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									                                    BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT

                                    BIS•e•Times                                                          Fall 2003
                                    Visit our web site at http://bis.cba.cmich.edu/                 Volume 2, Number 1

    INSIDE THIS ISSUE:            CMU Hosts Business Professionals of America Competition
                                  Each year CMU hosts the regional Michigan High School Business Professionals of
BIS 620 To Be Offered         2   America Competition. Business Professionals of America has a history as a student
New Residential College       2   organization that contributes to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the
Dow Chemical Honors           2   advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. Through co-
                                  curricular programs and services, members of Business Professionals of America
Student Groups                3
                                  compete in demonstrations of their business technology skills, develop their professional
MSIS Updates                  3
                                  and leadership skills, network with one another and professionals across the nation, and
Bad Prom Date Contest         3   get involved in the betterment of their community through good works projects. This year
BTE Faculty Members           4   the competition will be held all day Saturday, January 10, 2004 in Grawn Hall. There are
BTE/BIS Alumni                5   approximately 700-900 students competing in 42 individual events and 10 team events.
                                  There are four main categories of events: administrative, financial, information
Let Us Hear From You          6
                                  technology, and marketing/management/human resources. CMU‘s Business Teacher
                                  Education students participate as judges, proctors, and evaluators for this event.
                                  FROM WHERE I SIT Monica Holmes, Chair, BIS Department
                                                             This issue of the BIS-e-Times features the Business Teacher Education
AITP, Account 44007.
                                                             program which prepares CMU students to be high school teachers of
Business Teacher Education,
                                                             business subjects. Having faculty members like Dr. Nancy Csapo
Account 43055.
                                                             makes it easy for me to highlight this program. Nancy truly cares about
BIS Discretionary Fund,
                                                             her students and their progress in their professional careers. She came
Account 41911.
                                                             to CMU in January 1998 when we were experiencing declining numbers
Ima Chambers Scholarship,
                                                             in the Business Teacher Education major. Today, she personally
Account 64593.
                                                             advises more than 120 majors and minors and she is grateful for the
MIS Advisory Board Fund,
                                                             assistance of Dr. Karl Smart who joined us this past fall. Karl is a
Account 64435.
                                                             Business Communication as well as a Business Teacher
MIS Advisory Board
                                  Education faculty member. Together with Mrs. Sue Switzer and Dr. Wells Cook, Karl and Nancy
Endowment Fund,
Account 66665.                    lead a dynamic group of BTE students. Be sure to read about them in the inside pages.
                                           This fall, the College of Business Administration sponsored the establishment of the
MIS Endowment Scholarship,
Account 66591                     business residential college on the second floor of Carey Hall. Mr. J.D. Mackin, director of this
                                  business residential college, believes that the bonding of the 42 freshmen will contribute toward
William Wolhgamuth
Scholarship,                      their academic success at CMU. We also hope it will encourage them to become business
Account 64564.                    students. The students take BIS 100, First Year Experience 101 and Economics 222 together.
Winsor Scholarship,                        An exciting event last summer was the remodeling of the Grawn 342 lab. With the flat-
Account 64133.                    panel screens, new lighting, and mediation, students will have a better environment in which to
                                  work with application software.
CONSIDER STARTING A BIS                    AITP made us proud again. AITP received their fifth straight Student Chapter
                                  Outstanding Performance Award (SCOPA). Obtaining the SCOPA award not only means that
COMPANY, CITY, AREA: e-mail       AITP members have to participated in a variety of activities, including community service, but
Dr. Elizabeth Kemm at             they also have to keep detailed records of these activities. As one student told me, ―SCOPA is
kemm1e@cmich.edu or give her      not an easy thing to win‖.
a call at (989)774-3817
                                           The faculty in the BIS department would like to hear from you, whether you were a BTE
                                  or an MIS student. We would also like to see you. Drop by our office in Grawn 305 any time or
                                  contact me by phone at 989-774-4364 or email me at monica.c.holmes@cmich.edu.
