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									Carnauba wax is a naturally occurring waxy substance that is produced by Copernicia
prunifera, which is also known as the Fan or Carnauba palm to protect its leaves from
damage in the hot and harsh climates of Northeastern Brazil where it grows.

The wax is collected from the leaves of the tree by drying and then beating them to
remove the waxy coating. It is a yellowish brown colour in its natural state but after
being removed from the leaves of the tree, it is refined and bleached before being used
in numerous different products and industries where it is sometimes referred to as the
'Queen of Waxes'.

The most obvious products that contain Carnauba wax are car care products but it
may surprise you to learn that it is also used in other products which are completely
unrelated to polishes and waxes. For example, the cosmetics industry uses it to
thicken many different products from lipstick to mascara and eye shadow. It is also
used in the confectionary industry in the formulation of some sweets and when mixed
with coconut oil it is the main ingredient of surfboard waxes.

It is too brittle to be used on its own for some applications but when other substances
are added it can be made to be more supple making useful for shining up things like
leather jackets.

Carnauba wax is also used to put the finishing touches to smokers pipes.

You will also find it mixed with beeswax and turpentine in various furniture polishes
and shoe polishes and when mixed with various tints and dyes it makes excellent
coloured polish. It may surprise you to learn though, that the most common
application of Carnauba wax in the United States is as a coating for paper. As you can
see Carnauba wax is very versatile and there are lots of other applications.

Carnauba wax is hard and very durable, which makes it ideal to use as a hardwearing
paint protector for cars. It doesn't flake either as it gets old as other waxes do, also
making it ideal as a car wax. Who needs their car covered in waxy flakes?

Carnauba wax will not be defeated by water which also makes it ideal for use on cars.
Eventually it will break down and start to become dull but that's when you know it is
time to apply another layer. You are likely to only need to do this once or twice per
year though.


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