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									Yamaha bikes have always been popular in India. With launch of Yamaha FZ16,
Yamaha has added another feather in its already feathery cap. This bike is welcomed
with open hearts among the Indian youth. It is neither a big muscular bike nor a sporty
bike which ordinary people can not afford. It is rather a bike which most of us can
afford. It is altogether different in terms of its design, strength, aggressiveness and the
performance. This daring bike is here to change the definition of street biking.

This bike is regarded as the best looking one in the muscle segment it belongs to. It
has got the naked and bold looks which make it aggressive too. Though size of tank is
really large outside but believes me it is not that big! The aggressiveness of the design
of this bike is obvious from its bold body parts. Tyres of this bike have a unique look.
With 140mm size, its rear tyre is the biggest in India. Tyres lend a macho look to the
bike. In fact, MRF is manufacturing radial tubeless tyres only for the Yamaha FZ16.
Again, its front tyre is equally impressive at 100mm. Another unique feature is its
short 1.5m exhaust pipe. Headlamp in this bike wears a unique look. Dashboard of
this bike has analog meters. It includes all the tings like speedometer, tachometer, fuel
gauge, odometer and trip. Grip bars and the sharp tail look stunning and impressive.

YAMAHA FZ16 is a premium bike but you can not compare it other sporty ones like
Karizma and Pulsar because they are meant for long rides. This Yamaha bike is
designed to city commute where people are most of the time stuck in the traffic. It has
a 153cc engine which is perfect for this job. This engine delivers 13.6 Nm of torque
just at 6000 rpm. More features which make this bike just right for city traffic are low
centre of gravity broad tyres and the high torque at low RPM. It has excellent pick up,
high speed and superb acceleration. It can catch 0-60 kmph in just 5.5 seconds. Even
in an urban traffic, you will feel the magic of riding a powerful bike. This self-start
bike is not meant for long rides.

The mono suspension of this Bikes can be adjusted according to road conditions. This
is bike is superb mixture of functionality, style and affordability.

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Lava Mobile, Orion Mobile, Intex Mobile, Spice Mobile, Ray Mobile, online shop
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