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What Is A Graphic Designer-


Graphic designers utilize artistic expertise and computer software to make images
used by customers to convey their messages to others. These designers are creative
artists who pair creativity with technical knowledge to make visual designs for an
array of customers and different individuals. The most important tool for a graphic
designer is technology.

In order for a designer to change text or images, they use publishing software from
their computer. Graphic designers will generally spend many hours sitting in front of a
computer monitor. It may not be all about computers, though, because some designers
also make use of drawing by hand.

Online marketing has become more popular, so there is a greater demand for
designers who have knowledge about the Internet. In order to create a new website,
there is a team of graphic designers and people that specialize in writing content. The
work of graphic designers is not limited to websites. They also conceive a variety of
printed materials as well. Magazines, newsletters, and newspapers all have need for
professionally designed layouts.

A few specialize in making printed publications that are used for marketing purposes.
Materials such as these involve things like signs, promotional displays, marketing
pamphlets and advertisements. Some graphic designers are limited to computer-based
creation, however others put their artistic skills to good use by creating original and
unique logos and drawings for their clients' projects. Those who illustrate can also
find work in animation, contributing their skills to websites, video games, movies and
television. The need for graphic designers that have the ability to change text and
images in a positive way has grown because of the way CD ROM technology has

There are many settings that graphic designers can work in. A large number of
companies contain an internal arts sector with graphic designers who produce content
that further enables the company to meet their interaction objectives. There are several
graphic designers who are employed by firms that concentrate on meeting the graphic
design needs for their diverse clientele. For the most part, however, graphic designers
work as sub-contractors or own their own business and get hired on for a specific
project or are on contract with clients.

Studies show that the demand for graphic design professionals is going to increase
significantly in the next ten years. Cutting-edge visual technology, like 3D films, will
continue to be developed, so artists who possess the necessary technical abilities are
going to be in demand to create the visual components that connect with various
groups of people. Graphic design positions typically require training in design or art
in a college setting. An extensive amount of community school campuses and
technical schools provide students with the option of pursuing associate degrees or
certificates in art and graphic design. Intensive studio training is available through
some highly specialized art schools.

There are firms who would rather employ graphic artists who have graduated from a
4-year fine arts program. People who hope to progress to management jobs might
think about accomplishing class work that earns them an arts administration degree.
Course studies that lead to a degree or certificate should involve thorough training in
desktop publishing and computer assisted design, and also should include design and
art classes in the studio.

In order to get experience in a graphics art field, one should consider becoming an
intern. It depends on the organization whether the internship is paid or not paid.
Internships help aspiring designers create a portfolio, which includes samples of their
work that they can display when attracting new employers. Graphic design school can
be expensive, but there are programs available that provide grants, loans, scholarships
and work programs to students that qualify. High school students will need to turn in a
Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to obtain funds through these kinds
of programs. This form can be obtained in high school counseling offices or collegiate
financial aid offices.

Compared to other careers, the demand for graphic designers is expected to be on the
increase in the next few years because of the growth of the Internet. What you will
wear to work depends on where you work. This will depend of course if you work in a
corporate office where professional dress is required, or if you work in a laid back art
department or even from your home, where you can be more casual.

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