; What to Look for in Miami Limousine Rentals
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What to Look for in Miami Limousine Rentals


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									Limousines are synonymous with style and comfort. Whether it is a special occasion
such as a wedding or corporate function, or just a ride home from the airport,
limousine rentals can provide a relaxed, luxurious and surprisingly affordable
traveling option. Miami offers a host of limousine rental services, and choosing the
best provider can be quite a challenge.

The key to finding the best service is research and planning. Here are six tips on
finding the best deal on a limousine rental service:

1. Service.
Finding the best deal does not necessarily mean going for the cheapest available
option, especially when it comes to limousines. Depending on the occasion, style and
service also play an important role in making for the perfect traveling experience. For
instance, the priority of a corporate limousine rental should be top-notch service and
reliability, whereas a limousine rented for an anniversary should be luxurious and
romantic. It is important to take into account the reason for renting a limousine, and
look for the best value for money.

2. The right model.
When choosing a limousine model, consider the occasion, the destination and the
number of people who will be riding. Miami's limousine models are as wide-ranging
and eclectic as the needs of their patrons, and the ideal limousine rental service should
have a varied and immaculate fleet.

For an upscale occasion, a black Rolls Royce might be the best choice, while
club-hoppers will want a roomy and party-friendly model such as an SUV or a decked
out Hummer. Miami is famous for its parties, and its limousine rental services can
offer trendy and flashy models that are sure to be attention-grabbers.

3. Features.
The features needed in a rented limousine also depend on the occasion and the needs
of the passenger. Companies have different policies about smoking, drinking, the
availability of music, passenger limits, sunroofs etc. While some provide champagne
in the vehicle, other companies may allow the passengers to supply their own alcohol.
Seating arrangement, luggage capacity and air conditioning are some other features
that should be discussed with the rental service beforehand.

4. Information about additional charges.
In order to avoid going over budget or being overcharged, gather as much information
as possible before making a choice. This includes everything from gratuities (will
there be a flat percentage added to the bill or will the passenger be allowed to choose
the amount?) to the minimum booking time to other additional charges. It is highly
advisable to draw up a detailed travel plan and take all possible contingencies into
The following are some questions to ask before choosing a limousine: What happens
in the event of a cancellation or change in itinerary? Can the renting time be split? Are
there extra charges for traveling outside the city?

5. Discounts and packages.
Limousine rental services often offer seasonal discounts and customized packages for
special occasions such as weddings, corporate parties and sightseeing tours. During
holiday season, rental services also tie up with hotels and events and give special rates
to customers. Especially when renting a limo for a big event, it is advisable to shop
around for the best packages, as they are cheaper than separate services and other
traveling options, and can bring style and convenience to any event.

6. Safety and reliability.
As with any traveling option, safety and reliability is an important concern in
choosing a rental service. The limousine company should be registered with Miami,
be properly licensed and have the appropriate commercial liability insurance. It is
wise to visit the company or rental service beforehand to make sure that the model
and features are as discussed.

Information about a company's prior dealings can also be checked out through the
Better Business Bureau. After deciding on a company and putting down a deposit, it is
advisable get a booking confirmation and a copy of the rental contract.

Andre Welkinson blogs about the Miami Night Life and the growth of the Miami
Limos industry. He also blogs about exotic miami limo Companies on his blog

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