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Yamaha R15


									This cool bike is built to enjoy luxury on road, and flaunt it with distinctive class. The
bike is 150 cc huge motorcycles and comes under the "R" series form the Yamaha.
The bike is packed with the latest technology for the suspension, engine and the
transmission so you can get the most refined ride with great control and fuel efficient
performance. The bike is available in vibrant sizzling colors of Yamaha blue, Yamaha
white, sunset red, midnight black and impact yellow, a sight to kill for watchers on the

The red tone is changed slightly and there is a difference in the black and blue shades
too. There are flaps on the red bike now and the yellow bike has white color side flaps.
The Yamaha R 15 is the very first bike for the Indian roads designed for a super sport
look and also featuring a high-level balance to enjoy the ride smoothly and efficiently.
India has now a 150 cc 4 valve engine with forged pistons.

The technical specification

The Yamaha R 15 is the latest sporty bike and comes under the 150 cc bike segment.
The manufacturer has created a perfect balance between the performance and style.
The bike is powered with liquid cooled 149.8cc, six speed gear transmission;
four-valve fuel injected engine and exhales 17 bhp. And the Deltabox frame which
makes the rider glides on the road.

The striking features of the Yamaha R 15 are the machine equipped with aluminum
die casting technology based DiASil cylinder to assure a great fuel efficiency and heat
dissipation. You will get a liquid cooled engine for better riding and stable riding. The
bike has a comfortable and easy handling due to the delta box frames. The bike has a
rear and front tubeless tyres and disc brakes. The price of the Yamaha R 15 is around
Rs. 1, 03,000 which is ex-showroom. The capacity of the fuel tank is 12 liters, the
maximum horsepower and the maximum torque is 17PS/8,500rpm and 15
N.m/7,500rpm respectively.

The length of the Yamaha R 15 is 1,995mm and the width is 670mm. the height is
1,070mm. The wheel base of the bike is 1,290mm and the seat height is 790mm. the
suspension of the R15 is front: telescopic and the linked typed monocross at the rear.
The break at the front type is hydraulic single disc, and the rear brake type is
hydraulic single disc. The tyres in the front are 80/90-17 and at the rear it is

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