the people of that specialization. Likewise they should
consult the mujahidin in jihad. The reality today proves that the mujahidin
are right in their estimation of the enemy. We see them victorious in
Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and we see the strength of disbelief being
defeated, and to Allah alone belongs the grace.
4 Al-Fatāwā al-Kubrā (5/534).
     2. Because they are not harmed by those who let them down

     “There will never cease to be a group from my ummah who will be on the truth. They are not
     harmed by those who let them down until the command of Allah comes and they are like that.”5

     So look – may Allah have mercy upon you – is this ĥadīth applicable to those who confront
     the disbelief of the Jews, Christians and Apostates; and declares barā’ah (disavowal) from
     them and who put between themselves and the enemy the sword, killing from them and
     being killed?

     Is this ĥadīth applicable to those who stand up for jihad when they see the mosques
     collapsing, copies of Qur’an torn, honor violated, the disbelieving Westerners and Rāfidha
     (shi’a) treading on our dignity, and they see kufr towering over Islam?

     Is this ĥadīth applicable to those who hear the cries of the women that were abused by the
     Rāfidha and Cross-worshipers who tread on their dignity? And who say: “I swear by Allah!
     As long as we are living, and as long as our eyes are blinking, and as long as our swords are
     unsheathed, we will revenge for their honor.” And follow up with their promises of revenge?

     Is the quality of the victorious group (at-Tā’ifah al-Manşūrah) – that they are not harmed by
     those who let them down until the command of Allah comes – applicable to such? Or is it
     applicable to those who see nothing from the legitimacy of fighting in Iraq, and consider it
     to be fighting for dissention? Are the qualities of the victorious group applicable to those
     who abandon the mujahidin and sit in their homes in the ease of the dunyā? - And they
     are the ones who attack the mujahidin with their sharp tongues? Those that fish for the
     mistakes of the mujahidin and spread them and conceal their good qualities?

     So for you to know who does the ĥadīth apply to, do not look any further than the ĥadīth of
     the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬said, “They are not harmed by those who let them down.” So who
     are the renouncers? Are they those who stand against disbelief, or are they those that sit in
     their homes? The judgment is left to the reader.

     And if you think that the mujahidin are the foremost of the people in the qualities of the
     victorious group, then that is right, for Shaykh al-Islam (Ibn Taymiyyah) said that they are the
     people of jihad in al-Shām during that era.

     And I say to some of the Islamic groups that claim that al Qaeda are wrong: Where are the
     mujahidun that conduct themselves according to your criteria? They will not find any of
     them in any place from the places of jihad. So how can you not do jihad and the Messenger
     of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬told us that jihad is continuous (till Judgment Day)? What will you say? Isn’t it
     time for you to review your stance and change your perception of the mujahidin, who are
     the honor of the ummah, and are the ones whom Allah blessed with following the peak of

     5 Narrated by Muslim.
      ll praise is due to Allah and             ply because that was the source         of your swords.
      peace and blessings on his                of income that Allah destined for
      Messenger Muhammad ‫.ﷺ‬                     his Messenger Muhammad ‫.ﷺ‬               The Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬worked
                                                Working as a mujahid is sunnah.         as a shepherd and then as a busi-
Islam stipulates certain conditions for    •	   Eventually all the enemies of the       nessman before Islam. But after he
taking the wealth of the disbelievers.          Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬and his            received the revelation he gave that
According to our classical scholars,            ummah would be shamed and               up and devoted his entire time to
it becomes permissible to take the              humiliated.                             spreading the message of Islam.
disbelievers wealth for jihad-related                                                   So contrary to what many people
purposes even if one is without an         It is narrated that some of the              believe, Rasūlullāh ‫ ﷺ‬did not work
army or an Imam; and even within           şaĥābah who moved to the land of             after he became a prophet. When he
this there are restrictions. Due to the    al-Sham for jihad began acquiring            made hijrah to Madinah his provi-
unfamiliarity of some on this subject,     farms and cultivating them. These            sions were from the spoils of war.
