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					Hybrid car batteries and their capability to store power are the reason hybrid cars even
exist.They get a hybrid car moving from stopped to a low speed - generally around
thirty-five mph, at which point the gas engine cuts in. This takes the majority of wear
off of the gasoline engine, while increasing the fuel efficiency.

However the chemical material which makes up all car batteries, whether it's a
standard car or a hybrid, is typically toxic. There are few hybrids on the road in
comparison to the overall vehicles as of 2010. The concern, however, is that at some
point the landfills will have considerable amounts of the deadly carcinogenic hybrid
car batteries.

Presently, lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) power packs comprise virtually
100% of all hybrid car batteries. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) power packs are the 3rd kind,
but won't be readily available for common use until about 2020. The most poisonous
battery is lead-acid. Being very heavy, lead-acid batteries have the added
disadvantage of decreasing the fuel mileage of vehicles that use them.

However , nickel-metal hydride batteries are quickly replacing the heavier lead-acid
kind. NiMH batteries may be less poisonous than lead, but they do have
environmental downsides: They are at least potentially carcinogenic and the process
by which the nickel is mined is hazardous. Given that they are the least toxic, many
consider lithium-ion batteries to be the next step for hybrid vehicle batteries. In fact,
auto companies are investing millions of dollars in research for a working hybrid car
battery that uses the identical kind of power currently found in laptops and MP3

So one big question that consumers have is how long hybrid car batteries last. And the
answer is over 300,000 miles! Honda and Toyota guarantee their batteries for 100K or
less, however they have rarely had to sell replacements. As far as cost, you'd probably
pay between 3 and four thousand bucks to get a full battery pack change.

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