What Is Belly Dancing And Its Clothing by aihaozhe2


Perceived as both exotic and erotic, belly dancing is really viewed as neither in the
Middle East where it's evolved into an interesting art form. From classic Egyptian and
Lebanese movies of the 1950's and 1960's to parties in modern, modern Beirut or
Istanbul, belly dancing maintains its level of popularity in their birthplace.

Throughout the world, belly dancers do appear at gatherings such as parties and club
nights having a Middle Eastern concept, and dancers do take lessons in order to learn
to belly dance. But belly dancing outfits took on a life of their own, acquired not only
by dancers or dancing students, but also for costume parties or, to ensure part of the
costume will be worn as an original fashion accessory.

For example, young women will wear a belly dancing sash or top as part of a normal
casual outfit, in an effort to stand out among their buddies. Those young women are
among the most loyal buyers of belly dancing clothes, as they purchase portions of
full costumes from Middle Eastern ethnic retailers and specialized retailers online and

Of course Halloween along with other events for dressing in costume, like parties or
perhaps dramatic presentations, often see women wearing belly dancing
costumes.Never mind that these women will be uncomfortable to belly dance during
private, or that they've never seen or expressed any desire to watch the films featuring
the well-known Middle Eastern singer Farid ul-Atrache serenading a belly dancer
who sways to his songs, they may be mesmerized by the exotic appeal of such a
costume and purchase more than one by themselves or as presents for friends.

Belly dancing costumes are in fact sold mostly to belly dancers and pupils of belly
dance, but they are becoming more and more widely seen, in whole or perhaps in part,
as objects of original fashion, and they are usually picked as outfits for costume
parties and similar events.

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