I felt the need to clarify this.           were fertile lands with an abundance
                                           of water that they were not used to          Some Muslims today might feel un-
The Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬said,             seeing in their native lands of Hijaz.       comfortable consuming money that
“I was sent before the hour with the       When the khalīfah Umar heard that,           was seized by force from the disbe-
sword, and my sustenance is under my       he waited until harvest season and           lievers and would feel that income
spear, and humility and belittlement       right before the şaĥābah started har-        they receive as a salary or from busi-
is the destiny of whoever defies my        vesting their land. He then ordered          ness is a better form of income. That
commands.”1                                that they be burnt to the ground. He         is not true. The best and purest form
                                           then assembled the şaĥābah and               of income is booty. The Messenger of
This great ĥadīth reveals some im-         told them: "Farming is the role of           Allah ‫ ﷺ‬said: "…and the spoils of war
portant aspects about our religion:        the people of book. You should be            are made halal for me…"3
•	 Muhammad ‫ ﷺ‬was sent with                fighting in the cause of Allah."2 Umar
    the sword: The Messenger of Al-        did not want the şaĥābah to be tied          I. Ghanīmah and fai’
    lah ‫ ﷺ‬and the mujahidin after          down to this earth by professions
    him carried the light of Islam to      that would hold them back from               These are the two types of wealth
    humanity by fighting in Allah's        jihad in the path of Allah.                  that are taken from the enemy. Fol-
    cause.                                                                              lowing is the definition of each:
•	 The greatest form of income is          They wanted to be free from restric-
    that of the spoils of war and the      tions that would enslave them like           Ghanīmah is the money taken from
    greatest profession is being a         the rest of humanity. The statement          the disbelievers by force by the
    soldier in the path of Allah. The      of Umar implies that the people who          strength of the mujahidin and in a
    income generated from booty            are attached to this life, the people        way that raises the word of Allah.4
    taken by force from the enemies        of the book, should do this menial
    of Allah is purer and more virtu-      work. But you, the Muslims, should           Fai' is what is taken from the disbe-
    ous than income generated from         seek your provisions by the strength         lievers without fighting.5
    being a businessman, an engi-          2 Taken from the book, "The explanation      3 Narrated by Bukhari.
    neer, a physician, or a farmer, sim-   of the ĥadīth, 'I was sent before the hour   4 Al-Jurjani.
1 Narrated by Ahmad.                       with the sword…'" by Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali.   5 Al-Sharĥ al-Kabīr by al-Maqdisi.
     Rulings of ghanīmah and fai’:              the Muslim world          "Muslims are not bound by the cov-
     After ghanīmah is collected, one fifth
                                                and other parties are
                                                considered to be bāţil
                                                                          enants of citizenship and visa that
     of it is taken away in what is called      (illegitimate).           exist between them and nations of
     "takhmīs" which I would refer to from                                dār al-ĥarb. It is the consensus of
     now on as the "one-fifth rule". The
     rest (80%) is distributed among the
                                                Second: Any nation
                                                that enters into war
                                                                          our scholars that the property of the
     fighters. There is a difference of opin-   with the Muslims, or      disbelievers in dār al-ĥarb is halal for
     ion on how the one-fifth is then dis-      participates in invad-    the Muslims and is a legitimate tar-
     tributed. Some say it should be spent
     on jihad while others say it should be
                                                ing a Muslim land has
                                                by de facto become
                                                                          get for the mujahidin."
     spent on the needs of Muslims while        dār al-ĥarb. Therefore                     Now since the modern form of jihad
     others say a portion of it should be       all of the Western nations that have       is according to the guerrilla style of
     spent on the scholars and judges of        an active participation in the occu-       warfare rather than the conventional
     the Muslim state.                          pation of Afghanistan or Iraq or any       style that existed for the most part of
                                                other Muslim land are considered to        our history, how does this affect the
     As for the money of fai', it belongs to    be dār al-ĥarb.                            rulings of ghanīmah and fai'?
     the Muslim treasury.
                                                The answer to the second question:         Today jihad is more clandestine and
     So the difference between ghanīmah                                                    is performed by underground net-
     and fai' is that four-fifths of the        This is a critical issue and therefore     works. The question that arises is:
     ghanīmah belongs to the mujahidin          would be covered in a separate             Can these networks of mujahidin use
     while none of the fai' belongs to          paper, In Shā’ Allāh. However, my          clandestine methods to appropriate
     them.                                      conclusion on this matter is that Mus-     wealth from the disbelievers in dār al-
                                                lims are not bound by the covenants        ĥarb? And if yes, is it fai’ or ghanīmah
     Can ghanīmah and fai’ be taken from        of citizenship and visa that exist         or neither? Further, how is it distrib-
     the disbelievers in the West today?        between them and nations of dār            uted?
