Raindrop Therapy INSTANT PAIN RELIEF IN MINUTES OR LESS bronchitis by mikeholy


									Raindrop Therapy- “INSTANT PAIN

   If you suffer from back pain,
please take 5 minutes to read what
might be the most important message
you could ever read.

   In the next few pages, I reveal
to Back Pain Sufferers How I Have
Complete Control of my Back Pain in
a Quick and Easy Treatment.

    “I have always had scoliosis. It wasn’t
really painful until I had my first baby,
who was 9.2 lbs. YIKES!! My second baby was
9.4 lbs. Double YIKES!!

    After kid #1, I would get extremely
painful lower back and left hip, it seemed
like my middle back was always tight and I
would get headaches a minimum of 2-3 times
per week. (No Fun!!!)

    The headaches seemed to come from my left
side of my neck and they would pound so bad,
all I wanted someone to do was just cut my
head off!! (No Joke!!) Then at least I
wouldn’t feel it. Have you ever felt like

    I was told by my Chiropractor that I
would need to see him 1-2 times per week.
Are you kidding me? That’s like $320.00 a

    Since I am a massage therapist, I had
learned a few tricks for pain of my own. I
was using a technique I had picked up at a
few seminars called Raindrop Therapy.

    I had been using this technique on my
clients. When they would report that their
pain in their back would drop to minimal
pain # on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the
worst, and most of them would say that their
pain would be COMPLETELY GONE by the end of
the session.

    I knew when I saw this happen to just
about EVERY person I had done this on; I had
to try it out for myself!!

    Finally I made my first appointment with
a colleague to do this Raindrop Therapy on
me the day after I saw one of my
client’s serious “s” curve on their
had done Raindrop Therapy on them.
    I recall my pain level was a 6 on a 1-10
scale before my Raindrop session.
   My pain level dropped to a 2 in
20 minutes and by the end of the
session my pain was completely
    Now I try to have a Raindrop Therapy done
on me at least once a week….And I am still

    “My friends thought I was crazy when I
said I was controlling my back pain with
Now they want to know the secret that has me
keeping up with my 2 boys again!!!”

   Some Problems Back Pain Sufferers Face…
      1 Dependency for over the counter
      2 Expensive chiropractor visits.
      3 Dependency for Prescription Drugs;
        like pain killers and muscle
      4 New beds- These may or may not work.
        (It didn’t for me!)
      5 Risky Surgery.
      6 Poor quality of life because you
        can’t physically do everything you
        want to.
      7 Taking time off of work.
      8 You ask yourself…”Is it going to get
        worse?” “What if I have to quit
   Who else wants the secret remedy
for scoliosis and sciatica?
    Aren’t you tired of the man in the white
coat pulling out the prescription pad or
sharpening the scalpel?

    FACE IT!!! There is no “Magic Pill” and
is cutting you open really going to solve

    Is your boss on edge because you can’t
make it to work because you “pulled some
muscle” doing the job that you SOULD be
doing right now? It’s not that you DON’T
WANT   to   go    to   work…..(Well, that’s
debatable, no one REALLY WANTS to work, but
that’s another story!!)

    But if you were totally healthy and out
of pain, you would go to work.

   Don’t you wish you could sleep
so good, a Mack Truck could crash
into your bedroom and you wouldn’t
be woken up? And in the morning you get
out of bed totally recharged like a brand
new you?

    Wouldn’t it be nice to take control of
your life again? In 100% Pain Control!

    So, claim your active lifestyle back!!
You can start going to the gym again and get
back into shape. You could try a new sport,
or just have enough energy and feel good
enough to take your kids to all of their
sports!! You can play with your kids or your
grandkids  more!!   You  can   elevate  your
mood!!! It’s hard to be happy when you are
in pain!!!

    Best of all, no need for all the
dangerous surgeries or the addictive drugs
or the expensive chiropractic visits. And,
anyone can do this for themselves and their
family; it’s that easy and affordable!!

Q:   So  what   can             Raindrop
Therapy do for me?

A:   Based on the statistical data we have
accumulated,  most  subjects  who  received
Raindrop Therapy were extremely satisfied
with their results reporting a dramatic
decrease in pain and increase in overall

    A study conducted on real live patients
receiving   during   October,   November, and
December of 2001 found some very exciting
results. The data bellow was taken from the
book: “A Statistical Validation to Raindrop
Technique” By Dr. David Stewart, PhD, RA.
Out of a total of 416 patients that had
received Raindrop (Total Raindrops given
were   3,584);   the    following   data  was
collected from the patients           and    what   they
perceived and expressed:

a. Positive           Neutral           Negative
    97.0%             2.5%              0.5%

b. Pleasant           Neutral            Unpleasant
    97.9%             1.4%               0.4%

c. Resulted in       No Perceptible       Resulted in
    Healing           Results           Harm or Injury
    15.9%             83.9%              0.2%

d. Felt Better        No Change          Felt Worse
    Afterwards        In Feeling         Afterwards
    97.7%             1.4%               0.9%

e. Health            No Change              Health got
  Improved           in Health              Worse
    89.1%            10.9%                  0.0%

f. Emotional State      No Change        Emotional
    Improved         in Emotions        State Worsened
     86.2%             13.4%              0.4%

g. Would Receive      Maybe So            Would Never
   It Again           Maybe Not       Receive it Again
    99.9%             0.1%                0.0%

    Out of the small percentages of people that had
any negative experiences, these were some of the
reasons that they reported negative: (Listed in
order of frequency, the first being the most
frequently mentioned.

Please note: These are quite common experiences to
have   and   are   usually   associated   with   a
detoxification process and/or the killing off of
harmful bacteria or viruses that may be present in
the body or the spine.)

    Unpleasant Experiences Reported:
    1. Burning sensation on the skin
    2. Skin Rashes
    3. Nausea
    4. Headaches
    5. Tiredness afterwards

    Perceived Benefits Reported:
    (Listed in order of frequency, the first
    being the most frequently mentioned)
    1. Removed back pain
    2. Stopped cold or flu
    3. Euphoria
    4. Felt energized
    5. Relieved stress or anxiety
    6. General reduction of pain
    The following is a sample of other
    perceived benefits reported (not in any
    particular order):
    7. Experienced detoxification
    8. Correction of scoliosis
    9. relief of sciatica
    10. Lower blood pressure
    11. Relief from arthritis
    12. Helped alleviate migraines or
        recurring headaches
    13. Lowered cholesterol
    14. Helped insomnia
    15. Relief of allergies
    16. Relief of asthma and respiratory
   17. Relief from depression
   18. Increased bodily movement
   19. Mitigated side effects of

    Our subjects reported that in addition to
the above mentioned, that those who used
Raindrop Therapy on their kids got sick less
if not at all, and had less sick days at
school and avoided the need for
antibiotics!! That’s a plus right there. All
parents I’m talking to defiantly know that
having to take time off of work to take care
of sick kids, just plain sucks!!

    But, you can see by the data that I have
provided for you that even the small
percentage of folks that seemed to have less
than satisfactory results, 99.9% would
receive Raindrop Therapy again!!!

   I am confident that you will
be very pleased with your
results and will want to make
receiving Raindrop a lifestyle!!
   Q: So, What is Raindrop Therapy?

   A:  Raindrop Therapy is a series of
different therapeutic-grade essential oils
dropped on the spine and then feathered in
with fingertips. The essential oils used are
a brand called Young Living who is known for
their exceptionally high quality essential
oils. I’ll have to say that I have not found
another essential oil company that has even
com close to the superior quality that Young
Living has.

    The essential oils in the Raindrop
Therapy Kit include:

       Helps balance electrical energies within the body, giving courage,
confidence, and self-esteem. It has been found to help the body self-correct
its balance and alignment giving relief of pain. The oils in this blend empower
the physical and spiritual bodies to overcome fear and opposition when facing
adversity. It helps build courage, confidence, and self-esteem. Valor has been
touted as a chiropractor in a bottle. It has improved scoliosis for some in as
little as 30 minutes, while other individuals require several applications.
Valor has also been shown to change anaerobic-mutated cells back to their
aerobic natural state.


       Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) is soothing and nourishing to the skin. It
has been researched at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah for its inhibition
rate against gram positive and gram negative bacterial growth. This oil is
soothing, creates elasticity, and helps the skin rid itself of irritations and
problems, such as candida. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal,
anti-viral, and antiparasitic.
       Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) may help cleanse the liver and calm the
lymphatic system helping one to overcome anger and negative emotions promoting
a feeling of self-control. Its primary constituents are limonene and
sesquiterpenes. European research shows that it works as an antihistamine,
anti-inflammatory, and stimulant for the thymus gland reducing dermatitis,
arthritis, sciatica, tuberculosis, and allergies.

       Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) is considered a holy anointing oil in
the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of
years. High in sesquiterpenes, it helps stimulate the limbic part of the brain,
which elevates the mind, helping to overcome stress and despair. It is used in
European medicine to combat depression.
       Spruce (Picea mariana) helps to open and release emotional blocks,
bringing about a feeling of balance and grounding. Traditionally, spruce oil
was believed to possess the frequency of prosperity. Spruce is anti-infectious,
antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory.

      Carrier Oil: Almond oil.

             Aroma siez
       This special blend may help relax, calm, and relieve tight, sore, tired,
and aching muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue, or stress. It may
also help to relieve headaches or charley horses.


       Basil (Ocimum basilicum) can be relaxing to smooth muscles (the
involuntary muscles including the heart and digestive system). It may soothe
insect bites such as, bees, wasps, and spiders, and may also help with
snakebites. Basil has been found to alleviate mental fatigue, muscle spasms and
rhinitis, and help when there is a loss of smell due to nasal congestion.
       Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is one of the oils most used for the
circulatory and lymphatic systems. It may help with edema, cellulite, varicose
veins, and water retention. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial,
antimicrobial, mucolytic, antiseptic, refreshing, and relaxing. It may help
improve the cardiovascular system and circulation as well as help relieve other
lymphatic and capillary problems.

       Marjoram (Origanum majorana) is used for calming the respiratory system
and soothing sore and aching muscles. Marjoram helps regenerate smooth muscle
tissue, and assists in relieving spasms, sprains, bruises, migraine headaches
and calming the nerves. It is antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antibacterial,
antiseptic and may work as a diuretic.
       Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is known as the universal oil because
of its wide range of usage. It is beneficial for skin conditions such as,
burns, rashes, and psoriasis. It is antispasmodic, hypotensive, anti-
inflammatory, anti-infectious, and anticoagulant. It prevents scarring, stretch
marks, and relieves headaches and PMS symptoms.

       Peppermint (Mentha piperita) contains a large amount of menthol, which
accounts for most of its therapeutic action. It is xtremely invigorating. It is
one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Jean
Valnet, M.D. studied the beneficial effects of peppermint on the liver and
respiratory systems. Other scientists have researched its effect on impaired
taste and smell as well as improved concentration and mental accuracy. Alan
Hirsch, M.D., studied peppermint’s ability to directly affect the brain’s
satiety center, triggering a sensation of fullness after meals, which may help
in weight loss by curbing the appetite (Hirsch, 1997). Daniel Penöél, M.D.,
reports that it may help to reduce fevers, candida, nausea, vomiting, and
strengthen the respiratory system. Adding peppermint to drinking water helps
cool body temperature during hot weather.
       Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint).
       Plant Origin: Utah, Turkey, France.
       Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves and flowers.
       Chemical Constituents: Monoterpenes (25%): á and â.pinenes, myrcene;
Sesquiterpenes; Monoterpenols: linalol; Monoterpene phenols (60-72%):
carvacrol, thymol: Phenols: methyl chavicol; Monoterpene ketones: camphor.

       Action: Powerful anti-infectious agent (for respiratory, intestines,
genital, nerves, blood, and lymphatics) with large-spectrum action against
bacteria, mycobacteria, fungus, virus, and parasites. It is a general tonic and
immune stimulant.
       Found In: ImmuPower, and Legacy.
       Indications: Asthma, bronchitis (chronic), mental disease, pulmonary
tuberculosis, rheumatism (chronic), and whooping cough.
       Other Uses: This oil may help respiratory infections, digestion problems,
balance metabolism, viral and bacterial pneumonia, respiratory system problems,
and strengthen the vital centers.

        Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint).
       Plant Origin: Utah, Idaho, France .
       Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves, stems, and flowers.
       Chemical Constituents: Monoterpenols:
       geraniol; Terpene esters: geraniol acetate.
       Action: Highly antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, uterine tonic,
       Traditional Uses: Thyme has been used for respiratory problems, digestive
complaints, the prevention and treatment of infection, gastritis, bronchitis,
pertussis, asthma, laryngitis, and tonsillitis. The Egyptians used thyme for

       Indications: Asthma, bronchitis, colitis, cystitis, dermatitis, anthrax,
fatigue (general), pleurisy, psoriasis, sciatica, tuberculosis, vaginal
       Other Uses: This oil is a general tonic for the nerves and stomach. It
may also help with bacterial infections, respiratory infections, circulation,
depression, digestion, headaches, insomnia, rheumatism, urinary infections, and
viruses along the spine.
       Application: Apply topically mixed with massage oil.
       Fragrant Influence: It may be beneficial in helping to overcome fatigue
and exhaustion after illness.
       Safety Data: If currently under a doctor’s care or pregnant, consult
physician prior to use.

       Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint).
      Plant Origin: Egypt, India, Utah, France.
      Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves, stems, and flowers.

       Chemical Constituents: Methyl chavicol (70-75%), 12-14% linalol; Terpene
alcohols: linalol, citronnellol; Terpene esters: fenchyle acetate, linalyl
acetate: Phenols: eugenol: Phenols methylethers (90%): methyl chavicol (85-
88%), methyl eugenol: Ketones: camphor; Oxides: 1,8 cineol.

       Action: Powerful antispasmodic, anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-
inflammatory, decongestant (veins, arteries of the lungs, prostate), and
       Traditional Uses: Used extensively in traditional Asian Indian medicine,
basil’s name is derived from “basileum,” the Greek name for king. In the 16th
century, the powdered leaves were inhaled to treat migraines and chest
infections. The Hindu people put basil sprigs on the chests of the dead to
protect them from evil spirits. Italian women wore basil to attract possible

       Indications: Migraines, mental fatigue, and scanty menstrual periods.
       Other Uses: Basil is relaxing to both striated and smooth muscles,
soothing for insect bites, and stimulating to the sense of smell. It may help
bronchitis and chest infections.
       Application: Apply basil to tip of nose, on temples, and on location of
stings and bites. For mental fatigue, inhale first, then apply to crown of
head, forehead, heart, and navel. May be added to food or water as a dietary

       Fragrant Influence: Helps with mental fatigue.
       Safety Data: If currently under a doctor’s care or pregnant, consult
physician prior to use. Do not use if epileptic. Skin test for sensitivity.
       Companion Oils: Bergamot, wintergreen/birch, cypress, geranium, lavender,
lemongrass, and marjoram.

       Botanical Family: Cupressaceae (cypress).
      Plant Origin: France, Spain.
      Extraction Method: Steam distilled from branches.
      Chemical Constituents: Monoterpenes: á -pinene; Sesquiterpenes;
Sesquiterpenols; Diterpenols.

       Action: Improves circulation and supports the nerves and intestines.
Anti-infectious, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and strengthens blood
capillaries. Acts as an insect repellent.
       Traditional Uses: Cypress is one of the oils most used for the
circulatory system.
       Indications: Arthritis, bronchitis, circulation, cramps, hemorrhoids,
insomnia, intestinal parasites, menopausal problems, menstrual pain, pancreas
insufficiencies, pulmonary infections, rheumatism, spasms, tuberculosis, throat
problems, varicose veins, and fluid retention. Jean Valnet, M.D. suggests that
it may be helpful for some cancers.

