0_ Credit Cards- Are They For Real- by aihaozhe2


									Judging from afar, seeing a zero percent interest credit card may seem like the best
deal ever. But is this really true? Can you really get a 0% interest credit card these
days with no catch or tricks hidden? Why do some cards offer a 0% interest when
other credit cards ask for interest rates as much as 15% or more? Are 0% credit cards
for real?

A Zero Percent Interest is Not Everything

It is true that there are genuine credit cards that offer zero percent interest but it
doesn't mean that you'll never incur a single charge with all your transactions. First of
all, you need to ask, what particular transaction does the 0% apply?

Perhaps, the 0% interest applies to balances transfers that you moved over from
another card. This means, you can pay off all the charges you transferred from other
cards within the given period without incurring the monthly interest rate. On the other
hand, the 0% interest may also pertain to your purchases which means you can use
your card for shopping, carry over your balances from month to month without
getting charged with additional interest. Take note that the 0% interest offer may
apply to either your balance transfers or purchases alone.

Understand the Restrictions

Some cards generously allow the zero-interest offer for both balance transfers and
purchases but you should verify this condition for sure before signing up for the card.
But be careful. Even if your card offers zero interest on purchases, it may not
necessarily include all types of purchases. The 0% may only be eligible to few
selected products or for purchases made from selected shops only. If you don't really
buy from those shops, then you may not get much benefit from the credit card after

Also, don't forget that the 0% offer will only apply for a limited time. This amazing
0% interest is not a permanent offer. Thus, even if the credit card offers zero interest
on both balance transfers and purchases, it may only be for the first three months or
six months from your membership. After the sixth month, you could be charged with
regular rates and cost which can be higher than other credit cards.

Yes. There are 0% interest credit cards that are real but the better question is, do you
really need one? You can only benefit from a 0% credit card if you know how to use it
to your advantage. If you currently have unpaid balances in one or two of your credit
cards, then a 0% balance transfer credit card may just be what you need. However,
you'll need to look for one that will give you ample time to complete paying off the
balances you transferred over. Thus you can enjoy the 0% interest offer to the fullest
and save a great deal from additional interest charges that you could have incurred
with your current credit cards.
If you want to get a 0% credit card, be vigilant with your search and examine all the
terms and conditions that apply. You'll also want to check on your credit score because
a 0% credit card requires an excellent credit score to be qualified.

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