Using The Disney Princesses As Role Models For Girls

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Belle, an intellectual teen living in a small village in France, beloved by her father and
revered for her beauty by all the villagers, was humble. Her name means "beauty" in
French, but she didn't realize she was beautiful because she always had her nose in a
book. She had handsome men falling at her feet, but she would rather learn. Belle
showed strength and courage as she entered an agreement to live in a castle with a
beast to save the life of her father. She easily looked beyond the Beast's outward
appearance and found something in him that was gentle and that she loved. Because
of her love, the Beast's life was saved and a spell broken. Belle is a positive role
model because she is smart, witty, strong and teaches young girls to not strive for
outer beauty, but to seek for the beauty that comes from within.

Ariel is another example of a strong willed teenager. She was extremely driven and
would not let anyone stand in the way of her dreams. She was a mermaid and her goal
was to obtain legs. While seemingly an impossible feat, she found a way to trade her
beautiful singing voice for legs. In an amazing feat, she learned how to walk, to help
others, and to find her one true love. Ariel and her drive teaches little girls to never
give up on their dreams even if they may seem impossible. The impossible seems
possible when Ariel is around.

Snow White was kind and loving towards animals and those less fortunate. As the
most beautiful in the land, she did not love herself most, she loved the Seven Dwarfs
and served them kindly and patiently. She was trusting of an old hag and it later led to
her near death experience, but was quickly revived by her Prince. Snow White teaches
us to look for the best in others and to not be self-centered, to turn our thoughts to
what others needs are before our own.

Cinderella, beloved by her father and destined to be a queen was another example of
humility. Even though she was a princess, she was forced unfairly to do menial labor
at the hand of her step mother and step sisters after her father died. She gracefully
endured her situation until her Fairy Godmother came to her rescue and helped her
arrive at the Ball in style. Prince Charming unraveled the mystery and asked her to
marry him. Cinderella teaches young girls to never give up and that your situation
does not define you.

Lastly, Sleeping Beauty or Aurora teaches us that destiny is certain, but there are those
waiting in the wings to help us through our greatest trials. She had complete faith that
she would in the end emerge as a true princess. While seemingly dead, others also had
faith in her that the curse could be reversed. Sleeping Beauty teaches us to have faith
through our greatest trials and to accept help from the angels who live among us. She
also teaches us to be kind to animals and to be brave enough to be rescued by the one
we love most dearly.