       Other Uses: This oil may be beneficial for asthma, strengthening blood
capillary walls, reducing cellulite, circulatory system, strengthening
connective tissue, coughs, edema, improving energy, gallbladder, bleeding gums,
hemorrhaging, laryngitis, liver disorders, muscular cramps, nervous tension,
nose bleeds, and ovarian cysts. It is outstanding when used in skin care,
lessening scar tissue.
       Application: Use topically with a massaging action toward the center of
the body. Apply where you would wear a deodorant.

       Fragrant Influence: Cypress influences, strengthens, and helps ease the
feeling of loss. It creates a feeling of security, grounding, and it helps heal
emotional trauma.
       Safety Data: If currently under a doctor’s care or pregnant, consult
physician prior to use.

        Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint).
       Plant Origin: France.
       Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves.
       Chemical Constituents: Monoterpenes (40%): á and â.pinenes, myrcene;
Sesquiterpenes; Monoterpenols (50%): linalol; Terpene esters: terpenyle
acetates, geranyle acetates.
       Action: Anti-infectious, antibacterial, dilates blood vessels, regulates
blood pressure, soothes muscles, promotes intestinal peristalsis, tones the
parasympathetic nervous system, and supports respiratory system.

       Traditional Uses: Marjoram was known as the “herb of happiness” to the
Romans and “joy of the mountains” to the Greeks. It was believed to increase
       Indications: Aches, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, indigestion,
constipation, cramps, insomnia, migraine headaches, neuralgia, rheumatism, and

       Other Uses: Marjoram may be relaxing and calming to the muscles that
constrict and sometimes contribute to headaches. It may help anxiety, nervous
tension, bruises, burns, sores, cuts, circulatory disorders, respiratory
infections, fungal and viral infections, menstrual problems, ringworm,
shingles, shock, sores, spasms, sunburns, and fluid retention.
       Application: Diffuse or apply topically. Massage to calm stressed
muscles. Add to food or water as a dietary supplement or flavoring.
      Fragrant Influence: Assists in calming the nerves.

      Botanical Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint).
      Plant Origin: North America.
      Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves, stems, and flower buds.

       Chemical Constituents: Monoterpenes: á pinene, â.pinene, limonene:
Monoterpenols: menthol (38-48%); Monoterpenones: menthone (20-30%); Terpene
oxides: 1,8 cineol; Terpene esters: menthol acetate; Coumarins, Sulfurs:
       Action: Anticarcinogenic, supports digestion, expels worms, decongestant,
antiinfectious, antibacterial, antifungal, mucolytic, stimulant, hypertensive,
cardiotonic, stimulates gallbladder, pain-relieving, expectorant, and anti-
inflammatory for the intestinal and urinary tract. It can heighten or restore
the sense of taste by stimulating the trigeminal nerve.

       Traditional Uses: Peppermint is one of the oldest and most highly
regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Jean Valnet, M.D., studied peppermint’s
effect on the liver and respiratory systems. Other scientists have also
researched peppermint’s role in affecting impaired taste and smell when
inhaled. Dr. William N. Dember of the University of Cincinnati studied
peppermint’s ability to improve concentration and mental accuracy. Alan Hirsch,
M.D., studied peppermint’s ability to directly affect the brain’s satiety
center (the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus) which triggers a
sensation of fullness after meals.

       Indications: Asthma, bronchitis, candida, diarrhea, digestive aid,
reduces fever, halitosis, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hot flashes, indigestion,
menstrual irregularity, headaches, motion sickness, nausea, tumor growth,
respiratory infections, shock, itchy skin, throat infections, and varicose
       Other Uses: This oil may help arthritis, indigestion, depression, skin
conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis), food poisoning, headaches, hives,
hysteria, inflammation, morning sickness, nerve regeneration, rheumatism,
elevate and open sensory system, toothaches, and tuberculosis.

       Application: Diffuse. Massage on the stomach or add to water or tea.
Apply to bottom of feet or rub on the temples to treat headaches. To improve
concentration, alertness, and memory, place several drops on the tongue. Add
to food as a flavoring and preservative.
       Fragrant Influence: It is purifying and stimulating to the conscious
       Safety Data: If currently under a doctor’s care or pregnant, consult
physician prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes, mucus membranes, or sensitive
skin areas. Do not apply neat to a fresh wound or burn.
              Botanical Family: Betulaceae.

      Plant Origin: Canada, Scandinavia.

       Extraction Method: Steam distilled from wood.
       Chemical Constituents: Esters: methyl salicylate (98%)
       Action: Analgesic, antispasmodic, antiinflammatory, liver stimulant, and
supports bone function.

       Traditional Uses: Leaves have been chewed to increase respiratory
capacity by Native Americans when running long distances and performing
difficult labor. Settlers in early America had their children chew the leaves
for several weeks each spring to prevent tooth decay. Wintergreen was used as a
substitute for black tea during the Revolutionary War.
       Indications: Arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, muscular pain,
tendonitis, hypertension, and for cramps. Contains an active principle similar
to cortisone and is beneficial for bone, muscle, and joint discomfort.

       Other Uses: Wintergreen oil may be beneficial for cystitis, acne, bladder
infection, gout, gall stones, edema, eczema, osteoporosis, skin diseases,
ulcers, and urinary tract disorders.
       Application: Wintergreen oil is safest to apply after diluting with
massage oil or V-6 Mixing Oil. It also may be applied neat to the bottom of
the feet. For baths, add 3 to 5 drops to bath water with ½ oz. of Bath Gel
       Fragrant Influence: It stimulates and increases awareness in all levels
of the sensory system.

       Safety Data: If currently under a doctor’s care or pregnant, consult
physician prior to use. Do not use if epileptic. Skin test for allergies.

            Ortho Ease      is designed to soothe muscle aches, sports
injuries, sprains, and minor swelling. It was created after extensive testing
and has been used in European hospitals.


       Wheatgerm Oil - a rich and lush oil high in lecithin, vitamin E, and B
       Grape seed Oil - light-textured and odorless, it is nourishing to the
skin and is an excellent carrier for essential oils.
       Sweet Almond Oil - reduces friction and promotes smooth application
during massage.
       Olive Oil - a moisturizing agent in many organic cosmetics that will not
clog pores.
      Vitamin E - protects skin and cell membranes against oxidative damage.

       Wintergreen/birch - contains an active principle similar to cortisone and
is beneficial for massage associated with bone, muscle, and joint discomfort.
       Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma and/or J.
       scopulorum) - is stimulating to the nerves and beneficial for the skin.
Works as a detoxifier and cleanser.
       Marjoram (Origanum majorana) - used for soothing the muscles and the
respiratory system. It also assists in calming the nerves. It is antimicrobial
and antiseptic.

       Red Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) - similar to Thymus vulgaris, this oil is
powerfully antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. It is also rubefacient
or warming to the skin.
       Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) - is well-known for its anti-inflammatory
properties and traditionally used for arthritic symptoms. It is psychologically
grounding, calming, and stabilizing.
       Peppermint (Mentha piperita) - has been researched for its ability to
block pain, counteract itching, and combat headaches (Gobel et al., 1996). Jean
Valnet, M.D., studied peppermint’s effect on the liver and respiratory systems.
It is also antifungal and antibacterial.

       Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus ericifolia) - is antibacterial and antifungal.
       Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) - has powerful antifungal properties
that were documented in the journal Phytotherapy Research.

            V-6 Mixing Oil       is a mixture of nourishing, antioxidant
vegetable oils that makes an ideal carrier for essential oils. It facilitates
the penetration of essential oils into the skin.