                            BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 1. Fall 2003. Page 2

BIS 620 To Be Offered                                               Dow Chemical Honors CMU Students
BIS 620 - Teaching Business Subjects at the Post-                   CMU graduate students Chris Goffnett and Gautam Patel
Secondary Level, will include the following areas: the              of Mount Pleasant and senior William Vendt of Shelby
learning process, curriculum planning, delivering                   Township are the fall recipients of The Dow Chemical
instruction/teaching methods, assessing learning,                   Company SAP Award of Excellence. Each received an
instructional materials, using technology, adult learners,          award of $500 and a plaque.
cultural diversity, international implications, and current             ―The award recognizes excellence in SAP course work,‖
research. The course is designed for current or                     said Frank Andera, faculty director of the SAP University
prospective collegiate business instructors. We are                 Alliance Program in the College of Business
offering BIS 620, a 3-credit graduate course, in Spring             Administration. SAP, or Systems, Applications and
2004. The class will meet five weekends during the spring           Programs in Data Processing, is a German company that
semester: January 23 and 24; February 6 and 7; February             offers an enterprise resource planning suite of software
20 and 21; and March 20. Friday sessions will be from 6 –           applications that integrates different disciplines.
9:50 p.m. and Saturday sessions will be 8:00 a.m. – 5:50                ―It is always exciting to see our students recognized by
p.m.                                                                such a prestigious company as The Dow Chemical
         Call or email Dr. Nancy Csapo at (989)774-3485 or          Company,‖ said Andera.
email csapo1n@cmich.edu for a bump card.                            ―The Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence is just
                                                                    another example of how our undergraduate and graduate
New Residential College                                             students are being recognized for their outstanding
A new business residential college located in Carey Hall is         performance in course work which integrates the use of
currently housing and providing educational experiences for         SAP into specific business courses.‖
42 of CMU‘s freshman. Residents must maintain a 3.0 grade               Dow has provided resources to help CMU develop SAP
point average, enroll in business introduction and other core       skills, staff to work on advisory committees, grants to build
courses, sign a behavioral agreement with the Office of             the Dow/SAP Learning Lab, and the Dow SAP awards as a
Residence Life, reside in an alcohol and tobacco-free               means of promoting excellence in SAP-related courses.
environment, become involved in a business-related student          Dow also established an internship program to provide
organization, and participate in co-curricular activities           students with work experience.
planned by the residential college advisory board.
         ―This college benefits freshman students who have
an interest in business because they have a unique
opportunity to live, learn and study together with a group of
students with like interests‘,‖ said J.D. Mackin, director of the
business residential college.
         The business college features supplemental
instruction sessions, mandatory quiet hours, formal and
informal out-of-class interaction with faculty and alumni in an
academic field of study, along with frequent lunches with
business faculty.
         ―Throughout the year students will listen to
speakers, take event trips and also set up their own student
board, consisting of a president, vice president, secretary         Back Row, Left to Right: Frank Andera, Director of
and treasurer,‖ said Mackin. The board will meet monthly to         CMU‘s SAP University Alliance Program; The Dow
build their own learning agendas.(Continue on page 3.)              Chemical Company representatives, Jim Whyte, Data
                                                                    Architect; Dave McLean, Director of Architecture; Ron
Newly Remodeled Computer Lab                                        Johnson, Prog. Mgr Global Application Program; CMU‘s
If you have not seen Grawn 342 lab, it has received a much          Thomas Storch, Provost; The Dow Chemical Company,
needed facelift this summer. The room was painted, new              Mike Costa, Director, Enterprise Computing; and Joe
carpet was installed, new computer tables and 40 new flat           Kerbleski, Senior Architect, Enterprise Computing.
screen monitors and computer stations were added. Stop by           Front Row Left to Right: Gautam Patel, graduate
and see it! (Pictured Below)                                        awardee; Chris Goffnett, graduate awardee: and Bill Vendt,
                                                                    undergraduate awardee

                                                                    Tentative Summer Offerings
                                                                    For those looking at finishing their MBE degree, we have
                                                                    tentatively scheduled BIS 610, 612, and 652 for Summer II.
                                                                             Please contact Dr. Karl Smart by phone at (989)774-
                                                                    6501 or email at smart1kl@cmich.edu with any questions.
