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					                           PROBATE QUESTIONNAIRE

Harold Bell & Co. have compiled the following questionnaire as a first step in
preparing to obtain a grant of representation. Our experience suggests it is useful to
gather all of this information in one place, whether the personal representatives
choose to instruct us, or obtain a grant on their own.

       If this list seems a bit overwhelming, please remember that there is typically
       no hurry to complete probate (but please note that where Inheritance Tax is
       payable, interest on the tax payable begins to run six months after the date of
       death). We would be happy to work through these questions with you at your

Most of the questions pertain to Inland Revenue forms; others are required by the
Probate Registry. Where a grant of representation is necessary, filing inheritance tax
forms is required even if no inheritance tax is due.

       Please supply originals of all of the requested documents. If you do not have
       an original, please indicate where it is, how we might find it, or whether we
       must obtain a replacement.

Please circle yes or no where indicated. We recommend answering detailed questions
on separate numbered pages, and noting the page numbers for each answer as
indicated. Finally, if you have any questions, or if we may be of any assistance,
please do not hesitate to call any of us here at Harold Bell & Co. on 020 8393 0231.

I.      Preliminaries

1.     Your contact details:

       a.      Person instructing:

       a.      Phone:

       b.      Email:

       c.      Address:

       d.      For the purposes of the oath for the grant of representation, please list
               the names, occupations, and current addresses of all the executors.

NB: Under money laundering regulations, we will need to take a copy of photo
identification (passport, photo driver’s licence) and a recent utility bill or other
indication of the executor(s) current address upon instruction.

2.     Have you obtained a death certificate?

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24200e22-ca31-4f6b-91df-e4ad584025cc.doc                    21.6.01
               (YES) attached – for most estates, we recommend obtaining 8 to 12
                     certified copies to save time.

               (NO) kindly provide contact details for the attending GP, hospital or

3.     Is there a will? (YES) original herewith NB: do not staple or paperclip


4.     What was the deceased’s last known usual address, including postcode?

       a.      Is this address a nursing or residential home?
               (YES: provide former home address) / (NO)

       b.      Is this the same address as on the will? (YES)
               (NO: was the property listed sold, owned by the estate, or other)?

5.     Please give names and addresses of any surviving relatives:

       a.      Spouse

       b.      Children (Please indicate total number surviving: _____ )

       c.      Brother(s) / Sister(s)

       d.      Parents

6.     What is the total number of surviving grandchildren? _____

7.     Residency and domicile:

       a.      Was deceased ordinarily resident and domiciled in England and
               Wales? (YES) (NO: details on attached page ____)

       b.      Was the deceased domiciled outside the UK at the date of death?
               (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

       c.      Has any claim for legal rights been made or discharged in Scotland?
               (NO) (YES: number of children under 18:_____, 18 and over:____)

8.     What was the deceased’s occupation (indicate “retired” as appropriate)?

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24200e22-ca31-4f6b-91df-e4ad584025cc.doc                  21.6.01
9.     What is the deceased’s

       a.      National Insurance Number:

       b.      Income tax district:

       c.      name and address of the deceased’s inspector of taxes:

       d.      If the deceased usually made tax returns, please attach a copy of the
               last known return.

       e.      Income tax reference or self-assessment reference:

10.    Please provide the name and address of the funeral directors below, and ask
       them to forward their account in due course.

       a.      Total of funeral expenses, if known (please attach receipts): £

       b.      Total of refreshments for mourners, if known (ditto):         £_____

       c.      If these accounts have already been paid, please indicate who paid, and
               whether they expect reimbursement from the estate.

       d.      Will there be an account for entry in book of remembrance or other
               memorial, including gravestone & engraving costs, etc.

II.    Assets of the Estate.

1.     GIFTS: In the seven years prior to the date of death did the Deceased make
       any gifts, settlements, or transfers of value of any kind? If so, please provide
       full details. (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

2.     JOINT ACCOUNTS: Did the deceased have any jointly held bank or building
       society accounts, Shares, or any other assets? If so, please give full details
       including the name of the other joint account holder or holders, whether there
       was any fixed proportion of the total amount paid in by each account holder
       and whether there was any fixed arrangement for sharing the interest or
       income from the account. (YES: details on attached, page ____) (NO)

3.     NOMINATED ASSETS: Did the deceased, at any time during their lifetime,
       give written instructions (usually called a “nomination”) that any asset was to
       pass to a particular person on their death – outside of the Will?
       (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

4.     ASSETS HELD IN TRUST: Did the deceased have any right to any benefit
       from any assets held in trust or in a settlement at the date of death?
       (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24200e22-ca31-4f6b-91df-e4ad584025cc.doc                   21.6.01
5.     PENSIONS: If the deceased received one or more pensions, please provide
       details as follows:

       a.      Did any payments made under a pension scheme or an personal
               pension policy continue after the deceased’s death?
               (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

       b.      Was a lump sum payable under a pension policy as a result of death?
               (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

       c.      Did the deceased, within 2 years of the date of death, dispose of any
               of the benefits payable, or make any changes to the benefits to which
               they were entitled under a pension scheme?
               (YES: details attached page ____) (NO)

       d.      Employer Pension: name and address of the payee, amount,
               frequency, and the last receipt slip or where deposited.