       Olive Oil - a moisturizing agent in many organic cosmetics, the
properties of olive oil also lend themselves to homeopathic applications.
       Sesame Seed Oil - contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, lecithin, and
natural vegetable proteins that soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis and
       Grape seed Oil - light-textured and odorless, it is nourishing to the
skin and is an excellent carrier for essential oils.
       Sweet Almond Oil - this nourishing oil is well suited for massage, aiding
in a smooth application while reducing friction.

       Sunflower Seed Oil - compatible with the skin’s natural oils and sebum,
it is suitable to a variety of skin types.
       Wheatgerm Oil - a rich and lush-textured oil high in lecithin, vitamin E,
and B vitamins.
       Vitamin E - protects skin and cell membranes against oxidative damage.

      Q: Why use essential oils?
   A: Some of the benefits of
essential oils include….
          1 Essential oils are the highest
            source of oxygen, ozone, and
            negative ions.
          2 No Virus, Bacteria, Fungus,
            Parasite, and even Cancer can live
            in an Oxygen rich, Ozone rich, or
            Negative Ion rich Environment!!
          3 Can raise the oxygen in the body
            up to 21%.
          4 They are Anti-viral, Anti-
            bacterial, Anti-microbial, Anti-
            fungal, Anti-germicidal, and Anti-
          5 Highest source of antioxidant
            properties which gives you the
            best way to combat Free Radicals
            which are the cause of disease and
            premature aging.
          6 Powerful pain killing properties.
          7 Powerful Anti-inflammatory and
            Anti-spasmodic properties.
          8 Anti-depressant properties.

Q: Why use therapeutic-grade
essential oils, why can’t I just go
to the health food store and get
some there?
A: The importance of quality is
essential when it comes to
essential oils.

Why would you put poisonous/cancer
causing chemicals on your body like
those oils that come from the
health food store?

    There are only 2% of essential oils produced in
the world that are produced for therapeutic use.
That means that the other 98% of essential oils
that are on the market are produced from the
perfume industry and are only 5% of real essential
oil and the rest is cut and adulterated with 95%
chemical solvents that are colorless and odorless.
Diethalpthalte and Dipropolene Glycol are just a
few that are used and have been linked to cancer of
the uterus, ovaries and breast. In other words,
they are just plain crap!!

    Young Living has “in-house” testing abilities
this is extremely expensive for most companies and
many bypass this important step because of the
cost. They claim that they have developed a “trust”
with the farmers or the distilleries. This is just
a bunch of B.S. You cannot promise purity on
anything you buy based on just “trust”.
Face it!    These farmers and distilleries already
know that they can make back 1,000 times their own
cost if they only bend the rules a little.

    The sad part about all of this is
these companies actually have the right
to put on their essential oil label
“100% Pure” and it really only has 5%
of real essential oil in it.
 How Deceitful!!!!
    The only person so far that I have come to know
that saw this problem and knew that we needed to
have quality was a gentleman by the name of Dr.
Gary Young, the president of Young Living. He knew
that if he did not start to build his own farms and
growing his own plants, and finding distilleries to
build joint ventures with, there would not be any
therapeutic grade essential oils in 20 years. It
would all be gone.

    If the essential oils tested at Young Living do
not meet the extremely strict AFNOR standard (a
French standard that requires that you test each
chemical constituent of an essential oil which can
be anywhere from 80 to 300 different constituents,
ad it must be in a certain percentage range) if
even 1 constituent does not meet the standard, the
entire essential oil batch will either be thrown
out if it is grown in a Young Living farm, or if it
came from a joint venture distillery, they will
send it back and will not buy. It’s that simple!

    Young Living is the only company meeting these
extremely strict standards.

    They are so safe that you can even take them
internally!! All of Young Living’s essential oils
that are on the GRAS list (generally regarded as
safe for internal use by the FDA) bottle labels
have a Supplement Facts.

WARNING:    You DO NOT ever want to take an
essential oil internally or apply it topically if
it is not a Therapeutic Grade essential oil. This
is extremely dangerous and can make you very, very
ill!!! Please know where you are getting your oils
Q: How do the essential oils work
in the Raindrop Therapy?

A:  Essential oils are lipid soluble. This means
that they have the ability to go through the
cellular walls of the body.

Essential Oils Work FAST!!

    After topical application, the essential oil
starts to affect every cell of the human body
within 21 seconds. After 21 minutes they are at
their peak of effectiveness. And in 2 ½ hours there
is no more chemical residue left in the body, but
the effects can last for months. This means that
you cannot overdose on essential oils.

    By affecting the cells, they go through the
cellular walls and deliver oxygen and nutrients
inside the cell. This begins the healing process of
the tissue and starts the regeneration process.

    During this time the essential oils will
reestablish alkaline balance in the body and they
will kill any viruses and bacteria that are
present. This is because of the essential oils
being the highest source of oxygen and viruses and
bacteria cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.

Warning: You may not receive the full benefit of
Raindrop Therapy if you….

               1   Drink Soda Pop
               2   Eat Microwave Cooked Foods
               3   Eat a high sugar diet
               4   Drink Alcohol
               5   Use recreational drugs
               6   Smoke cigarettes
               7   Eat trans fats
               8 Don’t drink enough water
               9 Use chemical soaps or lotions or
                 perfumes (the essential oils will
                 detect these toxins in your body
                 and in your skin and could cause
                 a rash.)

    It would be your highest choice to remove all
poisons from your life style, regardless if you
ever use the Raindrop Therapy Kit or not. These are
toxins that are compromising to your health.

    Although, it is all about choice and you are
going to do as you please. Even though many of our
subjects may have used one or more of the above
listed and still received enjoyable results, it
really would be a good idea to consider eliminating
from the “No-No List” what you might be currently
doing and also to tell your friends and family to
do so as well.

    This is especially important if you have kids
to be sure they are living a clean life. I mention
this part only because I truly care about people
and I am passionate in what I believe in.

    The reason to consider what I just said is the
essential oils with the Raindrop Therapy is
extremely detoxifying and you will miss out on a
lot of other benefits if all the essential oils can
do during your Raindrop is detox you. The cleaner
your body is when receiving Raindrop, the more pain
reducing benefits you will have.

    Also, Sugar, Pop, Trans fats, Foods cooked in
microwaves, and drugs over the counter or
recreational are acid forming which causes an
extreme inflammatory response in the body.

    I am more than happy to answer any specific
questions about anything I just mentioned. Do you
need more proof? More info? Feel free to fax your
question to me at 303-989-0082. Be sure to leave
your Name and Number and your question and I’ll get
back to you personally as soon as possible.

Q: How does the Raindrop Therapy
help Scoliosis?

A:  Do Infections Cause Scoliosis and Sciatica?
    A growing amount of scientific research shows
that certain microorganisms lodge near the spinal
cord and contribute to deformities. Studies at
Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland,
linked virus-like particles to scoliosis.

    And the Researchers at the University of Bonn
have also found the varicella zoster virus can
lodge in the spinal ganglia throughout life.

Research in 2001 found that the existence of
infectious microorganisms actually cause spine pain
and inflammation!

    Also, vaccines made from live viruses have been
linked to spinal problems. A 1982 study by Pincott
and Taft found a connection between oral
poliomyelitis vaccines and scoliosis.

