20 Great Ways to Increase Your Directory Traffic

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					Directory owners know how frequent marketing of their directories is extremely
important for both bringing targeted traffic and boosting sales. But most directory
owners are not using all the possible resources for creating more traffic. I have
compiled the top 20 tips to help make your directory better known to your prospective

1) Accurately produce a detailed description of your directory, using between 20 to 30
words before submitting to directory lists.

2) Resist the temptation to exchange links with websites which have themes very
different from yours.

3) Spend serious time brainstorming to find the most significant keyword phrases for
using in your directory submissions. Then make a list of three to five link titles.

4) Become friends with directory owners so you may request a link exchange.

5) Write articles on directory promotion and be sure to submit them to the top 10
article submission sites.

6) If you can, never make it a requirement for prospective customers to register in
order to submit a link.

7) Make it an option to allow deep links in your directory.

8) At major forums where website promotion is discussed, announce your directory
and its web address.

9) Make it a regular daily habit of joining directory lists.

10) Work on your directory to make it more attractive to website owners.

11) Start a new blog by writing tips that are helpful to directory owners.

12) Resist the temptation to display ad sense or banners on your directory.

13) On a regular basis answer questions on Yahoo answers or forums. Remember to
include your directory in answers.

14) Leave genuine comments on blogs that relate to website promotion; in your
comment include your directory url.

15) If possible, offer a one month featured link for free.
16) Provide practical information at your directory that all website owners would love
to read if they stop by.

17) Submit your directory to major directories such as and

18) Promote your directory as a text ad on newsletters that relate to website

19) Only submit to high quality directories; do not waste your time submitting to
questionable and poorly designed directories.

20) In order to increase your link popularity for ranking higher at the major search
engines, get as many one-way links as possible by submitting to quality directories,
adding the url to your forum signature, etc.

There are other ways to create buzz for your directory. Be creative and have a lot of

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