                           BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 1. Fall 2003. Page 3

                                                                  Pi Omega Pi
           Spotlight on                                           Pi Omega Pi is the only national honor society for business
                                                                  teacher education. PoP encourages scholarship, civic
           Student Groups                                         responsibility, the ideal of service, and promotes high ethical
                                                                  standards in business and professional life.
                                                                           In 2002-03, we inducted 19 new members into
                                                                  CMU's Zeta Epsilon Chapter. We are pleased to have
                                                                  inducted ten more new members at our initiation ceremony
AITP                                                              on November 5, 2003. During the past year, we have
                                                                  participated in numerous activities promoting fellowship
AITP is having another great semester with exciting changes
                                                                  among future business teachers. Each year we participate
and many new events. After our fifth straight SCOPA
                                                                  in Adopt-A-Family as a service project during the holidays,
(Student Chapter Outstanding Performance Award), we are
                                                                  providing Christmas gifts for a needy family in the
continuing to make great strides to improve our chapter. A
successful membership drive has helped to keep our
                                                                           If you have an questions, comments, or concerns,
numbers strong, despite a big drop in membership due to
                                                                  feel free to contact Dr. Nancy Csapo by phone at (989)774-
                                                                  3485 or by email at csapo1n@cmich.edu.
         Every week we have a variety of speakers
(representatives from IBM, Dow Chemical, and EDS) come            MSIS Information and Updates
and present on topics of their choice. This fall, the Microsoft
                                                                  Just a few updates on our MSIS program.
Fall IT Pro User Group Tour did a live presentation of the
                                                                           • November 14, 2003 at 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. was
newest office products and information about critical
                                                                  the Comprehensive Exam. Retakes will be given December
information technology issues on Nov. 12, in Anspach Hall at
                                                                  5, 2003 at 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Central Michigan University.
                                                                           • If you are planning to graduate in December,
         One characteristic of AITP that has changed is the
                                                                  please make sure you have filled out your graduation
social aspect. There have been quite a few more social
                                                                  application. You may do this by making an appointment with
events this semester than in previous years. These social
                                                                  Karen Williamson, your advisor, at (989)774-3721.
events are held in hopes of improving networking and
                                                                           • Phase two registration begins on January 5, 2004.
building communication skills, which are extremely important
                                                                  See Karen Williamson or Renee Chapman in Grawn 105 or
in today‘s business world.
                                                                  contact them at (989)774-1910 to get registered for your
         If you have an questions, comments, or concerns,
                                                                  Spring semester courses.
feel free to contact Dr. Zhenyu Huang by phone at (989)774-
                                                                           Have a wonderful semester.
3514 or by email at huang1z@cmich.edu.
                                                                  New Residential College
SAP-UASUG                                                         (Continued from page 2.)
The SAP-University Alliance Student Users Group is an on-         Students also will have the advantage of attending class in
campus group devoted to extending the learning                    their residential hall. Business 100, First Year Experience
opportunities related to SAP beyond the classroom. The            101 and Economics 222 will be taught in the Towers.
group‘s weekly meetings offer an array of activities and          English, speech, and math core classes have been blocked
experiences that enhance the University‘s SAP related             out for business residential college students as well.
coursework and give students excellent opportunities to ―get               ―The advantage of having classes together makes it
involved‖ with SAP on a more personal basis. This personal        like one big family,‖ said Detroit freshman Ashley
involvement is accomplished through a mix of hands-on             Richardson. ―The program gives us a chance to strive for
exercises, speakers, and outside trips that all majors are        something different than being just a regular student.‖
welcome to attend. In addition to the focus on system                      The business residential college is sponsored by
familiarity, the SAP-UASUG also devotes a large amount of         CMU‘s College of Business Administration.
energy to helping students get connected with companies
that use SAP as their Enterprise Resource Planning system.        Bad Prom Halloween Contest
The group has had a number of students who have been              The BIS department faculty and staff conducted the Best
hired by corporations for SAP specific jobs and can be            Bad Prom Date Contest on Halloween during their Bad Prom
viewed by potential employers as the unequivocal source for       on the third floor of Grawn Hall. Votes by students, faculty,
capable SAP employees. For more information or to contact         staff, and judges throughout the day chose the costumed
the group, see their web site at                                  winners, who received certificates and enjoyed a reception
http://www.cba.cmich.edu/sapug/.                                  in their honor. The winners were Dana McCann, prom
          If you have an questions, comments, or concerns,        queen; Jim Scott, prom king; Richard and Audrey
feel free to contact Dr. Frank Andera by phone at (989)774-       Featheringham, best prom couple; Joan Maul, best female
6503 or by email at ander1fj@cmich.edu.                           costume; and Rich Riddle, best male costume.
