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When Should You Send Sympathy Flowers


Sympathy flowers are great to receive during grieving times. Sympathy flowers are
used to cheer up someone who is feeling down. These flowers are available at stores
like Jackson & Perkins and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. Here are four moments when
someone should receive sympathy flowers.

Death in the Family
Sending flowers to a family that has lost a relative is a good way to show that you
care. Funerals are known to have many flowers sent to the immediate family of the

Sending flowers to someone that is ill is a generous gesture. Usually these flowers
contain a card that says Get well soon or I hope you feel better. These flowers will
bring a smile to the person's face and make her feel better in no time.

Better Luck Next Time
The child actress who auditioned and didnt get the part will enjoy a dozen of roses. It
shows that you sympathize with her. This also tells the actress that its ok that she
didnt get the part. Sympathy flowers can be used for the employee who applied for a
higher position and did not get promoted. A better luck next time can be a confident

Bad Day
Sympathy flowers are nice for someone who's having a bad day. It shows that you
care for that person. Those who are going through a break-up, have lost their job or
are depressed will enjoy flowers as a pick me up.

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