3 MLM Success Tips For Fun and Profit by aihaozhe2


									One thing that network marketing can be when done correctly is a lot of fun. It
certainly is more fun when you have a profitable business up and running.

Here are 3 MLM success tips to help you have more fun and increase your bottom

1. Never ask your downline to do something that you would not do yourself. One
mistake many network marketers make is they start to micromanage their downline
once they get a small group going.

The Internet really requires that you develop a system and are constantly retailing
products and sponsoring new distributors. There really is no need for you to get in the
business of managing your downline.

What you should do is make yourself available to them to answer their questions and
help them succeed. However what does happen many times is network marketers
waste a lot of time trying to get their distributors to do things they do not want to do.

Retailing products is a very good example of this. If you expect your downline to sell
products at the retail level you must have a handful of customers that you do the same
thing for yourself.

Utilizing the Internet you can drive customers to your retail website and a certain
percentage of those will buy your product and go on auto ship. This makes retailing
products very hands-off and more fun to do.

2. Be a leader and develop a system that is teachable and duplicatable. This phrase has
been tossed around over the years but there is no excuse for not having a Internet
success system in place for your downline.

This should include a handful of paid and free advertising methods. They should also
be things that you know work because you use them every day yourself.

It is not your fault if your downline does not follow the teaching you give them if you
know it works. However do expect them to spend some money on advertising if they
want to develop their network marketing business faster.

3. Become a heavy user of the product line you represent. This is a sure fire way to
increase the amount of product being purchased on the wholesale level by your

Again using the Internet you can create your own success newsletter and publish it by
email. This is the perfect place to talk about the products you use on a regular basis.
Just by taking this one small step you can increase the amount of product being
purchased. Your group will enjoy the products more and the mlm success of your
group will increase.

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