     To answer this question we would                                                      To the credit of our early scholars,
     need to answer the following two           It is the consensus of our scholars        even these issues have been an-
     questions first:                           that the property of the disbelievers      swered by them and are covered in
     1. Are the nations of the West classi-     in dār al-ĥarb is halal for the Mus-       our books of fiqh. So all praise is due
         fied as dār al-ĥarb (land of war) or   lims and is a legitimate target for        to Allah, we do not have to refer to
         dār al-'aĥd (land of covenant)?        the mujahidin. Again this is a matter      many of the present day scholars
     2. If the West is dār al-ĥarb, are the     of consensus so there is no need to        who are either trying to appease the
         Muslims who live there bound by        elaborate further on this point.           apostate governments of the Muslim
         a covenant that prohibits them                                                    world or are trying to appease the
         from harming their countries of        In the encyclopedia of fiqh it states      Jews and the Christians.
         residence?                             that: "The property of the 'people of
                                                war' and their blood is halal for the      If one would research our classical
     The answer to the first question:          Muslims and none of that is protect-       books of fiqh, one would find that
                                                ed. Muslims have the right to take         out of the four madhab’s, the Hanafi
     First of all there is no Islamic leader-   their lives and their belongings by all    School has covered such topics the
     ship authorized to enter into cov-         available means, because they do the       most. This is probably because the
     enants with the nations of disbelief in    same to us. This is an issue of consen-    Hanafi School was the official state
     the present day. This is because the       sus among the scholars."                   madhab for the longest period in our
     governments of the Muslim world                                                       history compared to other schools.
     have lost their legitimacy for many        In the past, Muslim armies would           It therefore covers issues relating
     reasons, among them:                       march into the lands of the disbeliev-     to jihad in more detail because the
     •	 Governance according to man-            ers and would then confiscate their        foreign policy of the Islamic state was
          made laws.                            wealth and distribute it according to      jihad in the path of Allah. I would
     •	 Taking the disbelievers as allies.      the rules of shari’ah: If the wealth was   therefore start by quoting the Hanafi
     •	 Fighting the awliyā' of Allah.          taken after fighting, it is ghanīmah       books of fiqh first:
                                                and if it was taken without fighting it
     Therefore any agreements or trea-          is fai'.                                   The Hanafi position: Al-Natiqi nar-
     tise between the governments of                                                       rates that Imam Abu Hanifah used

 "The reasoning behind comparing booty to hunting and wood gathering is
 because the property which exists in the hands of the disbelievers is not con-
 sidered to be rightfully theirs in our Islamic shari’ah because of their disbelief"
to say: "If an individual enters alone      the one-fifth rule even if they didn’t     into five portions, four of which goes
into dār al-ĥarb and has taken booty        seek permission from the Imam." This       to the ones who seized it. The second
and there are no Muslim soldiers in         is because it is taken by force so it is   opinion is that it is not divided into
that territory then it is not subjected     considered ghanīmah and the Imam           five portions because it was taken
to the one-fifth rule. That is the case     is still obligated to protect them         by means of theft. The first opinion
if they are less than nine men. If they     because if he doesn’t then that will       is the strongest because since the
reach nine then they are considered a       weaken the Muslims, unlike if only         Imam permitted them, then they
"sarīyah" (A combat group)."                one or two persons enter then he is        have taken it under his protection
                                            not obligated to protect them.""           and not by theft." He continues, “If
So according to Imam Abu Hanifah, if                                                   a group who has force enters and
the group is less than nine, what they      Al-Zayghali is considering that what       takes something, it is subjected to
seize is not ghanīmah and therefore         is taken is treated as ghanīmah if the     the one-fifth rule even if they didn’t
they are not obligated to submit one-       individual or group of individuals has     seek permission from the Imam,
fifth6 of it to the Muslim authorities.     a force to protect them. This is not       because the group has strength and
                                            the case today with the mujahidin          therefore what is taken by them is
In al-Hidāyah by Imam al-Mirghanani         since there is no Imam or Islamic          considered ghanīmah. But if they are
it states: "If one or two individuals       authority to offer them protection.        a group who doesn’t have a protec-
enter dār al-ĥarb without the per-          Similar statements are made in other       tion force and they enter without the
mission of the Imam and they take           Hanafi references of fiqh such as "al-     permission of the Imam then what
something, then it is not subjected to      Mabşūt" and "Sharĥ al-Saer al-Kabīr"       they take is not considered ghanīmah
the one-fifth rule."                        both by Imam al-Sarkhasi.                  because ghanīmah is what is taken
                                                                                       by force and these people are similar
Here the author is stating that what-       Therefore the Hanafi School consid-        to thieves because they steal secretly
ever is taken from the land of war          ers that the one-fifth that is taken       and therefore it is not ghanīmah.