                           BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 1. Fall 2003. Page 4

BTE Faculty Members                                               months is East of Eden by John Steinbeck.
                                                                         Her favorite childhood memory is of the farm
                                                                  she grew up on and helping her mom milk the cows
                                                                  everyday just the two of them.
                                                                  Dr. Karl Smart
                                                                  Dr. Smart has been married to his wife, Karen, for
                                                                  almost 24 years. They have 4 children, two boys and
                                                                  two girls, all adopted, ranging from a senior in high
                                                                  school to a fourth grader. He says, ―We joke that we‘re
                                                                  moved around the country putting our family together:
                                                                  two from Florida, one from Michigan, and one from Utah.
                                                                  However, the family wouldn‘t be complete without Angel,
                                                                  their 8-year-old Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab. They
                                                                  currently reside in Midland.
Back Row Left to Right: Dr. Karl Smart, Dr. Nancy
                                                                            His favorite thing about teaching is getting paid
Csapo, and Mrs. Sue Switzer. Front: Dr. Wells Cook
                                                                  for what he loves to do: teaching reading, writing,
Dr. Wells Cook                                                    getting to know and interact with interesting people, and
Dr. Cook has been married to his wife, Lois, for 51 years and     to be able to continuously learn. He also loves getting to
they have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Wells and         know students and sharing the joy and empowerment of
Lois still live in the home they first purchased when moving      learning new things.
to Mount Pleasant 36.5 years ago.                                           His favorite activities include anything outdoors
          His favorite thing about teaching is watching           (camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, etc.) and reading.
students learn, grow, and mature. He also enjoys the              You can usually find him reading a couple of books
number of students who have became friends and seeing             simultaneously.
former students at conferences who are successful in their                  The best vacation he ever took was a two-week
professions.                                                      trip to a remote area of Montana. He got to enjoy
           Wells enjoys reading, singing, traveling, and          ―morning fishing, an afternoon bath at the swimming
listening to music. The best vacation he ever had was a           hole, a good book, an extended Scrabble tournament,
family camping trip at Aloha State Park (south of                 pineapple upside down cake in a Dutch oven, and an
Cheboygan—East side of Mullet Lake) during the summer.            evening under the Milky Way with thousands of stars.‖
          The best book he has read in the last six months is     This was all done with the people he enjoys the most,
On America by Stephen Ambrose.                                    his wife and children.
          His favorite childhood memory is napping in the                   The best movies he has seen in the last six
haymow on the family farm and skinny dipping in the river         months are Second Hand Lions and Pirates of the
that ran across the back of the farm.                             Caribbean. The best book he has read in the last six
                                                                  months is Peace Like a River by Leif Enger.
Dr. Nancy Csapo
Dr. Csapo considers herself to be single, rather than             Mrs. Sue Switzer
divorced. The only creature she can live successfully with is     Mrs. Switzer is married with two grown children and five
her dog Kramer, a Westie. She enjoys living in her old            grandchildren. She currently resides on four acres south of
Victorian home in downtown Mount Pleasant.                        Mount Pleasant.
