Understanding The Function Of Oscilloscope Parts by aihaozhe2


An oscilloscope is an instrument to perform frequency analysis in an electronic device.
This instrument is commonly used by a television technician. Oscilloscope can be
used for many different purposes including analyzing a cell phone's frequency. We
can find many technicians are using this instrument to perform analysis of mobile
devices. But, you can still analyze a mobile devices frequency even if you do not have
an oscilloscope.

If you just know about oscilloscope, you better know what the function of each part.
Knowing the functionality of each part is important to avoid misusage of this

1. POSITION is used to adjust the signal position for channel 1.
2. INPUT is the input terminal in the measurement of CH 1. It is also used for
3. DC. BAL is used to balance DC vertical in order to use channel 1.
4. AC, GND, DC, AC is used to measure AC and DC, GND is an open terminal, DC
is to measure DC voltage and other inputs.
5. Volt/DIV is a knob to select the voltage on the screen. You might find two levels of
voltages from 0.01 V/div to 20 V/div.
6. VARIABLE is used to control the vertical sensitivity on CH 1 (Y) on the maximum
rotation to the clockwise (CAL). It is used to check whether 1 volt is exactly 1 cm on
the CRT screen scale.
7. MODE consisted of CH 1, CH 2, DUAL, ADD, and SUB.
8. LED PILOT LAMP is the indicator lamp for power if the ILLUM is switched on.
9. ILLUM if it is rotated counterclockwise, the AC power will shut off. If it is rotated
to the right, the AC power will go inside and the LED PILOT LAMP will turn on.
10. INTENSITY is used to set the darkness or the brightness of the light beam.
11. FOCUS is used to reduce / thicken the line beam or to obtain clearer picture.
12. EXT-TRIG terminal of the external voltage synchronization greater than IV peak

From all the explanation of each part, I hope that you can understand a bit about the
parts. Understanding the function of the indicator, buttons, and other thing about
Oscilloscope is important.

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