(For references or more information on these
studies, please fax your request to 303-989-0082)

  The broad-spectrum anti-infectious,
     anti-bacterial and anti-viral
properties of the essential oils in the
Raindrop Therapy Kit have been show to
  be extremely effective in killing off
 viruses and bacteria that may be in the
    body and in the spine that are the
  cause of the pain and inflammation in
     the spine; and for scoliosis and
   Here’s what some people are
saying about Raindrop Therapy…..
(The following testimonies have been collected by a
public website that people can log into and submit
their testimonies to have open to the public. You
may feel free to do the same or just verify that
these are real life people that wanted to share how
pleased they were with their results!! Visit

Raindrop Technique affected my Scoliosis
          “I was 'diagnosed' with scoliosis when I was 13. My family physician said it was genetic, and that
there was nothing the medical community could do to help me, but that he would send me to a specialist
Well the specialist took x-rays, and said the exact same thing, 'There's nothing anyone can do about it'.
Very discouraging and scary for a 13 yr old girl. So the years went by and I never had any other ex-rays, or
any follow up exams concerning my back. When I reached 20, the pain started to set in. The muscles
around my neck would get very irritated, tense, and tender. Again, my doctor said, 'Take some muscle
relaxants'. Again, with no help from the medical community, in turn did nothing to stop the pain or resolve
the issue. Now at the age of 24, I reached a point where I couldn't take another day without some kind of
relief. My fiancée would gently crack my back in the areas which I told him to, to relieve some of the
discomfort. I had him do this almost twice a night for 3 months or more. I went for my first Raindrop
Technique and Vita Flex therapy session about 3 months ago, and go about every second week. From the
VERY FIRST SESSION, I HAVE FINALLY BEEN PAIN FREE!! I have absolutely no discomfort!
Not only has the pain disappeared %100, but my back in getting better. I have been given the answers and
the tools I was always looking for. When I used to lie down, there would have been about a 3-4inch
(maybe even more?!) difference between one side of my rib cage to the other. Now, it has gone down to be
almost even, within 2 months! Today I am still pain free. I receive a treatment every 2 wks, and still apply
some of the oils at home as well, to promote and maintain a healthier, pain free lifestyle. I have thought
very carefully about writing this and am still absolutely speechless when it comes to what the
Raindrop Technique, and the Young Living essential oils has done to help me. WOW!”

                                                                               -Meghan Rodin

Raindrop for sciatic nerve problems
            “I had lower back pain & pain down my right leg getting progressively worse over a period of
six months. Couldn't walk, stand, sit, and sleep without strong meds. I had a MRI and the Dr said the disk
between my 4th & 5th lumbar was inflamed & scheduled me to have cortisone injections under x-ray &
under anesthetic. I decided to see if raindrop treatment would help ~ couldn't hurt. Wow it did help! Two
treatments & I felt 40 percent better & two more treatments & felt 80 percent better. I canceled my
epidural & have a raindrop about once a month for maintance. It has also helped my rheumatoid
                                                                                    -Carol Merritt

Oil intelligence seen in Raindrop session
         “I had long heard that essential oils have 'intelligence' and that they go where they need to
go, especially when applied to the reflex points on the feet via Vita Flex or during Raindrop. Well,
I'm a
'prove-it-to-me' kind of person, so until I experienced it for myself, and saw it in a Raindrop client, I
was skeptical.

My first 'proof' was during my Raindrop training. My neck had been aching off and on for weeks
due to herniated cervical discs. My partner was applying the oils to my spinal reflex points on my
feet, and doing Vita Flex. She had not touched my back or neck yet. I noticed my neck was getting
hot right where that ache was. The oils were already going right where the problem was!!

My second 'proof' was just yesterday as I was doing a Raindrop for a client. When we talked
afterwards, she told me that she could feel the oils 'going to' her jaw and 'loosening' her TMJ!! Yes,
the oils really do go where they need to go and do what God designed them to do!”

                                                                        -Kathy Laflamme

Raindrop Technique helped crushed foot
        “I am new to Young Living. I immediately became interested in
the Raindrop Technique. I ordered the kit, along with the video, and I
was very impressed with how easy it is to follow along and perform the
technique while the video is running. I first gave my daughter the
Raindrop Technique, then my 2 year old grand daughter, my sister, my 87
year old mother, and then a family friend. All the above very much
enjoyed the relaxation of the Technique, but the family friend, well,
that is why I am writing this. You see, she was in a car accident about
8 years ago, and crushed her right foot. She has 'railroad tracks', as
she calls them (staple marks) across the top of her foot where they
reconstructed her foot. Since that time, she has not been able to move
her foot in an up and down movement or side to side, and even the
slightest touch sent her screaming in agony according to her husband.
After I performed the Raindrop Technique on her feet (yes, she allowed
me to touch her right foot after I did her left foot) and back, she sat
up....and in amazement she moved her foot up, down, side to side, and
even around in a circle! She couldn't believe it! She had no pain in
her foot! Her husband and 2 children were equally amazed and very happy
for her. Her husband, who has never had a massage, now wants me to
perform the Raindrop Technique on him! I talked to our friend a couple
of nights ago, and she still has no pain in her foot! It has been
almost 2 weeks since she had the Raindrop!”

                                                                         -Marcia Durham

Raindrop offers respiratory aid
          “My nephew was diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday night. I offered
to perform raindrop technique on him and did so for the next 4 days. Monday (5th
day) he went back to the doctor and there was NO pneumonia. The doctor was very
surprised. I guess we all have to draw our own conclusions but I was impressed and so
was he!”
                                                                            -Terry Todd

Raindrop Technique for Scoliosis
            “After one treatment of the Raindrop Technique I noticed something had changed in
my back. I felt like I was using different muscles, the muscles felt like they were more relaxed &
further away from the spine. During the treatment red dots came up on my spine where it was
curved (possibly a virus that had been residing in my spine coming to the surface). I had some
headaches the first night which was possibly a detoxification effect. During the following two
weeks I took a few hot baths with eucalyptus oil & meditated on having my spine straighten out &
I noticed that my hip levels were level, my leg length evened out & my spine was so
straight that is was virtually undetectable that there was any curvature. It made such a
significant improvement, subsequent Raindrop Techniques have also been beneficial for
                                                                                 -Theresa Chapman

Raindrop Helped Chronic fatigue, mono and
severed nerve
           “I've been doing the Raindrop Technique for over 2 years now and although
each session has had some really amazing results this one is really blowing me away.
A woman came to me with chronic fatigue and mono. Having a bad car accident three
years ago with surgery, she also told me she had something happen back in 1990 that
severed a nerve in the lower right hand quadrant of her mouth. This has left her with no
feeling in her teeth, gums, lip and jaw in that area. I've been giving her a raindrop
session once a week for about 3-4 weeks now, and not only has she gets her energy back
for up to 4 days after her session (she said she used to have to take naps or rest during
the day and be laid out sometimes up to 18 hours a day), but she just told me that she's
not sure if it's the oils, but she's starting to have sensitivity in her teeth in the area where
the nerve was severed... 14 years later! I'm going to continue to give her Raindrop
sessions at least once a week until September and see what happens. I've always
believed in the power of Young Living's therapeutic grade oils, and now this is just
Another notch in my belt of the power of Raindrop too!”
                                                                               -Alice Carlomagno

Benefit of Raindrop Technique
          “For years as a result of a truck accident and lifting heavy objects at work, I
suffered from severe back pain. I had much discomfort in the lower back and right hip
area. I have visited many a chiropractor over the years seeking relief. After 2 Raindrop
Technique sessions with Dr. Jeff Essen (Whole Life Clinic in Burnsville) my lower back
and right hip area realigned, my height increased by 1' as measured at my annual
physical and the pain in the lower back and right hip are pretty much
nonexistent. When I do begin to feel twinges or I know I have over extended my lifting
capabilities, I reach for the marjoram and basil, or the pan away and ortho sport. I have
also put together my own blend of the Raindrop oils, using one drop of each oil in a
base of v-6 massage oil. I will periodically blend to my lower back area and shoulder
area in apply this addition to the previous oils mentioned. This was a tip from Dr. Essen
and it works great. I love the aroma of the combination of the Raindrop Technique oil.