         Her favorite thing about teaching is the priceless                 Her favorite thing about teaching is following the
relationships that comes from knowing your students. She          successes of both present and past students. She always
states, ―It‘s one of those jobs that allow you to feel pride in   enjoys seeing and hearing from students.
what you do every day.‖                                                     She is an avid Chippewa fan, particularly
         One of her favorite things to do is work out. She        basketball, and a diehard Detroit Tigers fan, and she
spends a fair amount of time at the SAC as well as with           enjoys all events her grandchildren are involved in.
other outdoor activities, especially cycling. She became a                  The best movie she‘s seen in the last six months is
Schwinn certified spinning instructor last January and            Chicago. The best books she has read in the past six
currently teaches cycling classes two-times a week at the         months are King of Torts by John Grisham, A Prison Diary
SAC.                                                              by Jeffery Archer, and The Purpose Drive Life by Rick
         The best vacation she ever had was a recent              Warren.
backpacking trip to Maniou Island in Lake Michigan. The                     Her favorite childhood memory is holidays at her
only civilization there is a ranger station and a boat that       grandparents, who were a seamstress and a carpenter.
stops by only once a day. She says, ―It was primitive,            There was always a homemade goody to look forward to—
challenging, and a beautiful island.‖                             a dress, pajamas, coats, a desk—these were treasures;
         The best movie she has seen in the last six months       they still have a couple of furniture pieces in their home
is Sea Biscuit. The best book she has read in the past six        today.
                          BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 1. Fall 2003. Page 5

BIS/BTE Alumni Spotlight                                          I enjoyed this job for two years; however, I knew that I
                                                                  wanted to be closer to the Mt. Pleasant area.
David Johnson (BS/MIS emphasis '95)                                         A business job was posted in Mt. Pleasant Public
With it ―seeming like only yesterday I was walking through        Schools which is where I really wanted a job. At this point, I
Grawn Hall,‖ David Johnson graduated more than seven              was very skeptical about teaching business, but I took the
years ago from CMU. As a graduate from our MIS program,           job and ended up teaching middle school keyboarding (5
David began his career with Concentric (an ISP), and              sections/day). My goal then became to teach business at
worked with Price Waterhouse‘s migration from WordPerfect         the high school, but I would need to be vocationally certified
Suite to MS Office software. After a year in tech support, he     to do this. I ended up taking classes again to complete the
took a job with an automotive plant as an Oracle database         BTE major and earn my vocational certification. As soon as
and Unix administrator, working there for four years. In          I finished my classes and applied for the vocational
October of 2000, he left the automaker to take a job as a         certification, one of the high school business teachers
consultant for a data warehousing/business intelligence           retired, and I was able to move into this position.
specialist firm, working on data warehousing, data mining,                  I am currently now on my fifth year of teaching, my
and data integration applications. David says, ―My current        third in business, and I love what I do. I teach business
job places me at the heart of the business intelligence           management and BST core. My husband Dan and I are
community.‖ On a personal note, David married his CMU             experiencing parenthood for the first time with our 10 month
sweetheart/alum this past September. He started an MBA            year old son, Josh. I now have a double major in BTE and
program this fall and ―hopes all my fellow CMU Alums are          P.E. and I have also finished my Master‘s Degree in
doing well. Go Chippewas!‖                                        Teaching. In the field of teaching, education will always
                                                                  continue as I am now working on my ―plus‖ hours.
Lisa Marie Kehoe (BTE '03)
A relative recent graduate, Lisa Marie Kehoe graduated in         Carrie (Miller) Gauthier (B.S. in Secondary Education, ‘99)
May 2003 with a degree in Business Teacher Education              I graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School in 1995. I
(BTE). She took a job in the Hale School District and is          attended CMU beginning in the fall of 1995; majoring in
enjoying the challenge of her first year of full-time teaching.   Business Teacher Education, with a minor in English. I
As exciting, Lisa married another BTE alumnus, Keith              worked throughout college at Isabella Community Credit
O‘Laughlin ('03) in October. Keith also started teaching for      Union and also coached cheerleading at Beal City High
the Hale School District this past fall. At the annual            School for two years. My last year at CMU I did not work (I
Michigan Business Educator‘s Association conference in            finally saw the end in sight) and instead took 21 credits
October, Lisa received CMU‘s outstanding student business         spring semester 1999 and 9 credits during the summer.
