Zumba- The Latest Fitness Craze

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While fitness crazes are often fleeting, exercise is one of the most important things
people can do for their health. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, only
31% of American adults regularly exercise while 39.5% get no physical activity at all.
An easy way to stay up-to-date on American health statistics is by getting a magazine
subscription to Consumer Reports/Health, Prevention or Health magazine.

Doctors, researchers and other healthcare professionals stress that exercise is a key
component to a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps prevent serious
physical and mental ailments. The benefits of exercise are numerous, from stronger
bones, greater lung power, a healthier heart to a sharper brain and a happier spirit.
This information continues to fail to fully motivate Americans to consistently exercise
as does the many fitness crazes that have swept the U.S. in the last 30+years.

As for Zumba, the latest fitness craze, celebrity fitness trainer Beto Perez developed
the Latin-inspired fitness program in his native country of Colombia, South America
in the mid 1990s. In 1999, after his success in Colombia, Perez brought the class to
the U.S. People magazine reports that singer Shakira is a big fan of the Zumba
exercise program. Other celebrities reported to participate in Zumba are Eva LaRue,
Vivica A. Fox, Stacy Kiebler, Hunter Tylo and former Miss Universe Dayanara

The Zumba program combines Latin rhythms designed to be fun and calorie-burning.
The routines feature interval training sessions with fast and slow rhythms and
resistance training combined to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. Dance
steps incorporated in Zumba routines include salsa, meringue, hip hop, mambo and
flamenco, among many others. Read more about various styles of Latin dance styles
in Dance, Dance Spirit and Dance Teacher magazines.

In addition to Zumba, also gaining popularity, is a modified version of the Zumba
fitness program known as Zumba Gold. Zumba Gold is a dance-focused exercise
program for active older adults. Read magazines like Womens Health, Shape and
Fitness to find out more about which Zumba fitness program is best for your physical

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