Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale and hire in the UK by aihaozhe2


									A lot of disabled people using wheelchair find it difficult to find a wheelchair
accessible car to hire to meet their specific needs and requirements. One of the major
problem facing a disabled driver is having access to the disabled vehicles itself. This
can mean being physically lifted in and out which can put a tremendous strain on
elderly people.

As well as providing room enough for a wheelchair you also want to consider whether
the wheelchair accessible vehicle can fit in a good number of passengers comfortably.
Due to the need for a lot of space within the vehicle, vehicles such as the Renault
Kangoo are often a popular choice for adapting.

The Renault Kangoo is perfect for wheelchair rear access conversions and offers a
convenient and user-friendly wheelchair accessible car for hire as well as comfortably
accommodating the driver and up to 3 additional passengers.

The conversion of Renault's latest Kangoo is bigger but easier to maneuver than ever
before. Chosen for its safety, ergonomics, and comfort the Kangoo enables clients to
have the latest in easy wheelchair access car for hire together with the high standards
of design, quality and comfort for which the wheelchair accessible cars are noted.

The wheelchair vehicles for hire have been adapted to carry wheelchair passengers.
We offer a range of different sized wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire to suit your
requirements. Hire periods can be anything from a single day to long term hire. We
offer a home delivery and a collection service if clients prefer.

This wheelchair accessible car can be reserved by calling 0800 298 9290 or by
sending us an email at info@autobility.co.uk, you can come and visit us in Scotland to
collect or we can arrange to have the care dropped off to you.

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