                                                                            -Paula Quinlan

Raindrop for severe back ache
            “Last July my lower back went out totally. I never experienced such pain before in my
life. As a yoga teacher I practice regularly and couldn't even do any simple poses, walk, sleep
comfortably or sit. After a few sessions to the chiropractor I finally realized my only solution was
a Raindrop. My husband gave me a session and immediately the pain eased up, not
totally, but it was the most profound change I had in three days. I had my husband repeat the
session again a few days later and was well on my way of healing. Looking back over those few
weeks I realized the pain I experienced was due to some emotional trauma I was releasing and
know and truly believe the oils particularly in the Raindrop helped me tremendously. In fact
I continued putting Basil and Wintergreen on the area for several days.”

                                                                            -Adrianne Rowe

Bells Palsy reversed by Raindrop
          “We have been using Young Living Essential Oils for awhile now and have had
some pretty nice experiences, but the latest one is by far the most exciting. My husband
Mark came home looking like he’d had a stroke. His facial muscles on one side of his
face were paralyzed. Everything on that side of his face drooped and his speech was
impaired so I couldn’t understand anything he said. He also couldn’t drink without
dribbling. Thankfully, it wasn’t a stroke but it turned out to be Bells Palsy.
After learning that it can take weeks or months to get the facial muscles back to normal
I said, “No way! We have oils that will do the job in no time.” I looked up Bells Palsy in
“Embraced by the Essence.” It said that it is thought to be a virus that attacks the facial
nerves. We used Thieves to kill the virus. We also did Raindrop Therapy. Then we used
nerve-regenerating oils to help the damaged nerves — Frankincense, Peppermint,
Geranium, and Vitex. Within days he was completely recovered. There is no
evidence that there was ever a problem.”

                                                                                 -Melodie Kantner

Raindrop Technique for Scoliosis
           “I have been doing Raindrop on my 3 year old for about 2 months now. I've done a total of 4
treatments on him. I can see his scoliosis starting to correct itself! These oils are amazing. My son was
diagnosed with congenital scoliosis and has 2 hemi-vertebrae, only half developed, at 3 months - we were
told they would have to put a rod in his spine at 1. We started seeking help with a natural chiropractor that
uses Young Living oils. At age one, he was checked again; his curve had been reduced by 3 degrees in
one area and 4 in the other. He is now 3 1/2 years old and doing great! He sees the orthopedic specialist
again in November for evaluation. We'll let you know what they say at that point.”

                                                                                 -Kimberli Healy
Raindrop prevented back surgery option
           “Finding the road to recovery, naturally: More than four years ago, I fell in my
classroom. Being a fit size six, I was not concerned that I had a deep pain in my leg/hip
joint. I figured it would go away. However, as time went on, my pain grew and I was unable
to do less and less physically. I could not work or walk well for nearly a year. I spent nine
months receiving bad medicine from my employer‟s doctors. I had about enough when I
went to the hospital for a test that kept me for three days, called a disco-gram. A disco-gram
is a procedure of inserting needles through the spinal cord into the injured discs. Once
inserted radio-active liquid is injected which follows the damage tissue path. Hence showing
nerve pressure causing pain. Can you imagine, three days in a hospital just for a test? They
don‟t even keep you for many surgeries now days! All I could think was what would the
following surgery be like?
After the test, I was in so much pain; I demanded my pain meds doubled every 3 hours. After
getting no rest or sleep, I decided to take a friends offer to get a 'raindrop treatment'. My
friend and her mother came to the hospital and dropped a series of essential oils on my spine.
They used a special tickling technique to help the oils penetrate my nervous system. The
aroma from the essential oils smelled like we had cooked a pizza, and permeated the entire
wing of the hospital. Visitors and staff began peeking at my private room‟s door to see what
was cooking, but the only thing cooking was me. It was a miracle. I had relief of pain for the
first time in nine months! I slept all through the night and did not request any pain meds for
twelve hours. The next day I decided that I would learn how to do this treatment soley for the
purpose of training people to do it to me. Within five months I went to learn this technique
created by an Indian Medicine Man and an essential oil master. Once I learned I began give
the treatments freely to those in pain and teaching others to do the same. As a result of this
experience, I have completely recovered from pain and depression. I have eliminated drugs
from my life and have continued to eliminate chemicals from my environment with the use of
these God given medicinal. While working as a high school counselor, I teach others how to
incorporate essential oils into their lives and live without the side effects of dangerous man
made chemicals. I am blessed to be a teacher of God‟s medicine.”
                                                                     -Sandra Bolognia

Had Sciatica for nearly 20 years
             “I had sciatica for almost 20 years and was told I would just have to learn to live with the
excruciating pain that accompanies this physical challenge. My sciatica has been eliminated by using
Cistus, Peppermint, Valor and Pan Away. That does not preclude or diminish the benefits of seeing a good
Chiropractor and a good massage therapist, or getting help from Raindrop Technique. But when I needed
immediate relief in order to be mobile enough to make use of that help, I had to do something to reduce the
pain, and these oils were miracles for me. I used to go to a Chiropractor 2-3 times a week. I did that for
many years. There were times when I had to go in a wheelchair. There were times when it took me 10
minutes to get from my car to the waiting room, even with the aide of my husband. None of that changed
until I started using Young Living's oils. Now I see the Chiropractor once every couple of months.
I haven't had sciatic problems for years. Pain free mobility was restored through God's grace
manifest in these wonderful oils. I was an adamant skeptic, but I gave the oils a chance and they proved
themselves. I know the oils work. May you also experience the miracle of healing they offer and get started
on your return to perfect health, which God intended for each of us from the beginning of creation.”

                                                                                -Jacquelyn Close

Raindrop technique success story
           “Just a quick testimonial with an experience I had recently after doing a Raindrop on a 72
year old man. This was his first experience with Raindrop Therapy, although the week before I'd given
him a reflexology treatment. He'd been having circulation problems and was told by his Dr., that if
matters got worse he'd have to put stints in his legs. Due to complications with this procedure with a
couple of his family members, he was willing to try anything. I told him about our 'Raindrop'
treatment and how the oils could be changed to suit his needs. We changed the 'middle' oils to address
his particular problem (circulation) using clove, nutmeg, goldenrod, and cypress. We both were
amazed when we got an unexpected bonus after the treatment. He had had a lump between his
shoulder blades on his spine since childhood he believed to have been remnant of a slight case of polio.
He said it had always pained him throughout his life, and chiropractors had never been able to get it to
'move'. He's still in awe of what this simple procedure accomplished. He's NOT in any pain anymore
and his 'frozen' back is now flexible again. In my heart, I believe the success we had was due to the
first oil used-VALOR, applied with prayer that made all the difference. It truly is a 'chiropractor in a
                                                                                   -Becky Swinehart
Raindrop Technique for fever and

        “I woke up with a temperature and stuffiness after being caught
in the rain. Immediately applied Peppermint to forehead, neck and
chest. Followed with R.C. to chest, neck, soles of feet and shoulder.
Applied Idaho Fir to feet as well and Raven to Vita Flex point. After
an hour or so I did the Raindrop technique on my feet following the
Vita Flex points. After 2 days, I was fine.”