by individuals and not by an army is        out from the booty and handed over         Therefore, in this case what each
not subjected to the regular rules of       to the Amir is in exchange of his          individual seizes is for him and no
ghanīmah.                                   protection. If this protection doesn’t     one has a share in it because it is con-
                                            exist then the individuals or group        sidered mubāĥ (permitted) just like
Al-Zayghali in his commentary on            of individuals are not obligated to        hunting or wood gathering."
al-Hidāyah entitled, "Naşb al-rāyah fī      pay anything. So if an individual
takhrīj aĥādīth al-hidāyah" explains        takes wealth from the disbelievers in      Notice here that Imam al-Abbadi
the preceding statement by saying:          the land of war and he does not use        compares this booty to hunting and
                                            force but takes it by means of theft or    wood gathering. This is because wild
"This is because ghanīmah is what is        embezzlement, it is not considered         beasts and timber in the forest are
taken by force and not by means of          ghanīmah according to the Hanafi           not the "rightful property" of anyone.
theft or embezzlement and the rule          School. So then what is it?                The reasoning behind comparing
of one-fifth only applies to ghanīmah.                                                 booty to hunting and wood gather-
Now if this individual or pair of           We find the answer in another Hanafi       ing is because the property which
individuals enter with the permis-          reference, "al-Jawharah al-Nayerah"        exists in the hands of the disbeliev-
sion of the Imam then there are two         by Abu Bakr al-Abbadi who states           ers is not considered to be rightfully
opinions. The most famous is that           in his commentary on al-Hidāyah:           theirs in our Islamic shari’ah because
what they seize is subjected to the         “If one or two individuals enter dār       of their disbelief and when Islam
one-fifth rule because the permission       al-ĥarb without the permission of          does give them the right to own it, it
of the Imam means that he is obli-          the Imam and they take something,          is an exception to the rule such as in
gated to protect them by reinforce-         then it is not subjected to the one-       the case of ahl al-dhimma after they
ments if they are endangered and            fifth rule, because it is not ghanīmah     pay jizyah. This is why our scholars
thus they have a protection force and       since ghanīmah is what is taken by         say that Allah has called booty as
(the author of al-Hidāyah states:) "If      force and not by theft or embezzle-        "fai’" which means "to return", so they
a group who has a force enters and          ment. But if one or two persons enter      say that the property of the disbeliev-
takes something, it is subjected to         with the permission of the Imam            ers that doesn’t belong to them has
6 Note: When scholars talk about the        then there are two opinions. The           "returned" to the believer: its "rightful
one-fifth rule it means that the money is   famous opinion is that it is divided       owner."
classified as ghanīmah.
     In "al-Sear al-Saqhir" (Hanafi) the au-     backfire on the ones who would truly       author narrates the opinion of two
     thor states: “If one, two or three men      want to serve the cause through such       of the most prominent Imam’s of the
     from amongst the Muslims or the ahl         a fatwa.                                   Shafi'i School: Imam al-Ghazali and
     al-dhimmah, who have no protecting                                                     Imam al-Rafi'i. He says: "Al-Ghazali
     force, enter into dār al-ĥarb without       The opinion of the other three             said that if a Muslim steals money
     the permission of the Imam and they         schools of thought: Ibn Hamam in           from the disbelievers then the entire
     take booty and return with it to the        "Fatĥ al-Qadīr" says: “The madhab of       amount becomes his property and
     land of Islam, then all of what they        al-Shafi'i, Malik and the majority of      the one-fifth is not taken from it.
     take is theirs and there is no one-fifth    scholars is that what an individual        Al-Rafi'i adopts the opinion that the
     taken from it.”                             takes by means of theft, it is consid-     thief owns four-fifths of it just like all
                                                 ered ghanīmah.”                            money of ghanīmah."
