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Washington State Traffic Violations


									Unlike many other states, the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) does not
have an official points system for drivers who are convicted of traffic violations. This
does not, however, mean that drivers are at liberty to receive a dangerous amount of
traffic violations without harsh penalties. Every violation is added to the drivers
record; repeat offenders can be punished in addition to the original penalties for the

One type of repeat offender is a habitual offender. This means that they receive three
or more convictions of a serious traffic offense within five years; examples include
vehicular assault, participation in a hit and run accident, driving under the influence
(DUI), reckless driving, or trying to elude a police officer. The habitual offenders
drivers license will be suspended. If a driver commits at least twenty less serious
offenses within a five year period, they are in danger of losing their license. Less
serious offenses include drag racing, driving illegally with a suspended or revoked
license, disobeying traffic signals or road signs, negligent driving, distracted driving
while texting, driving on the wrong side or the road, or speeding. If their license is
suspended, the length of suspension depends on the circumstances of the offenses.

To reinstate a suspended license, the driver must meet all of the requirements of their
sentence. In serious cases, such as a DUI, this can include probation, jail time, or
community service. Drivers must pay a fee to regain their license. In some cases,
drivers can attend a driver education school approved by the DOL to reflect positively
back on their driving record. They should also do everything they can to avoid getting
any further traffic convictions by driving safely and obeying traffic laws.

The possibility of a license suspension is one reason that people choose to fight their
traffic tickets. It is much easier to successfully contest a ticket with the help of a
traffic attorney. Most drivers have a better chance of getting a traffic ticket dismissed
if they have a lawyer representing their case.

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