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Types And Styles Of Signs


All businesses require advertising and are one of the most important aspects of
advertising. You need to sell your services or products which require higher visibility
and the only possible way is to make your business stand apart from the other
competitors. Having signs and banners are effective ways of taking the first step
towards marketing and advertising. However, as a small business owner you need to
use effective signs that carry across your message as it allures more footfalls.

From political signs to real estate sales or announcing discounts and new businesses,
signs are an essential component of the advertising world. Plastics, polyester, vinyl
and canvas are the most common materials that are used to manufacture signs. And if
you plan a sign campaign, after considering the marketing budget, there are numerous
options available. Basically the signs are divided into 3 broad categories:

Freestanding signs: These are not attached to any buildings but are free standing such
as the sidewalk sign posts.

Indoor signs: These are the ones you see in a movie hall, office building and in
shopping malls. Some of these are notices and safety instructions while others are
discounts and deals that may be availed within the store or malls.

Building mounted/billboard signs: These signs are attached to any part of the building
which may be perpendicular or running parallel to the main building such as the
marquee or the roof.

However if you are specifically looking for the variety available in outdoor signs, it is
best to know your options as it is best to adhere to the selection that suits your
campaign and architecture where you intend putting up the advertising signs. Here are
few of the popular outdoor signs:

Vintage Classical Signs: These signs have the classic feel or a vintage touch for your
small business. They can be yard signs, freestanding signs for spreading the word in a
chic style.

Changeable or Portable Signs: Most of these are Indoor and ground signs that do not
require much hassle if you need to move them around. With changing technologies,
some are digitally enhanced while the common ones are sidewalk signs and
freestanding signs.

Mobile Billboards: If you are looking to spend a tidy sum for eye catching slogans
and designs, mobile billboards will suit you. These are huge billboards that are
mounted on mobile trailers for faster mobility. It also gives you the choice of moving
your billboard to other parts of the city or state, as per choice. Equipped with
fluorescent lighted letters, get a catchy slogan to improve your business.
Letter Banners: To save costs, you can just buy banners with letters that can be
modified as per changing slogans. You can use them over and over again without any
chance of damage and turn out to be extremely inexpensive.

Catchy Neon Signs: These funky colored neon signs can add a whole new dimension
to your business or service especially if the peak hours happen to be during the
evenings. You can get them fixed or just place them on the sidewalk or on the ground.

Vinyl Banners: These traditional and long lasting cost effective signs are the best way
to work with. Vinyl banners can withstand extreme temperatures and weather while
announcing deals, announcements and products effectively.

Colorful Ground Signs: The most common color that is seen on ground signs is
yellow as it is attractive and seeks a lot of attention immediately. Put your message
across with these durable plastic ground signs.

With the wide range of choices available, you can select the right sign that will not
only suit your service or products available but look good.

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