     The situation of Muslims living today
     in dār al-ĥarb would be similar to the      He then says: “But we and Imam             In "Al-Furū'" by Ibn Muflih (Hanbali):
     above-mentioned case. The Muslims           Ahmad - according to one of two nar-       "If a group or an individual - even if
     have no Imam to seek permission             rations attributed to him - refuse to      the individual is a slave - enter into

     "We as Muslims should seek the wealth of the disbelievers as a form of jihad in the path of Allah.
     That would necessitate that we spend the money on the cause of jihad and not on ourselves."
     from, they have no protecting force,        call it ghanīmah because ghanīmah          dār al-ĥarb without the permission of
     and what they can take would be by          is what is taken by force and not          the Imam, then their booty is fai'."
     means of theft and embezzlement.            through theft or embezzlement. And
     So according to the rules set by the        since what the thief takes is by means     Even though the majority opinion
     Hanafi School, the money seized by          of deception, then this is considered      among the Hanbali school is that
     Muslims who are in dār al-ĥarb can          as a halal form of sustenance just like    what is taken is ghanīmah, the author
     be appropriated in its entirety by          wood gathering or hunting.”                above here mentions another opin-
     themselves.                                                                            ion and that it is fai’. It means that the
                                                 Imam al-Sarkhasi narrates that Imam        entire amount needs to be handed
     However, I would like to note that          al-Shafi'i said: "Ghanīmah is property     over to the Imam to be distributed
     even if a Muslim today is allowed to        that the Muslims seize from the dis-       according to his discretion.
     do that, there are some points that         believers by means of overpowering
     need to be taken into consideration:        them." Imam al-Shafi'i then says: "And     Imam Ibn Taymiyyah states in "Al-
     The Hanafi’s stated that a Muslim is        overpowering them includes using           Fatāwā" that if a Muslim enters dār
     "permitted" to steal money from the         force openly or by deceiving them          al-ĥarb: "and kidnaps disbelievers or
     disbelievers in dār al-ĥarb but they        secretly since the Messenger of Allah      their children, or overpowers them
     didn’t state that there is a reward in      ‫ ﷺ‬said that ‘war is deception’."           in any way, then the souls and the
     doing so. They related that it is similar                                              wealth of the disbelievers are halal
     to hunting or wood gathering. In            Therefore, according to al-Shafi'i,        for the Muslims."
     other words it is similar to making         money that is taken from the disbe-
     a living using other halal methods.         lievers using clandestine methods          II. The issue of ribā in dār al-ĥarb
     However, we as Muslims should               should be considered ghanīmah even
     seek the wealth of the disbelievers         if the use of force is not involved.       Imam al-Kasani from the Hanafi
     as a form of jihad in the path of Al-                                                  School says: "If a Muslim or a dhimmī
     lah. That would necessitate that we         In "Tuhfat al-Muhtaj fi sharĥ al-Minhaj"   enters into dār al-ĥarb with a cov-
     spend the money on the cause of             by Ibn Hajar al-Haytami (Shafi'i),         enant and he enters with a ĥarbī in
     jihad and not on ourselves.                 he states: "Theft from dār al-ĥarb is      a transaction of ribā or another form
                                                 ghanīmah."                                 of illegal transactions in Islam, that
     We do not want such a fatwa to be                                                      is permitted according to Imam Abu
     misused by Muslims who are not              In "Al-Minhaj" by al-Nawawi (Shafi'i),     Hanifah and Muhammad."
     concerned with jihad and are just           he states: "Wealth taken from dār al-
     interested in improving their own           ĥarb by force is ghanīmah, so is what      However, we need to keep in mind
     lot. The result of wide misuse of such      is taken by an individual or a group       that all of the other schools of
     a fatwa would cause authorities to          by means of theft."                        thought have agreed that taking
     restrict Muslims and view them with                                                    ribā from the "people of war" in dār
     suspicion, which would eventually           In "Fatāwā al-Subkī" (Shafi'i) the         al-ĥarb is not permitted for a Muslim.