-Zellen Nicholson

Growing taller at age 43
             “All of my adult life I have been 5'4.5' tall. This made me exactly .5' taller than my
sister - a very important fact! My lower back began troubling me while pregnant with twins.
Several years and a few pregnancies later, the trouble intensified. After this most recent
daughter was born, I often had to put her down or ask someone else to hold her. At last, a
vertebra slipped out of position, causing excruciating pain!
After stating that he did not know how I had driven myself to his office and walked in, my
chiropractor started a series of adjustments, wholeheartedly approving of my use of the oil blend
Valor to help the adjustments 'take' and to relax the muscles. I also applied some Regenolone,
since X-rays revealed an arthritic condition in the lower spine. Since this episode, my daughter
has been massaging my back as needed, and I have often applied Valor and/or the Raindrop oils.
I have also been trying to keep my back muscles properly exercised. Lately I have been saying,
'I feel taller!' Of course, this is impossible! Or is it? This morning when my height was
measured I was astounded to learn that I am now 5'5.25' tall! (Sorry, sis!) And my
back feels great! It's never too late to grow up!”
                                                                                           -Donna Nevill
Raindrop and the non believer

            “My daughter arrived home from University with a boyfriend in tow - a very linear,
logical linguistics student with five languages under his belt and one who definitely not into
anything he thought as woo-woo -- including aromatherapy. Over the years Meghan had enjoyed
many Raindrops during school breaks which helped her relax (and Mom's agenda was to provide
her with immune support.) I asked the young man if he could help me as I'd had an accident and
my back was hurting to extend and reach. He agreed. I asked him to hop up on the table, sit on
her bum, and after I dropped each oil on her back, he was to spread them in the traditional
Raindrop fashion. When we finished dropping oils on her back the young man sat in a chair as I
applied the compresses, and started to work on her feet. His formal erect posture slid down the
chair into a 'teen like sprawl'. With questioning voice and a big sigh he said 'Boy, do I ever feel
I chuckled under my breath. Amazing what a little experience does to alter rigid perceptions. I
explained the oils worked as a transdermal patch, thus Meghan would be feeling more relaxed
than him as we had applied them to her whole spine, and the compresses would drive the
benefits into her muscles and organs etc. I asked if he had a taste of what essential oils could do
to support a person? Did he understand why Meghan liked the treatments? His head nodded an
affirmative 'Yes'. She dozed on the table. He went to the patio and 'sprawled and zoned' in the
sun. She whispered that perhaps he was 'getting it'. Later, after she awoke from a sleep, and he
came back in he suggested that they should get some for the next semester at University. It
would help them relax from the 'pressures'. In my professional experience, RainDrop does
wonders for the client, and the practitioner. Personally, I love the smell that lingers after
                                                                               -Christine Carleton

Spiritual Raindrop and back pain

            “A rear end truck accident resulted in a torquing of my spine of about 45 degrees and a
reverse curvature in the neck alignment. Within 4 days of the accident, my naturopath doctor,
also a certified massage therapist did a Spiritual Raindrop on me (oils from the Ancient Oils kit
and his techniques for clearing the energy chakras). I was experiencing some pain associated
with the accident, prior to the Spiritual Raindrop, and for 3 hours after, I had no pain. I also felt a
spiritual and physical lightness. My chiropractor warned me I would likely be in intense pain within
a week of the accident. Intense did not even describe it. To manage the pain, I applied all the oils
from the Raindrop Kit to areas of my back and neck I could reach. The final oil I applied was
Clove. Then I applied moist hot towels directly on my back. This reduced the pain level so I was
able to sleep for an hour or so. I did this application every 3 hours for 36 hours to get to the other
side of the pain. I experienced an intense healing crisis during this time frame, much like the
worst case of flu I had ever experienced, but once I was through it, I have been able to manage
the pain with occasional applications of Pan Away, Aroma Siez and/or Ortho Sport. When I went
to my primary physician for a check following the accident, she attempted to write me a
prescription for pain and I declined. I said I would manage the pain with the oils. My
support team for the healing includes my chiropractor who does cranial sacral and polarity work,
in conjunction with the adjustments, and my deep tissue massage therapist who has many many
talents to help bring the trauma not only from this accident, but from long past accidents to the
surface for release. I have to do my part to support the healing, which includes exercising and
stretching. I have been able to continue with what I normally do, with just some slight
modifications so as not to aggravate the healing.”
                                                                                     -Paula Quinlan

Raindrop & Vita-Flex Techniques for back problems

          “I am a Holistic and Naturopathic Nurse. In my health clinic, I have been
working with Young Living Essential Oils and Herbs extensively in Saskatoon, Sask.
The most profound uses for alleviating severe back pain and curvatures have been
using Young Living's Raindrop Kit and incorporating the oils such as Valor and
Release. (Oils placed on the Vita-Flex points can release locks at the cellular level and
assist in correcting a diseased organ or body part) If you are not familiar with emotional
releasing techniques, please get the 'Emotional Releasing Patterns with Essential Oils'
by Carolyn Mein book. I have had one client already rotate her spine getting closer
to proper alignment and have taken about 3/4' off the contortion or about 5
degrees. Enjoy the Transformation!”

                                                                                 -Karen Macdonald

Correcting curvature with Raindrop Technique
             “I connected with Meredith, a Massage Therapist, so I could introduce her to Raindrop
Technique & do an exchange for a massage. By introducing her to Raindrop Technique, I thought she
might want to incorporate this into her practice. Meredith also was experiencing considerable curvature in
her lumbar (lower) vertebrae as well as a slighter imbalance in her thoracic (upper back) vertebrae as well.
After her first session, she definitely felt much more relaxed & stress free. I shared with her on how
Raindrops had supported people in rebalancing their spines so we decided to continue doing exchanges.
Our next session occurred two weeks later. I finished dropping the oregano & thyme on her back & as I
reached for the basil, this mild mannered lady began screaming, „My back! My back!!‟ A plethora of
questions & statements ran through my mind, so much so that I couldn‟t even verbalize them. „Do I add
carrier oil?‟ „Does it burn?‟ „Do I wipe off the oils?‟ „This didn‟t happen last time…‟ „Her back‟s not even
pink…‟ „Do you want me to stop?‟ The last statement was the only one I could stammer out. Meredith
gave me an emphatic „No! Keep going.‟ & not to add carrier oil since it wasn‟t burning. After the session,
Meredith stood up. To her shock, she discovered that her spine had straightened. She told me later that she
had been having a difficult time staying upright due to the shift. Her body kept falling backwards. As she
began working on me, Meredith went on & on about how she, for the first time, was able to correctly
execute proper body mechanics taught in her massage classes. Throughout her course work, she‟d been
continually berated for not utilizing the appropriate mechanics despite her physical inability to perform
what was being taught. We continued our barters either every other week or sometimes, due to our
schedules, several weeks in between sessions. At this time, there is no visible curvature in her lumbar
however; there still is an ever so slight imbalance in her 1st & 2nd thoracic vertebrae. Meredith found that
the condition of her thoracic area would take „2 steps forward, 1 step back‟ so, for now, we‟re continuing
our sessions on a weekly basis to ascertain if her back can indeed retain a balanced state .As an aside,
Meredith has incorporated Raindrops into her practice. In fact, she works with ladies unable to conceive so
she‟s using specific oils to support them in hopes that they can one day, bring in a healthy & much loved
baby into our world.”
                                                                                  -Annette Queyquep

Raindrop for depression and chronic fatigue
             “Of particular note is the very promising result I have seen in my clients with depression and/or
chronic fatigue, as the two often go hand in hand. I view both as “emotional suppression programs” where
the common thread seems to be not speaking one’s needs. Suppression of this nature often begins with
childhood and weaves throughout the fabric of one’s life, eventually manifesting physically as depression,
chronic fatigue, diverticulitis (fill in the blank)… I have found essential oils may be effective in addressing
stored emotion. Several clients on depression meds relate that while the meds may allow them to
“function,” they often feel unable to release emotions and therefore feel more like “water backing up
behind the dam.” Most usually, it takes an outburst such as anger to skim the top off that backlog, but it is
like temporary Band-Aid surgery. They remain for the most part overwhelmed and inert – basically unable
to affect movement in their lives. After the Raindrop session, the most common response I receive is,
“Wow, I feel so LIGHT.” Where did it go? The look of hope is quite profound.
 One client came with a long history of suppression, where as the middle child, she learned that good girls
didn't ask for more than was offered and thus the pattern was set. The feeling that it was not okay to say, 'I
need help, I need love or no, I can't help you with that task'. on into adulthood where drugs and alcohol
became coping tools. Various health issues followed, leading to years of chronic fatigue and depression,
finally unable to work much less stray far from bed. It was a pleasure to watch this woman blossom like a
flower as each session began to free her of the years and layers of emotional sludge, fatigue and
hopelessness. At the same time, she began to speak her needs most eloquently, gently evolving relations
with family and friends and especially with herself. It should go without saying, however, that every
individual will have their own experience. In essence, the human body is a spectacular storage vessel for
trauma, emotions, stress… you name it, and it is stored on a cellular level in the tissue, organs, deep gut
and spine, etc. As the oils move into the body, they may gently release all manner of stored “stuff,”
perhaps what the person is ready to release. Clients who receive the Raindrop have reported tangible
latitude and Mobility in which to make healthy changes and move forward. Most evident are the sense of
peace, renewed strength and clarity and that feeling of lightness. Each session addresses another layer,
and this is the perfect precursor to the “Egyptian Emotional Clearing,” which is the companion essential
oil session that more directly addresses stored emotion, trauma, loss and abuse.”
                                                                                             -Deborah Carlton

