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					Used for a variety of tasks, a telescopic boom lift is almost a mix between a crane and
a traditional cherry picker. A platform is perched on the end of an extendable boom,
allowing users to access areas at great heights with ease and relative safety.

In areas that are difficult to reach the telescopic boom lift comes into its own. A ladder
isn't long (or practical) enough and a cherry picker not large enough , that's when
you'll need to call in the telescopic boom.

Due to its incredible reach and strong, sturdy base, it is the perfect platform for
reaching heights that would otherwise prove impossible. Used to gain external access
to large buildings, overhead cables or high level building works, the simplicity of its
function does little to undermine its fantastic usability.

They are often used by councils and are very similar to the style of platform used by
some fire departments. As the name suggests, the boom can be extended to various
lengths to accommodate specific requirements. Of course different models will feature
varying specifications, but they tend to have a reach that outstrips any other form of
powered access available.

So how do they get from place to place?

Well, telescopic boom lifts tend to be highly transportable. Where they have to
operate in areas where access and terrain may be challenging, they have been
specially built to accommodate these issues and be able to get you in closer.

The boom lift itself sits on a truck of sorts. It will usually be a 4 wheeled drive all
terrain style vehicle, although in the most part it will only be used to drive around the
site (you won't see many charging up and down the motorways for instance). This
makes it ideal for manoeuvring it into position and providing a strong sturdy base
from which to launch the platform.

How do you angle the platform?

The telescopic boom itself juts out straight and can have the angle of trajectory altered
at the base. Often there will be some kind of pivot when fully extended, allowing the
operator to move the platform up and down as required.

The whole thing is controlled by a panel on the platform itself, allowing users to
easily operate and adjust their position remotely. This adds speed to the job and means
that you are constantly resetting.

As with most powered access lifts, the telescopic boom features a large platform that
can accommodate a number of people working at any one time. So whether you're
doing work alone or in a group you should have more than enough room for all your
tools and equipment, making for a highly manageable working environment.

Is it safe?

When you're lofted to 100 feet plus on a telescopic boom lift you would be wise to
consider safety as a primary concern. Any fall from that kind of height could be
deadly, unless of course it is on the end of a bungee - another one of their uses.
Harnesses should be worn at all times, connecting you to the structure of the platform.
This will just ensure that any accidental slip doesn't prove costly.

Again, even with harnesses on, you shouldn't feel too constrained when using the
telescopic boom lift. Discomfort can often slow down your work and cause mistakes,
so ensuring a safe and comfortable environment is vital.

So if you are working in a difficult area and need to access a rooftop or other elevated
structure, a telescopic boom lift might well provide the perfect solution. With huge
reach, 4 wheel drive power and impressive stability there's little reason to consider
anything else.

To ensure that you get the best possible equipment available, visit your local
Telescopic Boom Hire store. Discuss the costs and conditions of operation and ensure
that it is able to match your specific requirements.

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