"The American people who vote for war mongering governments are intent on no
good. Anyone who inflicts harm on them in any form is doing a favor to the ummah."
That is also the opinion of Imam Abu               uted according to the discretion        it is important that the benefits out-
Yusuf from the Hanafi school who                   of the Amir.                            weigh the risks.
states that: "What is not allowed for a
Muslim in dār al-Islām is not allowed          Implications on our present day             For Muslims who are associated
or him in dār al-ĥarb."7                       work: Every Muslim who lives in dār         with groups that work for jihad, we
                                               al-ĥarb should avoid paying any of          recommend that the decision to
III. In Conclusion                             his wealth to the disbelievers wheth-       involve oneself in any illegal activ-
                                               er it be in the form of taxes, duties, or   ity to acquire money from the dis-
From the previous quotes of our                fines. If a Muslim is allowed to de-        believers be taken by the Amir and
early scholars the following can be            ceive the disbelievers to appropriate       the shūrā of the jamā'ah. We say this
deducted:                                      their wealth then he is also allowed        because since there is a liability on
•	 All of our scholars agree on the            to deceive them to avoid paying             the jamā'ah, the decision needs to be
    permissibility of taking away              them his wealth.                            made by the jamā'ah. We also recom-
    the wealth of the disbelievers in                                                      mend that the decision on how to
    dār al-ĥarb whether by means               Even though it is allowed to seize the      spend the money be left to the Amir
    of force or by means of theft or           property of individuals in dār al-ĥarb,     and the shūrā. We need to mention
    deception.                                 we suggest that Muslims avoid tar-          however that if the jamā'ah adopt
•	 Our scholars differ on how wealth           geting citizens of countries where the      the view that what is seized is con-
    taken by means of theft and                public opinion is supportive of some        sidered ghanīmah, then if a percent-
    deception should be divided. The           of the Muslim causes. We therefore          age less than 80% is to be given to
    majority believes it is ghanīmah.          suggest that the following should be        the ones who seized it, that needs
    So one-fifth of it should be paid          targeted:                                   to done with the agreement of the
    to the Amir to be spent on jihad.          •	 Government owned property                participants of the operation because
    Alternatively, the Hanafi’s con-           •	 Banks                                    according to the rules of ghanīmah
    sider it to be a source of income          •	 Global corporations                      they are entitled to the full 80%. The
    that belongs in its entirety to the        •	 Wealth belonging to disbelievers         same is said if the jamā'ah follows the
    ones who seized it. Finally, there             with known animosity towards            Hanafi opinion.
    is a minority opinion that it is fai'          Muslims
    and therefore should be distrib-                                                       It is recommended that Muslims
7 Note: Some Muslims living in the West        In the case of the United States, both      who are not associated with groups
today claim that since it is allowed to        the government and private citizens         that work for jihad and who acquire
take interest from the disbelievers then       should be targeted. America and             wealth from the disbelievers by il-
we are allowed to finance our houses           Americans are the Imam’s of kufr            legal means to donate all that money
through mortgaging. These Muslims              in this day and age. The American           to the cause of jihad unless if they are
have been deceived by Shayţān and the          people who vote for war mongering           in need then they can take from it ac-
misguided scholars. The Hanafi School          governments are intent on no good.          cordingly but not to exceed 80%.
which these scholars quote to support          Anyone who inflicts harm on them            Islamic work cannot depend on vol-
their opinion only allows the Muslim to        in any form is doing a favor to the         unteers. In order to support brothers
"take" interest and not to "pay" it. The
                                               ummah.                                      who are willing to work full-time for
reasoning of the Hanafi's is that taking
                                                                                           Islamic causes, their income can be
interest from the disbelievers is taking
money that is halal for us to start with       Careful consideration should be             taken from wealth seized from the
since their lives and property are halal for   given to the risk vs. Benefit (i.e.,        disbelievers. This should be one of
Muslims. So how can we then use such a         maslaĥa) of any specific operation.         the categories in which appropriated
fatwa to claim that we are allowed to pay      Because of the very negative implica-       money is spent. This is especially
them our money?!                               tions of an operation that is exposed,      important with jihad oriented groups
 "In response to the claim that such fatāwā would "tarnish the image of Muslims in the West," I would say: Since
 when did the West have a good image of Islam and Muslims to start with? The West has always held Islam and
 Muslims in contempt. Just look at Western literature and to the portrayal of Muslims in the Western media."

