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					Who can own a Volvo? Anyone. Well, that is if they are willing to shed thousands of
dollars for a Volvo. Good thing, Volvo came up with a vehicle that does not need that
much money. If you have some $22,990 (this is the base price), you can own up the
Volvo S40.

The Volvo S40 is just like any other Volvo out in the market. Upon closer inspection,
though, one would notice that the angles have been softened out. Unlike the 2004
models, the Volvo S40 has a rear that is not quite peaked out. The front fascia is
sleeker and holds more curves. Compared to its siblings, the Volvo S40 is taller, wider,
and shorter. It is unlike the Volvos of times previous that were like boxes. It sports
four doors. There is an easy entry and exit for passengers. Its seats show off beauty
and simplicity. It also holds a five speed manual transmission. The steering wheel is
very sporty looking and holds three spokes.

Meanwhile, whether on extreme conditions or on slow and sleepy town roads or the
speedy and fast life in the city, any Volvo deserves excellent maintenance for it to
offer the best functionality and longevity. Maintenance involves not only taking care
of the parts but it also involves replacing parts that are worn out. Worn out parts could
actually jeopardize the health of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers. Luckily,
it is very easy to find excellent quality replacement Volvo parts nowadays. A simple
search on the Information Superhighway will yield dozens of websites like Volvo
Parts and Used Volvo Parts that offer Volvo parts and Volvo accessories. Volvo Parts
and Used Volvo Parts is one of the leading online stores where owners and enthusiasts
can get guaranteed high quality parts at incredibly low prices. This online store holds
a wide collection of Volvo parts like Volvo S40 parts which includes Volvo brakes,
electrical parts and Volvo body parts that are guaranteed to fit.

Take a chance to place yourself on the driver's seat. You would find a remote control
fob that is very much similar to that of Audi and Jaguar vehicles. However, this time
around, press a button and the key pops out like a switchblade knife. This type of
function makes things easier for the driver. Although there is one problem when
starting the Volvo S40. The ignition switch is actually found almost underneath the
windshield wiper stalk so it means that you would have to more or less use both hands
so as to reach the switch.

If you do try to press on the trunk button, the trunk does not pop up like most trunks
hoods would do. This time, the Volvo S40's button unlocks it. You would be the one to
do the releasing and the raising of the trunk deck. This could prove to be difficult for
some people who are not used to this kind of feature however once you get the hang
of it, it would seem like something that you had already been doing for years and

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