Take it easy after a Raindrop session
          “Recently, a client received a Raindrop session for some low back issues. And here is a
good reason to remember the importance of 'taking it easy' on activities for a few days following
a Raindrop.
My dear client went home and felt so good that she raked her big back yard on Sunday. On
Monday, she attended a regular yoga class, only with less than desirable results. Apparently, a
side extension landed poorly for her already sensitive spine that morning, her right side in full
spasm as she limped to my door. She could not stand fully erect and was in considerable
discomfort. We did a Raindrop session and 45 minutes later, she arose from the table,
standing erect and reporting no discomfort. I hear that she felt so good she was able to play
tennis the following day... (And when she came in a few days later for the NEXT raindrop, we
revisited that subject about taking it easy.”
                                                                             -Deborah Carlton

   Feeling of pleasure with Raindrop
          “Since having the gift of a natural healer, I have been the giver and the receiver of the healing of
Raindrop Therapy with the use of Young Living Essential Oils. Persons who have received this healing
have expressed an overwhelming amount of energy and release of toxins. I have personally experienced
the release of built up emotions freeing oneself of stress and tensions. In giving the healing sessions I
continue to experience seeing the results and receiving the blessing of opening of blocked channels.
Personally, I give myself a nightly foot massage/vita flex of essential oils and go heavenly into a peaceful
night rest.”

                                                                          -Ada Shakir-Mahmud

 Chemotherapy avoided with Raindrop
         “A friend has cancer in the lining of his abdomen. He had surgery tore move part of his
intestines, & they did a washing of his insides. He has not been able to have chemotherapy
because his blood count has been so low each time he was scheduled. He is on oxycontin for his
extreme pain.
I gave a Raindrop session to him on Fri July 14th. He was unable to get out of his recliner by
himself. His wife & brother got him out & put him on my massage table. It took us quite along
time just to get him comfortable enough to perform the raindrop. After the therapy, his daughter
helped him up & he walked into the kitchen from the living room unassisted. He was still in pain,
but the pain had subsided quite a bit.
That night his brother went to check on him & he was sitting outside on the porch with his dog
drinking a glass of ice water. The next morning his brother called to check on him & he was
making his own breakfast. Said he felt pretty good. On Monday he was able to get his first
chemo treatment. He had not gotten sick as of yet from the chemo. I did another Raindrop
on him on Wed. of this week. He said that his pain has gone from being off the scale of 1 to
10 down to a 4. He's been walking a lot, no longer sits all day nor sleeps in the recliner, & he is
now sleeping back in his bed. Thanks to God, Gary & Young Living essential oils, we can help
others in their time of need.”
                                                                                    -Monya Early

Tonsillitis healed with Raindrop, Thieves and Lemon
           “My youngest son had a sore throat so I decided I would go to a doctor to get a diagnosis to
see what I was dealing with and to have proof of his condition. The doctor took a swab from his mouth
and without testing. The swab, diagnosed „strep throat.‟ He then gave a prescription for antibiotics. I
went to my friend who is a C.N.P. and she said that one must do a test before „strep throat‟ could be
diagnosed. She did the test and said it was tonsillitis, not strep throat. This was confirmed when I rang
the doctor back three days later and asked if the test, they had sent off to a lab, showed he did indeed
have strep throat, or not. He did not. Anyway, the treatment I gave would have been the same either
way. I gave him one raindrop therapy treatment. I also generously applied Thieves oil blend onto his
throat area, from ear to ear. (Some people may need this to be diluted with the V6 oil blend). I also had
him drink Lemon essential oil in water. Within 5 days he was 100% recovered.”
                                                                               -Jennifer Hansen

 Raindrop technique for concentration
          “I was going to give a Raindrop to a grandmother and grand daughter. The grand
daughter needed help to keep her mind on a certain class at school so I asked her to try peppermint.
Now she is an honor student and now her brother is going to start coming next week. Really nice that
raindrop can help children cope with life in general.
                                                                                -Beatrice Derise

Oils in Raindrop Kit Helped my Pain
          “Due to car accidents and an active life I have had back problems for the past 15 years or
so. I have a scoliosis on top of everything else. A trip to the chiropractor biweekly was no longer
adequate to ease the pain that would appear in my neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.
I tried a couple of drops of Young Living Pan Away for the pain (which worked), then 8 drops of
Young Living Valor on reflexology points on bottom of feet, morning and night. Throughout the
first week, I felt very subtle changes in my spine. One day in the next week, all of a sudden
realized that my back DIDN'T HURT. Until that moment I did not realize how much pain I had
been enduring for the past few years.
Now, a few weeks later, I only use the Valor in the morning, and my back still feels fine most of
the time. Every once in awhile my left or right hip will act up and I just apply a couple of drops of
Young Living Aroma Siez (because I am presently out of Pan Away) and it feels better again.
These therapeutic grade essential oils are wonderful.”
                                                                                -Christina Bequette

Raindrop For Pain

           “I was in a car accident in October 1998. After that I have always had a lot of pain in
my back and right leg and it would spasm all the time. So going to 13 different Drs they put me
on a walker and drugs and I got no help with the pain so they tried to kill the nerves which
caused the pain. I had a reaction to that and it did not work. I would pack myself in ice at night
for pain. In June 2000 I found Young Living Essential Oils and got a Rain Drop Technique done
on me. Within 10 minutes I could feel that it was doing something for the pain. The next day
after having the Rain Drop Technique and me now using the oils 2 times per day I no
longer use my walker or have any pain. I now work Young Living full time and helping a lot
of other people also.”

                                                                                -Willy Lansing

Inflammation and Pain Control with Raindrop Kit’s

           “I had back surgery several years ago and periodically I have back pain with inflammation.
Recently I went to my chiropractor and there was so much inflammation, he could not adjust me. He
told me to ice my back, but I went home and put peppermint (One of the Raindrop Oils) on it instead.
The inflammation subsided immediately along with the pain.”
                                                                                         -Teresa Smith

Raindrop Oils Helped Neck and Back Pain

           “Recently I experienced back and neck pain at the same time. It took about three weeks to get
an appointment with a chiropractor. Meanwhile, the pain was greatly reduced by alternating peppermint,
wintergreen and marjoram essential oils from the raindrop kit on my neck and back in the morning and
before bed. I was able to discontinue the use of over-the-counter pain medications and made it to the
                                                                -P Dematteo
Raindrop Therapy Helped Lameness in a Horse

            “My daughter’s show/jumper horse came lame the night before a show. He was non-weight
bearing in the left hind. Tender on the spine and the hock. We used the raindrop technique on him around
10pm. After the treatment he walked off tender but much improved. The next day at 8:30AM my daughter
got on him because he had no apparent lameness. He trotted off completely sound and took her to the
championship for the show. We treated him throughout the day with valor on the pole and on the spine as
well as wintergreen on his inside rear legs. He did not resist the treatment; contrarily he was relaxed and
contented throughout the evening full treatment and the various applications throughout the next day.
I will never go anywhere without the oils for the raindrop treatment.”
                                                                                       -Teresa Sroczynski

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