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   2010-2011 Updates

                 University of Oklahoma
                  College of Pharmacy

                 Health Sciences Center
                    Oklahoma City

                   Schusterman Center
   Fall 2010 Update
 Annual Admissions Workshops for pre-
  pharmacy students in September-Postcards
  with details on table

 Applications increased significantly. Class
  size has been set at 120 students (OKC-80;

 Rolling admissions process
Application Process
 Member of PharmCAS


   Supplemental application


     Must be taken by November 1

     Most recent score (not highest)

 3 Letters of reference

 Personal interview
Application Process
 Complete pre-requisite coursework

    Must have a ―C‖ or better in pre-
     requisite coursework
 Complete application by deadline

 Interview

 Leadership/Community Service

 Communication skills/Desirable
  health care qualities
 Pharmacy experience

    May be paid or unpaid experience
Interview Process

 Goal is to interview ~200-250 applicants each cycle
 Panel Interview-Faculty, Student, Alumni/Preceptor
 Rolling Admissions Basis-Dec-Feb
 Competitive GPA for interview is 3.0 or above
 Recommended PCAT to be competitive for interview is at or
  above the 50th Composite %’tile
   No sub-score below 25th %’tile
2010 Application Statistics

 Applications Received: 596
 Applicants Invited to
  Interview: 245
 Applicants Interviewed:
 Matriculated: 115
2010 Admission Statistics
                     Average Pre-requisite GPA – 3.52
                     Average Overall GPA-3.44
                     Average Science GPA-3.30
                     Average PCAT – 73rd (Composite
                     Average Pre-requisite Hrs Earned =
                     63%-Completed bachelor’s degree or
                     51% - Females 49% - Males
                     37%-Minorities
                     80% - Oklahoma Residents
Admissions Requirements
   Calculus (3 credit hours)     A preference will be given
   Physics (3 credit hours)       to applicants who have
   General Chemistry w/lab        successfully completed a
    (8-10 credit hours)            biochemistry course,
                                   upper-level sciences, both
   Organic Chemistry w/lab
    (8-10 credit hours             human anatomy and
                                   physiology and/or have
   Biological Sciences (12-16     received a bachelor’s
    credit hours)(4 hours must     degree.
    be microbiology w/lab)        It is highly recommended
                                   that applicants complete
                                   zoology/general biology,
                                   microbiology, and at least
                                   either human anatomy or
                                   human physiology.
Admissions Requirements
Elective Requirements
   English (6 credit hours)            Students are expected to
   Electives (24 credit hours)          have a computer
   Electives can be chosen from
    these subject areas: Fine Arts       proficiency level at or
    (non-performance based),             above basic word
    History, Political Science,
    Anthropology, Humanities,            processing skills. Students
    Geography, Philosophy,               are encouraged to select a
    Literature, Social Science,
    Behavioral Science, Foreign          diverse set of courses as
    Language, Communications,            preference is given to
    English. A maximum of six
    hours in statistics, business or     those with a broad-based
    computer science may be              educational background
    counted in the elective hours.
                                         that includes a diversity
 Fall 2011 Application Timeline
June 1, 2010—Application opens
November 1, 2010—Application deadline
December 15, 2010—Academic Update window opens to enter fall coursework
December 2010-February 2011—Interviews
January 15, 2011—Official transcript showing fall coursework due at PharmCAS
December 2010-March 2011—Conditional admission notification
June 1, 2011—Official transcript demonstrating completion of requirements due at
  College of Pharmacy
Contact Information
 Jane Wilson, Ph.D.
 Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

 Jennifer Richardson
 Director, Recruitment & Admissions

 Crystal Duffey
 Student Program Specialist-Tulsa campus

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