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What is M3 _Cubic Meter_ Size of a Vehicle -


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									M3 size (cubic meter) of a vehicle is sum of length x height x width. Each and every
vehicle have its own M3 size. The cubic meter of your vehicle is calculated by
measuring the exterior dimension of the vehicle and multiplying width x length x
height. Every vehicle maker mentions m3 size of a vehicle in specification.

The M3 of the vehicle is used by the shipping company for RO-RO shipment to
calculate the cost of transporting the vehicle to the destination port. Importers or
individual buyers must know how to calculate freight charges while importing any
used cars to their final delivery port from Japan or any other country.

Some of major car maker's models M3 Sizes

Manufacturer Car Model M3
Nissan March 8.5
Toyota Starlet 8.5
Toyota MR2 9.0
Mazda RX-7 10.0
Nissan Sunny 10.0
Toyota Corolla 10.0
Toyota Sprinter 0.0

Some of M3 sizes by type of vehcle :
M3=9 - small vehicles or sports coupes
M3=10 - sedan/saloon passenger cars
M3=12 - station wagons
M3=13-14 - short wheel base 4WD or vans
M3=15-16 - most long wheel base 4WD's
M3=30 26 -seat high roof buses
M3=36 29 seat high roof buses

Some of major car makers model by vehicle type and M3 size :

 Type Car's Name (Examples) Cubic Meter (m3)

 Small STARLET / MR2 / MARCH etc. 9m 3
 Medium COROLLA / CORONA etc. 11m 3
 Large CROWN / SOARER etc. 13m 3
 Medium LWB RV Car HILUX / TERANO etc. 14-16m 3
 Large LWB RV Car PAJERO / LAND CRUISER etc. 16-18m 3
 Wagon HI ACE / CARAVAN etc. 16m 3
 Van HI ACE / CARAVAN etc. 15-19m

Freight Calculation formula is :
M3 size x Freight Rate per M3 = Freight Cost.
If you want to find out FREIGHT for a sedan car which want to ship at Austalia
Brisbane Port.
Size of Sedan Car = 09.5 M3
Freight Charges = US$ 63 Per M3
Calculation will be 09.5 x 63 = US$ 598.5
Freight Charges of Sedan for Brisbane Port will be US$598.5

Example 2:
Nissan March shipped to Australia
9m3 X US$70.00 = US$630.00

Example 3:
Mitsubishi Pajero shipped to Karachi, Pakistan
16m3 X US$70.00 = US$1120.00

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