educator award. Congratulations Lisa.                             During this time of taking 21 credits and preparing for
                                                                  student teaching, I planned my wedding! I did my student
Amy Schell (BTE ‗02 ). After completing high school I went        teaching in the fall of 1999 at Swan Valley High School with
on to college to go into business, not teaching which is what     Dawn Perez, a business teacher at Swan Valley and also a
my entire family went into! After my freshman year and a          CMU alumni. Two weeks into student teaching I was
summer of coaching a 14 year old and under girls‘ softball        married. Student teaching was an excellent experience. My
team, I decided to go into education. At that point I was         husband and I immediately started a family and now have
planning on becoming a Physical Education major with a            two children, Jozlyn and Jayce.
minor in Business Education. While student teaching at                      My first teaching job was at Saginaw City, Arthur Hill
Harrison Public Schools, a professor encouraged me to             High School. I started teaching the day I finished my student
student teach in both of my subject areas so that I would be      teaching. I taught Introduction to Computers and Advanced
prepared to get a job in either. Although, I was not very         Computers on very old Apple computers. I began working
excited to student teach in my minor, it turned out to be a       on implementing Michigan‘s Business Services Technology
wonderful experience. As an undergraduate student at              curriculum. My second year I started a class called Intro to
Central Michigan University, I enjoyed the Business               Business Service Tech; it was to be a feeder class to the
Education classes that I took.                                    Vocational Center. At Arthur Hill I was my own department
          Upon finishing two years of teaching I decided to       and became a department head. I was in charge of a
return and complete the courses to change my business             massive budget and had to attend a lot of budget meetings.
minor into a major and at the same time to get my vocational                I was quickly introduced to the world of politics and
certification. The program at Central has really expanded         school finance. I taught one inclusion class (taught with a
and improved under the leadership of Dr. Nancy Csapo.             special education teacher in my room because half the
I am proud to be part of that network of people and have          students were special education students). The inclusion
learned immensely from the professors within the Business         class I taught was the best experience I had at Arthur Hill
Education Department.                                             because the Special Education Department at Arthur Hill is a
          I was fortunate to be hired my first year at Morley     great group of people who really care about kids. (Continue
Stanwood Public Schools as an elementary physical                 on Page 6.)
education teacher.
                          BIS.e.Times: Volume 2, Number 1. Fall 2003. Page 6

Alumni Spotlight                                                              Let Us Hear From You
(Continued from page 5.)
                                                                We would like to know a little more about you, where you are
In the summer of 2000 there was an opening at Merrill High      living and working, what exciting things have happened to
School, and I immediately jumped at a chance to get into a      you, and what you‘ve been doing since you left CMU. This
smaller school. I‘m now in my third year at Merrill. We have    information would be helpful to our departmental records;
block scheduling, and I love the block for teaching business    and if you wish, we would like to share some information
classes. I teach Marketing, Office Practice, Business           about you with future newsletter readers. Would you please
Communications (my favorite class), Computers, and oh           fill out the information requested below and return it to us as
yes, Psychology. Psychology is not in my area at all, but I     soon as possible?
do teach it. This will be my second year teaching               When were you last a student at CMU?________________
psychology.                                                     What was your major? _____________________________
My first year at Merrill I taught a Marketing class, and I      What was your minor? _____________________________
opened a school store, which is still open and doing well.      Where are you currently employed? __________________
We also did all the 9/11 fundraising, and we put on a charity   What is your job title? _____________________________
basketball game every year. Another teacher and I worked        Items to be shared in future newsletters:
on an articulation agreement with Delta College for our high    ________________________________________________
school computer class. If the students complete and pass        ________________________________________________
our computer class with a ―B‖ or better, they receive five      Your Name _____________________________________
credits from Delta College.                                     Your Email Address ______________________________
I attend most sporting events at the school and chaperone
every dance I can. Being a wife and mom, my time is                                 Please Return to:
limited, but when I am at school I am here 150%. I am also              Business Information Systems Department
taking graduate classes at Central Michigan University,                             150 E. Bellows St.
pursuing my Master‘s in Business Education.                                          305 Grawn Hall
                                                                               Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
                                                                  Email: bis@cmich.edu or monica.c.holmes@cmich.edu

Business Information Systems Department
Central Michigan University
Grawn Hall 305
150 East Bellows
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

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