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How to build loyalty with your Facebook fans or group members.

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									 How to build loyalty and “connect” with your Facebook fans
                      or group members

In my opinion and from my experience in order for you to maximize your
profit potential from your Facebook fan page or your group you NEED to
build up a relationship with all of your members. Obviously, this get more
difficult the more fans you have. One of my fan pages has over 1.4 million
fans, yes you read that right, but I work each and everyday to build up
relationships with those fans. Now put that huge fan page aside because
most likely you have a fan or group page with a lot less followers.
Sometimes the most profitable “traffic bins” (my fancy word for fan or
group pages) are the ones that have less than 2,000 fans. The reason which
has stood test of time in sales and marketing is RELATIONSHIPS. The
more “personal” a relationship is in any situation the better sales conversions

Yes, I am very profitable with my fan page that has over 1.4 million fans but
the one thing that gets lost sometimes is the personal attention, it gets lost.
Future tutorials will talk about creating relationships with the members in
large fan and group pages. But how do you build relationships with your
fans and members? Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Give virtual “power” to members:
Did you know that if you own a Facebook group you have the power to
make ANY of your members “officers”? What are “officers”? You can give
any member the title of an officer at any time. This title is only a title, they
have absolutely no powers beyond this virtual title. The members that you
appoint “officers” will have their name on the left hand of the group page
and that is it. It is a status symbol. BUT you gain a strong relationship with
these now appointed “officers”. They feel they are now very important to the
group. You can use this relationship in many ways. I use it #1 to gain
personal trust and #2 as them to suggest the group to all of their
friends…FREE PROMOTION! See where I am going with this? I am sure
you can put a twist on this as well. Any new ideas please feel free to email

2. Do not spam your fans or members:
This is huge. Make sure that at least 80% of your posts and messages are
non spam messages. People are not dumb, if you become sir or ms spamalot
you can just say bye bye to your relationships. I cannot tell you how many
people that I help with their pages that wonder why they cannot maintain
fans or convert. Wayyyy too much spam or spam looking messages. Make
sure you are posting a lot of honest “connecting” messages. For example,
Ask what the weather is like where they are. Search for information. For
example, ask for specific answers to questions pertaining to your pages. Most
importantly provide them with FREE content that they will value. If you are in
the niche of making candles for example give them tips. Next you can give
them tips with links to external web page articles (hmmm, you have written,
with hmmm affiliate links) Give them what they want.

Now what do I post the other 20%? Well now you can get into posting CPA
offers, direct affiliate links, café press links, anything you can think of. I am
VERY successful with CPA offers. My CPA tutorial is an add on to the
WSO that I have to offer. I will link you to that at the end. I will mention
that I use MaxBounty as my main CPA company as they are great with my
traffic! I highly suggest applying if you have not already. Click on the
MaxBounty link, yes I am referring you there if you want to apply.

3. Direct message to your fans or members:
This has been priceless for me. Simply, I will send fans and members a
simple thank you for being a fan or member. It’s amazing the results this
gives. Typically they will friend request you. I don’t friend request just send
messages. Personally, sending friend requests is spammy. A simple message
will do the trick. They now will say, hey that was cool and will interact with
your fan page or group page on a greater level. Remember…relationships

Thanks for reading this and I really hope you got a bit out of it. I did recently
write a WSO on how I created my fan page that currently has over 1.4
million fans. If you do buy the WSO I will send you updates and tutorials
like this every time I write one. Again, I hope this helps!!


*I am in no way affiliated with Facebook at all and all names, trademarks,
and all that good stuff belong to Facebook. Facebook does rock though, and
that is my opinion!

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