Why Hammonasset Ford Is The Best Ford Dealer In CT by aihaozhe2


									Of all U.S. car makers, it seems as though Ford is doing the best If you live in the
North East and are interested in buying a new Ford or Lincoln or Mercury, you may
be asking, how do I choose the right Ford dealer in CTOf all the Ford, Lincoln and
Mercury Dealers in Connecticut, one CT shoreline car dealership is changing the way
business is done.

  Hammonasset Ford has set out to make a difference. They want to revolutionize how
cars are purchased. Just how you may ask do they plan on doing this?There really is
no secret sauce. The secret is, there is no secret. What Hammonasset knows and what
you know is that if you offer that absolute lowest prices on new Ford Cars in CT and
if you have a no hassle pricing' customers will come.

 By not forcing their customers to haggle for the best price, this CT Ford Dealership
makes the buying experience a pleasure. The below invoice price for your new Ford is
presented at the outset. This makes buying your new car SO easy. Not many other
automobile showrooms in CT, Ford or any other make are as transparent in their sales

You will be treated as a guest from the moment you drive onto the car lot. There is an
immediate noticeable difference in the attitude of the staff. Hammonasset Ford wants
to be known as the "Nicest" Ford Dealer in CT.

The no haggle no negotiation policy is a rarity among Ford Dealers in CT and auto
dealers of all makes and models in CT and the rest of the United States. Imagine
finding a car that you love and being able to buy that car at below dealer invoice
without even asking.

Hammonasset Ford delivers on this promise every single day, day in and day out. And
they do it gladly.
To Get Hammonasset Ford's Low No Hassle Price, Call
877-220-3673 or visit

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