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VW Shock- Suspension Trooper


									Too much weight is proven to be a huge burden in the automobile's measure to carry
load. Although many the cars of today are engineered to capacitate heavy weight,
many of the owners forget that their vehicles can only endure a significant amount of
weight and absentmindedly load excessive cargo that damage the car's automotive
mechanism. Furthermore, a vehicle may lose its steering ability that may
consequently lead to accidents. The car's suspension, for example, absorbs weight by
supporting the automobile's chassis. Without good suspension, a vehicle may lose its
ability to stabilize its overall weight and impair its handling.

Because road pavement is far from being perfect, it is necessary to have suspension
that can control the vehicle once it passes through bumps and holes. Before the
production of automobiles, most engineers observe on what is called vehicle
dynamics. These dynamics are road isolation, road holding and cornering. Road
isolation is the vehicle's ability to absorb or isolate road shock from the passenger
compartment. Road holding is how the car maintains contact with the road surface in
various directional changes. Cornering, on the other hand, is the ability of a vehicle to
travel a curved path. The automotive suspension must accommodate all these factors,
by which are standards in vehicle manufacture.

One important part of the car suspension is the shock absorber. This device controls
unwanted spring motion through a process known as dampening. This process
happens when vibratory motions are significantly reduced by turning the kinetic
energy of the suspension's movement into heat energy that is consumed through
hydraulic fluid. Acting out as an oil pump, the shock absorber is placed between the
frame of the car and the wheels. When the automobile happens to run over an
irregularity in the road, it causes the suspension spring to coil and uncoil. After this
reaction the energy that is absorbed by the spring is then transferred to the shock

Shock absorbers do live up to their name in terms of function. They really do absorb
the uncontrolled energy of the springs and control the vehicle's bounce. The car
manufacturers of today does recognize the importance of the shock absorber that's
why many of them continually look for ways to reinvent and develop shock absorber
technology. A prime example of an innovative company who tend to the need of a
good shock is VW, the German company that is now the fourth largest automobile
manufacturer in the world. Among the many innovations they came up with, the VW
shock is a world-renowned product of excellence.

VW shocks functions by forcing the hydraulic fluid through the piston valves that are
located inside the assembly as the chassis of the vehicle moves up and down. Great
resistance is established as the valves create a robust force that remarkably resists the
movement of the vehicle. Using the VW shock greatly improves stability and
handling. No matter how rough the road maybe or no matter how much heavy load
the automobile is carrying, the VW shock is sure to provide the comfort that VW is
known for.

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