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There are so many channels to choose from on cable that it can seem overwhelming,
right? Well I don't think so myself. I would never pay $100 a month for a service that
only offers a few hundred channels. If there are 200 channels on cable TV, and the
monthly rate is $100 dollars you are basically paying $.50 per channel every month.
Now most people don't get their full moneys worth and a lot of the times aren't even
interested in half of the channels.

There is a service available called TV on PC which is a service that allows the user to
access a huge selection of channels right from their computer. Now unlike cable and
satellite providers, this comes at a onetime fee. A good TV on PC service has no
monthly fee or installation fees. Not only that, it includes over 3000 channels which is
about 15 times more channels than regular cable. There are many Business channels
available to watch such as Financial News, Stock Market Updates, World Business
Channels, and more.

A good TV on PC service will provide you with 24/7 access to all of these channels,
with unlimited bandwidth. Keeping up to date with all of the latest business news and
updates can be very important to some. If you have access to an internet connection
than you can view all of these channels.

Laptops are one of the most useful tools available, and luckily most of the newer
models have a built in WiFi so it couldn't be any easier. As long as you have a
wireless router in range and you can connect than using a TV on PC service is as
simple as checking your email.

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