       e.      DSS/Old Age Pension: reference, amount, frequency, and last receipt
               slip or where deposited

       f.      Other pension: amount frequency, and last receipt slip or where

6.     STOCKS AND SHARES: Did the deceased own any shares or securities?
       (YES: Please attach a list of all stocks, shares, debentures etc. known to be
       owned by the deceased; attached page ___ . Please supply all original
       Certificates and securities to us). (NO)


       a.      Was the deceased entitled to any life interest, annuity or any other
               interest in any trust or settlement?
               (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

       b.      Did the deceased have an interest in anyone else’s estate which has not
               yet been paid to the deceased?
               (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)

       c.      Are any other outstanding debts due to the deceased?
               (YES: details attached page ____) (NO)

8.     LIFE ASSURANCE: Had the deceased purchased any life insurance?
       (YES: Please forward any available papers relating to any policies of life
       assurance on the deceased’s life or in respect of which the deceased was
       paying the premiums). (NO)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24200e22-ca31-4f6b-91df-e4ad584025cc.doc                   21.6.01

       a.      Please give details of any motor car owned SOLELY by the deceased
               including an estimate of its value. Note: the motor insurers should be
               contacted as soon as possible and advised of the death and if necessary
               asked to continue cover. We will do this on receipt of details unless
               advised otherwise.

       b.      Please give an estimated value of any household goods owned
               SOLELY by the deceased including: pictures, china, linen, books,
               plates, jewels, and boats (list other vehicles separately below). An
               overall figure will do unless any items have special value.

       c.      If deceased owned other items jointly, who was the joint owner(s), and
               what was the overall value of those items?

10.    INTEREST IN ANOTHER ESTATE: Did the deceased have a right to a legacy
       or a share of an estate of someone who died before them, but which they had
       not received before they died?
       (YES: details on attached page ____) (NO)


       a.      Did the deceased OWN (solely OR jointly):

               i.      their own residence: (NO) (YES: details on page ____)

                       1.      was it held jointly? (NO) (YES) If yes, was it held as
                               tenants in common, or as a joint tenancy (if you do not
                               know, please indicate, and we can research the title

                       2.      If there is a mortgage, please indicate the building
                               society or bank, account number and address

                       3.      If the property is unregistered, where are the deeds?

               ii.     other residential property:     (NO)   (YES:   details page ____)
               iii.    farms:                          (NO)   (YES:   details page____)
               iv.     business property:              (NO)   (YES:   details page ____)
               v.      timber and woodland:            (NO)   (YES:   details page ____)
               vi.     other land / buildings:         (NO)   (YES:   details page ____)
               vii.    farming business:               (NO)   (YES:   details page ____)

       b.      With regard to any of the above, were any of these properties let?
               (YES) (NO)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24200e22-ca31-4f6b-91df-e4ad584025cc.doc                       21.6.01
               ii.     and are tenants still in possession? (YES: full details as to the
                       letting, attached page ____) (NO).

               i.      Are any rents due to the deceased’s estate?

       c.      If any house or flat was in the deceased’s name:

               i.      please provide details of any buildings and contents insurance

               ii.     confirm that the property and any contents are adequately
                       insured, and that the insurers have indicated that cover can
                       continue, OR instruct us to deal with the same;


       a.      Was the deceased in employment at the date of death? (YES:
               employers name, address, and pay roll or staff number if known and
               the last pay slip, attached page _____) (NO).

       b.      Please give details of any businesses owned by the deceased or of any
               partnerships in which the deceased was a partner (attached page ____).

13.    FOREIGN & OTHER ASSETS: Please give details of any assets or liabilities
       of the deceased situated anywhere in the world not covered by any of the
       above questions and of any debts owed by the deceased.
       (NONE) (YES: details on attached page ____).

14.    NATIONAL SAVINGS & PREMIUM BONDS: Please forward any original
       papers relating to national savings bank accounts, premium bonds, national
       savings certificates or national savings income bonds, Tessas, ISAs etc. which
       are or may be in the deceased’s name.
       (NONE) (YES: originals and details attached)

15.    BANKS & BUILDING SOCIETIES: Please attach details of all banks and
       building societies at which the deceased is believed to have had accounts and
       please forward any building society passbooks and up to date bank statements.
       (NONE) (YES: originals and details attached).

16.    CASH: Please list sum total and details of any cash held by the deceased, and
       pass to us to retain for dispersal to named beneficiaries.
       (NONE) (YES: please obtain a receipt from Harold Bell & Co.; do not send
       cash by mail).

       a.   Was the deceased a subscriber to a private health plan? (YES) (NO)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24200e22-ca31-4f6b-91df-e4ad584025cc.doc                     21.6.01
       b.      Is any refund due under this plan? (YES) (NO)

III.   Liabilities of the Estate

18.    Please supply last utility bills so that we can advise the companies
       appropriately and obtain a closing account so far as the estate is concerned.

       Even if the house was not in the deceased’s sole name, the utilities need to be
       advised of the death and user/consumer’s name changed to the person
       remaining in the property.

       Alternatively, please provide the names and addresses of the following

       a.      Water

       b.      Gas

       c.      Electric

       d.      Telephone

       e.      Other Services Supplier

19.    Please indicate the Local Authority for the purpose of council tax notification:

20.    Please provide final invoices for all other debts owed by the estate, including
       credit cards, unsecured personal loans, appliance rentals, car payments,
       mortgages and second mortgages not previously listed, etc.

21.    ITEMS REQUIRING SPECIAL ATTENTION: Please add notes on any other
       item, not covered above, that would seem to require attention.

PREPARER’S SIGNATURE: Upon completion, please review and initial each page,
and sign and date this copy.


Again, thank you for your assistance. Of course all details supplied are held in
confidence and subject to your instruction.

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