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									Carnauba wax is the hardest natural element available. Carnauba wax is also known
as wax and Brazilian wax palm. Carnauba wax is a better produced from palm leaves.
It is usually in the form of flakes of yellow-brown paper. It is produced from the
leaves of the carnauba palm by collecting the best leaves, its treatment to loosen the
wax, then refining the wax.

Before beginning the process of the wax, wash the car thoroughly. We really need to
thoroughly wash the dirt and dust. Otherwise, the dust particles can scratch the hard
surface of the painting that will take the hairline scratches. Dry the car before waxing.
Avoid washing and waxing the car in direct sunlight, because it leads to premature
drying of the wax before the wax is to enter the top layer. If it's a sunny day and have
no other option, be sure to leave your car in the shade for waxing.

To apply the wax, I have always preferred a waxing sponge swab. It's really a good
investment if you want to shine for DIY involves a reduction in workload and time
required to apply.

Remember to apply the right amount of wax. No matter how thick you apply the wax,
you can get a single layer of wax on the paint. The rest should be removed. Otherwise,
you'll see a white cloud above the painting.

So, to avoid over-clean the excess wax, apply the right amount of wax. Now, please
do not ask me what is the correct amount of wax. You know when you're practically
waxing. Other than that I can say is, once you've seen that there is already a layer of
wax on the surface, do not apply again.

Please wait a while for the wax to dry. There are special clothing and gloves to clean
the wax. Otherwise, a towel will be good for work. I do not recommend microfiber,
but I used the microfiber cloth on several occasions and was an excellent job of
removing the wax I used. It may work for you, but it has done for me.

Always use small circles to polish your car wax. Use a moderate amount of pressure
that you are getting all the wax and make sure not to rub too fast and too deep.
Change clothes or diapers that do not put wax on the back surface of your vehicle
causing hairline scratches.
When finished, take another clean towel and wipe all the new car

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