Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles For More Opportunities by aihaozhe2


In the past, wheelchair accessible vehicles, although functionally operational, were
extremely unsightly and sacrificed style for affordability and functionality. Previously,
wheelchair accessible vehicles, were not very attractive as they were built more for
functionality and affordability. However the disabled car market is ever growing due
to the popular demand for these vehicles. Prior to today's technologies, disabled cars
were limited to the aftermarket, with standard model cars being retrofitted to handle
handicap capabilities. Now, today's major auto companies including Nissan,
Volkswagen, Peugeot, Kia, and Fiat all offer wheelchair vehicles.

Due to new and improved technology, wheelchair vehicles are no longer limited to
minivans. New body styles of disabled cars now come in the forms of SUV's and
Crossovers. Thanks to these new and improved designs that companies are now
offering, more and more people are being given the opportunity to purchase disabled

For customers who are able-bodied consumers, buying a car includes the
consideration of, affordability, style, colour, design, comfort and resale value. Other
parameters need to be considered, for those who are looking to purchase a disabled
car. Some of these parameters include safety, the effectiveness of entry and exit,
durability of safety features and stability mechanisms and also the cost of
customization. If you're not positioned centrally and low down within the wheelchair
car, the resulting ride will not be comfortable.

If the parameters do not meet expectations, then it can lead to an unpleasant and
uncomfortable journey, which could prove to be unsafe. There are two main options
when considering wheelchair car customization. An adapted front passenger seat
could be an option. This option usually will require a standing transfer. The carer
however needs to be free from problems with their back, shoulder and heart, due to
the harder requirement of physical lifting. There is another disadvantage to this option,
which is the wheelchair needs to be dismantled before loading. The average transfer
time is eight to twelve minutes.

The other option is to purchase a vehicle which has been designed for wheelchair
access. The main difference with the second option is that the passenger remains in
the wheelchair. This means option two depends on a simple lift ramp, or hydraulic lift.
The specifics of the vehicle are not as important as disabled people or carers being
aware of these new vehicles, which allow for a more stylish ride.

As you can see there are new and imporved methods out there to help give the
disabled a chance to explore. These improvements in these vehicles, lead to greater
opportunities for those less abled bodies, giving them the chance to partake in more

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