Wall Art Lightens The Room by aihaozhe2


Most interior decorators will advise that bare walls are not what one wants in their
home, especially if he or she wants to entertain family and friends. Although some of
these people will warn that some people can put too many things on their walls,
everyone should have something hanging up. Wall art is the most common form of
personal expression for one's home and has been used since the beginning of man's
first attempt at an established abode.

Archeologists and anthropologists have found indication that people have used at least
drawings to decorate caves during even the earliest times and this is evident in almost
every civilization that has existed. It should be no surprise that art work in the home is
the most utilized form of unspoken expression that people use even to the present day.

What Does Wall Art Encompass

Art comes in many different shapes and sizes whether it be through sculpture,
paintings, weaving, or any other form of expression in which one is creating a theme
or idea. Wall art encompasses almost all of these genres in the fact that almost all
forms of art can be hung on one's walls throughout their home. Some of the more
popular forms come in the woven fabrics called tapestries. Tapestries are one of the
oldest forms of art and are interwoven fibers that produce images of an idea or theme.
Some cultures focused on pastoral images of flowers, rivers, and the great outdoors
that coincided with where the creator of the art lived. Others focused on themes such
as nobility and honor, which are evidenced by the creation of what historians refer to
as medieval tapestries. Tapestries are not the only form of this particular style of art
and again, almost any work of art can fall under this category.

Are Paintings Wall Art

Paintings are a great form of expression to display within the walls of one's home and
have been one of the oldest forms of wall art in existence. Just as Neanderthal man
drew pictures of animals on the interior walls of caves and tents, many people hang
pictures of landscapes and themes to display emotions and personal views still today.
Paintings also come in many different shapes and sizes and are readily available for
purchase from retail outlets as well as online. For those who look for original works,
he or she may consider visiting the small community bazaars and markets that many
towns across the globe incorporate into their works.

This will help one find an original piece of art without having to pay hundreds of
thousands of dollars for that piece. wall art can be purchased for great amounts of
money but they can also be found for little of nothing. One should keep in mind that
what this particular style of art encompasses is all relative to the beholder. Wall art is
basically what one makes it to be. With a little searching, one can find a piece to fit
their needs.

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