Why People Love Faye Wong by aihaozhe2


Faye Wong is not only singer but also a famous actress.Many peple love her by her
music , for through her music, Wong has been able to do what many politicians can't
-- --bring together people in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, no matter what their
political bent. With 25 albums, more than 50 awards and several film and TV acting
stints, her popularity shows no sign of waning. She is held up as an example for
mainland artists aspiring to expand beyond their home markets.

I love her the unique wearing rather than her music.Diva faye wong has been very
low-key , but she's always becomes the leading fashion model, like a queen Kate
moss mix build, no matter what is the reason, I believe, the self-evident, unique,
independent, the light help her create her own style, what we can do is to learn from

She love many brands,like moncler is one of her favorites.moncler jackets was
founded in 1952, but has been getting major shine lately thanks to trendsetters like
Kanye, Tyrese, and Wale rocking their down jackets and vests.

Moncler is famous for its quilted jackets, ski and outdoor-wear. Made from duck
down, the collection is renowned for its warm but lightweight pieces which take you
from winter holiday to the city's most fashionable wardrobes.The Moncler Brand
nowadays becomes the top brand for the winter clothing , every year so many neweast
styles and expensive price made so many stars and famous person wear them for
winter .

Except choose the brand which can tell her,her also care other aspect to keep
beautiful.On her 40th birthday ,her open her secret:do not stay up .Because stay up is
the enemy of skin care, lack of sleep, can make the skin cells, adjust the various
activities affect the epidermal cells. So every day at least eight hours of sleep, if under
this level, can want to oneself health index. If sufficient sleep will easily, especially on
the surface of the skin is tender eye skin. But a sweet good sleep, can eliminate skin,
make skin cells, the fatigue of the regulation is normal activities, delay the ageing of
the skin.
She is an influential star, teach people how to love others and love herself, how to
help others. In front of the others always show the true herself, this is the reason why I
so love her.

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