     because it is the work chosen only             and the Christians will not be           obligation) at most. So anything
     by the best of the best and therefore          pleased with you until you fol-          that supports jihad should take
     there is only a small pool of human            low their way} [2: 120].                 precedence over things that sup-
     resources that exists. So it is impor-    •	   Allah says about His awliyā':            port da’wah.
     tant to have as many brothers as pos-          {They do not fear the blame of
     sible devote their time to the work            the blamers} [5: 54]. Therefore      Dear brothers: Jihad heavily relies on
     rather than spend their prime time             you should not be concerned          money. In Qur’an, the physical jihad
     seeking a living and only giving their         about what the disbelievers          is associated with jihad with one's
     spare time for the work. They should           think of you but you should be       wealth in eight verses. In every verse
     follow the sunnah of the Messenger             concerned about what Allah, His      but one, jihad with wealth preceded
     of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬and live off of ghanīmah.           Messenger ‫ ,ﷺ‬and the believers       the physical jihad. That is because
     This is especially important for broth-        think of you.                        without wealth there can be no jihad.
     ers who are in positions of leadership    •	   The West has been plundering         Our enemies have realized that.
     in their jamā'ah.                              our wealth for centuries. Now        Therefore they are "following the
                                                    is the time for payback. In Shā’     money trail" and are trying to dry up
     Since jihad around the world is in             Allāh, the chickens will come        all the sources of funding "terrorism".
     dire need of financial support, we             home to roost.
     urge our brothers in the West to take                                               Our jihad cannot depend wholly on
     it upon themselves to give this issue     In response to the claim that such        donations made by Muslims. The
     a priority in their plans. Rather than    fatāwā are "not good for da’wah", I       Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬sent many
     the Muslims financing their jihad         say:                                      armies for the sole purpose of raid-
     from their own pockets, they should                                                 ing caravans of the disbelievers. Not
     finance it from the pockets of their      •	   The best thing for da’wah is the     only was jihad financed by booty but
     enemies.                                       sword. And such fatāwā are           also throughout our early history the
                                                    going to support the sword. So       Islamic treasury itself was mostly de-
     In the end I would like to respond to          eventually it is good for da’wah.    pendent on income generated from
     what some weak Muslims might say               When the Messenger of Allah ‫ﷺ‬        jihad. A tax called kharaj was placed
     that such fatāwā would "tarnish the            was giving da’wah in Makkah for      on land opened by Muslims, enslaved
     image of Muslims in the West" and              thirteen years, only a few hun-      POWs would be sold, and the people
     are "not good for the da’wah”.                 dred became Muslim. When he          of the book paid jizyah. All of these
                                                    made hijrah to Madinah, within       sources were generated through ji-
     In response to the claim that such             ten years, over a hundred thou-      had. Zakah and Şadaqah represented
     fatāwā would "tarnish the image of             sand became Muslim. So how           only a small portion of the income of
     Muslims in the West," I would say:             come his da’wah in Madinah           the Muslim government.
                                                    was much more fruitful than
     •	   Since when did the West have a            his da’wah in Makkah? That was       It is about time that we take seri-
          good image of Islam and Mus-              because he was using a superior      ous steps towards securing a strong
          lims to start with? The West has          form of da’wah in Madinah and        financial backing for our work rather
          always held Islam and Muslims in          that is the da’wah of the sword.     than depending on donations.
          contempt. Just look at Western       •	   Jihad today is farđ 'ayn (indi-
          literature and to the portrayal of        vidually obligatory). It therefore   May Allah grant us the high status of
          Muslims in the Western media.             supersedes da’wah in impor-          the mujahidin and forgive us all.
     •	   The only way for them to have a           tance because da’wah is sunnah
          good image of you is to become            mu'akkadah (recommended
          like them. Allah says: {The Jews          act) or farđ kifāyah (communal
                   hen one goes            who He is. There is no example unto
                   through the pages       Him; He is unique in that respect
                                                                                    believed and then worked hard in
                   of the Qur’an – the     as He is above every likeness. He is
                                                                                    this life to tip the scales of righteous-
                   final word of God to    above all human qualities and thus
                                                                                    ness in the next. The wrongdoers –
                   all of mankind – they   He can never tire, be frustrated or
                                                                                    those who disobeyed Allah and His
will find a library of subjects. A lot     die. He is the One that is called upon
                                                                                    commandments – will receive their
of these subjects are told through         when man is on his unstable boat,
                                                                                    book of deeds in their left hands.
