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Throughout history, art has of course always played an important part in shaping how
people think and act. In Soviet history, this was especially important; USSR art
proved just how much impact art could have if it was used for the agenda of a
political party. In this case the Communist regime used posters and pictures to
embody the ideals of the Soviet regime, and to further the agenda of the party through
USSR art.
In the earliest days of the Russian Revolution, artists were still drawing and painting
largely for aesthetic purposes, but when the revolutionaries came to power, they
started putting artists to work creating posters and pictures to use in USSR art. This
was meant to push ideas into peoples' heads and tell them just what they they were
supposed to think with Communism by subtly influencing them with these posters.
Indeed, it worked to a degree, and people started to fear the Communist regime as
they realized the true power of this USSR art.
While the posters and pictures seen in Soviet and USSR art might seem strange to us
now, they were powerful and commanding at the time of their creation. These posters
were distributed throughout Russia and intended to convey one specific concept of the
Communist party. They often portrayed political figures as heroes, intended to inspire
people or make them believe that Stalinist leaders were heroic figures. In reality, these
leaders were ruling through terror and violence, and these USSR art works do well to
remind us just what can happen if a party gets too powerful.
The Communist era and the time of the USSR left a black mark on history, but it is
very important to remember, and the posters and works from this time period serve to
remind us. They also show us just how powerful art can be when it comes to shaping
peoples' beliefs and ideas, as they did with Communist propaganda. In fact, the
Communist party can be noted as one of the most influential political propaganda
units of all time. They knew how to use so many different mediums like USSR art to
spread their ideas that it is almost unbelievable just how successful they were.
Ultimately, the Communist period is a very dark time to remember, but any serious
collector of art, especially Russian art, should be aware of it. USSR art plays an
undeniably important part in showing us just how powerful art itself can be, and how
dangerous political parties can shape and twist it to further their own agendas. It is a
reminder of what we must never let happen again, and a demonstration of how human
creativity can be warped and twisted into a deadly and destructive thing. However, not
all the posters of this time were meant to be harmful, and some are quite creative in
their own right, which is why we should still appreciate them in the current time while
maintaining sensitivity towards those who suffered under the Communist regime and
its USSR art.

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