                                                                                    They will cry out, {"Oh, I wish I had
stories and events that have occurred      rocking from side-to-side in the vio-
in the past, passing down lessons in       lent tides of the ocean, hoping with
                                                                                    not been given my record! And had
righteousness. Additionally, there are     a full heart to be delivered to land
                                                                                    not known what is my account. I
general lessons in mankind’s behav-        safely. But when Allah delivers such
                                                                                    wish it [i.e., my death] had been the
ior in their relationship towards their    people to safety, some of them con-
                                                                                    decisive one [i.e., the end of life and
Creator. But with a more careful eye,      tinue in their disobedience to Him.
                                                                                    not a gateway to eternal life]. My
one will spot that every subject is        This is the state of man who worships
                                                                                    wealth has not availed me. Gone
under an umbrella theme. This theme        his desires more than he worships
                                                                                    from me is my authority!"} [69: 25-
is the call of the Qur’an. In plain and    his Creator. Allah is so merciful to
simple language, it is what Allah is       such people that He repeatedly gives
calling mankind to.                        them chances to repent, mend their
                                                                                    They will then be flung into the fire.
                                           ways and worship Him the way He
The theme of the Qur’an is not jihad,      has ordained; indeed, everyone is
                                                                                    As has been shown, the ultimate
laws of inheritance, science or any        given this chance until they meet
                                                                                    theme of the Qur’an is worshiping
law based issue. Although these            death. It then only becomes natural
                                                                                    Allah without partners. It implies
subjects are certainly detailed in         for Allah to speak in the Qur’an on
                                                                                    becoming a Muslim, and leading a
the Qur’an, they are only pieces that      the issue of death, saying that no one
                                                                                    righteous life of obedience to Allah.
make up the larger puzzle. The fun-        knows when he or she is going to die.
                                           {Indeed, the death from which you
                                                                                    Nothing more, nothing less. Worship-
damental theme of Qur’an is tawĥīd
                                                                                    ing other than Allah is the greatest
or worshiping Allah without any            flee – indeed, it will meet you. Then
partners. Allah says: {And I did not
                                                                                    weakness that man can possibly
                                           you will be returned to the Knower
                                                                                    fall into. The reality is that Allah, the
create the jinn and mankind except         of the unseen and the witnessed,
                                                                                    All Powerful and All Wise, created
to worship Me} [51: 56]. Every verse       and He will inform you about what
                                                                                    everything. Man has no good reason
in the Qur’an either directly or indi-     you used to do} [62:2].
rectly points in that direction. {And
                                                                                    to worship Jesus, the Buddha, or to
                                                                                    add and subtract partners to Allah;
on the earth are signs for the certain     The Qur’an repeats the theme of
                                                                                    all of these are obstacles between
[in faith], and in yourselves. Then        tawĥīd in the most creative of ways.
                                                                                    themselves and Allah. The heart of
will you not see?} [56: 20-21]. The        Allah doesn’t do it just to amaze the
                                                                                    the true believer feels as connected
message is that Allah is One with-         reader and listener with His incred-
                                                                                    to His Lord as the one who is sailing
out partners. He doesn’t have a son,       ible succinct words, but to also warn
                                                                                    on his ship, facing the brink of death
daughter or any family members. He         them with it, reminding them of the
                                                                                    and destruction, calling upon the
is dependent on none, but everyone         Day of Judgment. The Qur’an speaks
                                                                                    One God and not the millions of gods
and everything in the Universe would       of that day as a day of immense
                                                                                    and goddesses. In times of extreme
collapse if He didn’t support them.        terror. Righteous people will receive
                                                                                    difficulty, man knows his Creator be-
He is above everyone and everything,       their record in their right hands,
                                                                                    cause death surrounds him. It is then
and has the most beautiful and per-        which will lead to their eternal bliss
                                                                                    up to him to either be a traitor or a
fect qualities that help us understand     in Paradise. These are the people who
                                                                                    steadfast believer.


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